Hayley's Last Day at Nanny's House

Today was the last day of Hayley at her nanny's house. Tomorrow, she will start a new chapter in her young life - preschool. 

As I was packing her pink beetle bag for tomorrow, and looking through the photos that her nanny had sent me on Whatsapp, my eyes welled up with tears. I suddenly thought, how did my baby girl grow up so soon? It's like in the midst of all the chaotic background noises of parenting, our baby suddenly blossomed into a walking, talking toddler. Truthfully, I can't even recall the first day that we sent her to our nanny's house. Was it with a sense of trepidation or relief? Was she bawling or sleeping soundly when we carefully cradled her in our arms and handed her over? I honestly can't remember that moment now, can't even remember the clothes that she wore.

But today, at least I'll be able to remember this day in the future as I jot it down. When I reached our nanny's house to fetch her, she had just woken from her afternoon nap and was lying on the couch. In a bit of a sleepy daze, she walked slowly towards me with her big big eyes, those beautiful big eyes which had just woken from a long nap. She was happy to see me after a long day, same as the many days before this. And when I hugged her, she laid her beautiful head onto my shoulder like a little lamb to a shepherd. 

Today was the day she said goodbye to her few best friends at nanny's place. There was Seng Seng korkor, the one she claimed to be her "best friend". And there was Yannas, towering above her even though she is five months younger. Although she normally "complains" about Yannas, it seemed like they were the bestest of BFFs today. 

Soon, little girl, your life will be filled with more and more moments like this -- parting moments, and new exciting encounters. I wish that you will embrace each new experience with anticipation and eagerness, and be passionate about what life holds for you along the way. 

I give thanks to the Lord for creating this window for me to glance upon my child's life and what the Lord has in store for her.  All glory be to God, Amen.


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