Goblin: The Lonely and Great God (도깨비 - 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神)

What have I been doing throughout CNY? Binge-watching the hugely popular Korean drama "Goblin: The Lonely and Great God (도깨비 - 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神)" of course! I absolutely had to watch it as there were so many good reviews going around about this drama.

Sure enough, I was hooked! From the crisp and refreshing cinematography, to the awesome actors and actresses and the hauntingly beautiful OST, I knew from the beginning of the first episode that I was doomed to chase it until the end.

I think the main reason that draws the ladies to fan-hype over this drama is the main character - the dokkaebi (도깨비). Who doesn't wish for a boyfriend who is almighty (almost), has super-powers, is charming, rich (can transform gold bars from thin air), owns a big mansion and a Maserati, opens doors to wonderful places, appears instantaneously whenever you summon him (by blowing out a candle), saves you from awful situations etc etc?? Also, not to mention that this all-powerful guy has only eyes for you, is so tender to you, doesn't mind that you're not pretty, always calls you pretty, and says that you're his first and last. Sure enough, it also helps that this dokkaebi is Gong Yoo and is not some ugly green goblin. 

One scene that especially spoke to my heart was when they were arguing over something petty, Gong Yoo turned away and turned back to pat her head and say something lovey-dovey to soothe his bride. 

The beautiful postcard-like cinematography also reminded me of my days in Korea. It is so realistic, the washed-out colors of the coast, rainy spring season, sakuras blooming at night, first snow, colorful bookstores, long walks along the coastal walkway etc. 

Spoilers ahead:-
I cried my heart out watching the last episode. Sure, I thought that episode 13 when the dokkaebi died should be the last and ending episode. But, when I watched episode 14 when the two lovers were apart for 9 years and then reunited, it felt even better than the previous episode. And during the last and final episode 16, it actually provides a premise for a happy ending that even though separated by death in this life, the dokkaebi and his bride would be able to live happily ever after in her second reincarnation, and her third, and her fourth; after which they could leave this world and move on into the afterlife together...

As the saying goes in the drama:-


On good days
On bad days
On days that are just right
Every day is good with you. 


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