[Baby Diary] Hayley reads flash cards

I feel so sorry to my baby for neglecting to jot down her precious moments for such a long time. I promise I will do it more often.

It's amazing how quick a child learns. In the span of just half a year, she has learnt how to walk, run, speak one word, two words, then form sentences, knows every single nursery rhyme by heart, and can understand almost everything I say to her. And she's not even two years old yet! 

Hayley loves to learn. She'll look at me with those big, yearning eyes, point at her flash cards, and say "card, card". Those flash cards, I think I bought them from some booksale when she was one year old, tried one time to get her to flip through them then forgot all about it till now. We hadn't even rehearsed it and now she knows all the words on every card. She just picked up the knowledge from daily life and applied it when she saw the cards! 

I love her so much, my clever girl. She's gobbling up information as she hungers to learn more and more.


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