A very flustery March

March 2017 is a month filled with many new and dramatic changes - Hayley starting preschool, me facing the prospect of losing my job, and hubby going through changes at his workplace. 

It's been more than a week since Hayley started preschool and she still whimpers every morning, and then those whimpers turn into loud cries whenever we hand her over to the teacher at the preschool. We're still not sure of the reason why she's still crying. Is it due to stress of being in a new place? Is it because she doesn't have friends? Is it because the teachers are too stern? Should we have waited till she was fully 3 instead of sending her at 2y7m? Only time will tell. 

Before she started preschool, we would try to "brainwash" her that school is good for her. She would reply with a defiant "school is sucky" and now, "school is bad for me". She would also tell me which teacher is good/bad and when the "baby" pushed her at school. And one morning, before I dropped her off at school, I tried to make myself sound understanding amid her tears. The conversation goes like this:- 

Me: Mama understands that you're sad. Mama is sad too.
H: You're not sad. You're happy. 

I seriously am amazed at her understanding of such complex emotions! 

On the bright side, she is suddenly able to complete singing her songs without any help. She also goes to sleep slightly earlier at night. The school certainly helped in toilet training and now she knows how to tell us when she needs to poopoo/weewee. Oh hopefully she will be able to adapt to preschool and have a happy life there. 

For hubby's case, there is no choice but to accept the change at his workplace. In fact, it could mean a good opportunity for him if he does well in the transition period. I hope I can play a more supportive role for him. 

And in my case, well, it is still too soon to divulge any details, but it's not wrong to say I got what I wished for, albeit a little too soon. Anyway, a co-worker shared this on Facebook and I think it's very true:- "A man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure. ~Proverbs 16:9".

Keep praying for me! 


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