Shopping day with Hayley

Hayley is 2y7m now. She has grown into a sensible and cute little girl. 

Last Saturday, Hubby wanted to go to Bukit Mertajam to fit a new AV system for his car. So on the way, he dropped us off at Design Village Batu Kawan for half an hour, he said... 

I first went to hunt for cheap clothes at Padini. She was a good little girl who stayed in her stroller, while looking chic with her sunglasses. Although she did drop her sunglasses at some point, luckily the guard at the store recovered it for us. 

After grabbing the cheap clothes from Padini, Mama was very hungry so we stopped for a bite at Wendy's. I sat her in a chair facing the store's glass window. She was such an amazingly good girl and had so many good observations of what was happening outside the store. As she can converse very well now, she asked me stuff like "What is that man doing?" And I replied her that the worker is watering plants and she understood perfectly. And when the children's train passed by the window she was so excited and said "choo choo!" in her loudest voice. 

Next we went to Cotton On but there was nothing much to buy. Onwards we went to Cotton On Kids which was perfect heaven for the both of us! The store was so bright and new and clean and there were hundreds of cute outfits to browse. The best thing was they not only sold clothes, but also toys and stationery and all sorts of fancy and whimsical accessories - fairy wings, magic LED wand, bear night lamp, unicorn coloring activity set, masks, bouncing ball, drums, you-name-it etc. We had a ball of a time in there. 

Luckily Cotton On Kids was already open, if not Hubby would have a bashing by the time he came to pick me up... 3 hours later. 

And now all I need is to go there a second time to shop for some shoes. :-P


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