[Baby Diary] Cute interjections

Hayley has been learning so many words and expressions from the children's shows she watches on YouTube. The way she uses interjections are particularly adorable and funny!

When she accidentally drops something on the floor she'll put her hand to her mouth, look at me with her big eyes and cautious expression and say "Oh no!" This has progressed from when she used to say "No no" as a baby.

Sometimes, she'll say "Oops." or "Uh-oh!"

Yesterday, she picked up a new word "A-ha!" while I was reading to her. She looked gleeful and kept practicing the expression over and over again.

She's so funny when she sees something she likes and says, "Oh, nice!" When she turns her nose up at something, like when I pick out a dress she doesn't like anymore, she'll say matter-of-factly, "Not nice."

When she's enjoying herself she'll say, "Oh, fun!"

And yesterday, she spritzed my L'occitane perfume all over her face and said, "Smells good!"


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