Tale of two wedding rings

Was flipping through my blog archives for what we did for our 7th anniversary last year but couldn't find it. Luckily for Instagram, I have my memory of us celebrating it with a simple dinner at the refurbished Odeon. 

Now this year we really haven't done anything to celebrate our 8th anniversary yet. Our 101017 saw us sending Hayley to trial music class and having a late dinner at a hawker center nearby. Boooo.

Now back to the story about the two rings. Although there was no grand gesture this year, I felt somewhat touched and happy by hubby posting a picture of our wedding rings on Facebook. It's true when he said although we seldom wear the rings, they mean everything to us. 

Both of us have lost and found our wedding bands. Actually, after selecting and purchasing the most expensive wedding bands ever (they were platinum) both of us realised that we were the type that didn't like wearing any jewelry. So I always took my ring on and off , especially after washing hands. I didn't like the feeling of a wet band around my finger. And so I almost lost my wedding band after taking it off and putting it beside the bathroom sink before my job interview back in 2012. And he totally lost his wedding band for a couple of years until one day his mother found it inside their washing machine drum at his hometown! 

So I guess it is a sign for us to be always together, no matter if we got lost from one another sometimes, no matter if we drifted apart for a while / we would always make our way back to each other again. Just like our wedding bands. 

Except that I'm too fat now to wear my wedding ring!! 😅


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