[Baby Diary] Cow eats Hay!

Hayley has begun to show her defiant side prior to stepping into her Terrible Twos.

Nowadays, it's "No way!" instead of just plain old "No".
Mom: "Do you want to eat porridge?" 
Hayley: "No way!"
Mom: "Do you want Mama to bathe you?"
Hayley: "No way!"
Mom: "It's time for you to go to bed."
Hayley: "No way!"

And like I mentioned previously, all the clothes picked out by nanny are "not nice!"


Three days ago, out of the blue, she suddenly bit my finger in the car while we were driving home from nanny's place. It wasn't very painful so I ignored it, till it happened again at night. She lifted my nightskirt and bit me on the thigh! Just like SJ's bunny which bit me on the thigh too a good many years ago. 

I yelled out loud, it was such a pain, and she cried. 
I asked her, in between tears, "Hayley, are you a crocodile? Why did you bite Mama?"
She nodded and said "Yes. (I'm) Hayley-dile."

I didn't know whether to cry or laugh hearing that!

Another funny incident happened while she was watching TV. The narrator said, "This is a cow. Cows eat grass and hay." She thought "hay = Hay" cos she has been referring to herself (Hay) in short-form lately. She thought the tame old cow was gonna eat her! Hahaha my goodness! Can't wait to see what's yet to come from the second year onwards!


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