Langkawi 2017

Last week, we headed off to Langkawi for a 4D3N stay and some #vitaminsea. It was a long anticipated trip for us as we seldom travel as a family of three. This time, hubby decided to splurge on his hotel points for a stay at The Andaman... thanks Hubby!

Day 1
Our afternoon flight was delayed at the airport. Hayley seemed to know that we were on holiday and was amazingly good throughout the journey. She didn't make a fuss, enjoyed playing at the airport kids' area, enjoyed the airplane ride, and enjoyed snacking on her pine nuts in the car. It was quite late in the evening upon our arrival at The Andaman. While Hubby was checking-in, Hayley enjoyed looking at the carp in the pond and sang a song "Little fish little fish, can you climb? No I can't no I can't, I can't climb."

After check-in, we headed to our room to dump our luggage and Hayley straightaway plomped herself on the bed and demanded that "I want to stay in my silken bed!" But of course, we had to eat dinner so we headed to Tepian Laut for a nice, romantic dinner by the beach. We had chicken and lamb and ordered a nice roti canai telur for Hayley. She enjoyed her meal very much, but halfway she started taking off her shirt! Well, we let her be as we were on a beach vacation anyway. After that, she played in the sand with a couple of angmoh boys before heading back to our beautiful luxurious hotel room. Then she drew "Wanda and the Alien" on the hotel paper and all of us went to bed quite early as we were so tired.

Day 2
We decided to enjoy our holiday by sleeping-in. :P Woke up at 10am++, had a nice cuppa, then headed straight to the beach+pool+coral area. One highlight of The Andaman is its Coral Nursery. The 2004 tsunami destroyed about 70% of the coral reef at the beach area in front of the hotel, but it also helped to save the hotel from any damage. So the hotel setup a coral nursery to preserve and rehabilitate, and to grow new corals and sealife, and also to educate visitors about the coral reef. Basically it is a shallow little pool with lots of corals and different types of sealife. Hubby and I took turns to snorkel in it and our helpful guide guided us around and explained to us about the many different creatures living inside the coral nursery. It was an awesome experience. I even got to touch Charlie, the friendly yellow-black-striped angel fish, which gave me a little nibble on the finger. Hayley also enjoyed herself peering into the little pail of fish and started singing another fish song.

After that we ate lunch at the poolside restaurant and spent most of our morning/afternoon at the beach/pool area. Hayley must have gone up and down the water slide dozens of times, each time she would shriek in excitement everytime the water splashed at her, so cute! She is also very concentrated on building sandcastles. On the other hand, Hubby was in-training to become a Instagram-husband and helped me take many lovely shots at the beach. 

The weather was so good to us, not overly hot and there was sunshine for us to take nice photos. Oh I love love love being at the beach, swimming out to sea in the nice secluded Datai Bay and getting sun-soaked in a bikini. The feeling is just so relaxing and liberating. And we could go clean ourselves up at the swimming pool area if we got bored of saltwater. And also the free flow of warm dry towels and ice-cold lemon water made it all the more heavenly. 

We did a lot of things on Day 2. After the beach, we went for the Skycab ride and 3D museum. Hayley enjoyed the cable car ride. She said: "Mama, I'm not afraid of heights, I'm not afraid at all!" And she kept asking me throughout the trip: "Do you like it, mama? Do you love it?" It was quite misty that afternoon and we couldn't view anything from the top. Hayley enjoyed a whole Magnum icecream bar to herself at the top station, but accidentally left behind Nuri, her toycar there. She also loved running around in the spacious 3D trickart museum, and we took a lot of funny pictures there. On the ride back to our hotel room, she fell asleep and both of us managed to enjoy a peaceful, romantic dinner at a random seaview restaurant on the way back.

Day 3
We signed-up for the jungle walk in the morning. The tour guide pointed out a lot of flora and fauna to us and took us for a walk on the beautiful Datai Bay beach before the tide came up. After that it rained heavily but as soon as it stopped we managed to spend some more time at the beach and the pool. But we kinda overstayed a little bit as Hayley was fussy by the time we ended at around 3pm. Then we headed out to Pantai Cenang area for some duty-free shopping, and shared a whole bottle of red wine before going to sleep. We left the next day in the morning. Thus ended our short carefree beach vacation.


Coketai said…
Hi Ipoh girl...glad that you have a happy life!! God bless you!

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