[Baby Diary] Shoe Soup Tastes Good

Yesterday we had shoe soup for dinner.

It all began with the bird, a finger toy parrot that doubles as a kookaburra and cuckoo, depending on the song. She threw her bird into her soup bowl first. Then I fished it out and put her on the floor. Then she walked around while we were busy eating and suddenly laughed to herself, no doubt formulating some naughty plan in her head.. Then she walked to me holding her little red shoe. Thinking nothing about it, I just picked her up and sat her on my lap with her holding her shoe. Then she quickly threw the shoe into my soup... The turnip carrot soup which I'd been boiling for an hour!

Believing in the 3-second rule, me and her Papa finished the soup. Now I'm guessing it was either the super-spicy sambal udang or the dirty soup that gave me stomachache the whole night until the next morning... 


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