Fall in love with piano again

Since I have some spare time on my hands now, and my mind is free from work, I have the chance to pick up on my lovely piano again.

Well, the word "again" is actually not so correct since I never actually learnt piano. I had an electone organ background and took music classes throughout my schooling years. Then I stopped, abruptly, before SPM and never touched it again. :-P (The organ at home is still in good condition and is used regularly by mom..)

Even though I hated organ back then, I thank my parents for painstakingly putting me through music school. So at least now I have the basic knowledge of sightreading and rhythm. That means I am able to indulge now in learning piano pieces that I like in my own pace without yet needing to take piano classes. (No piano exams! Woohoo!) 

My first few pieces that I am trying to learn are:- 
-Beethoven "Fur Elise"
-Yiruma "Kiss The Rain"
-Hillsong "Shout To The Lord"
-Bach "Prelude to the Well-Tempered
-Richard Clayderman "Mariage D'Amour"

It's a joy being able to spend time on my piano every night after my child and hubby are asleep. Hopefully I'm not "hangat-hangat tahi ayam".  🎹 


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