[Baby Diary] Things Hayley says at 23mo

This post is about things that Hayley says.

Hayley has spent one week bonding with her daddy while mommy was away in Europe. Every morning when she woke up she would ask for mama "Mama? Mama? Mama?" When papa asked her, "Where is mama?" She said, "Mama sit big airplane, flyyyyy..." Papa asked, "How long?" She said, "Six nights." When papa fetched her to babysitter, she said "Papa drive Hayley in mama's big car." Amazing feat for a 23mo to be able to form a 7-word sentence, don't you think? :-D

Hubby told me she was veryyyyy manja with him while I was away. And when I got home, she opened her arms wide and said, "Ma hug Hayley", looked up with her big round eyes and said "big bus". OMG she has been asking me to sing "Wheels on the bus" every single day for a few weeks and she still hasn't got over the song after I came back from my trip. Her favorite part is "the baby on the bus goes..." And she'll do a fake wail like she's the baby "waa waa waaaaa waa waa waaaaa" and "the mama on the bus goes..." And she'll go "shh shh shhhhhh" hahahaha.

Hayley spent a few days in Melaka over the Raya holidays and also celebrated her second birthday with both sides of the grandparents present. She can say "Papa, mama, gong gong, popo, jiu jiu (my brother), che che (his brother)" but still can't pronounce grandpa and grandma yet. She said "papa drive che che's car." And my brother told me that she said to him "You, go there, byeee", so naughty!

She loves to play with the family cat, Ginger. She'll greet the cat ever so politely, "Hello, Cat", "Bye, Cat", "Come here, Cat", and gingerly touch the cat with one finger. When grandma asked her, what is cat doing? She said "cat eat."

She can also do a little bit of counting along with us. "One two (three) four five six (seven) eight (nine) ten" with the ones in brackets spoken by us. 


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