Week 18, 2nd Trimester - Butterflies

For Pregnancy 2.0, I started to feel the fluttering in my stomach earlier - around 16 weeks. Maybe I'm more sensitive this time, or maybe little No. 2 is more active. :-) Baby is active in the morning around 8.30am and lasts for about half an hour. Sometimes I can also feel baby moving around throughout the day, like now, baby is kicking actively around 4.30pm.

Like last night, I was lying on the bed when I felt baby moving. I asked hubby to place his hand on my stomach and he felt baby kicking too! :-) Hayley is also very cute, she just can't wait to be a Big Sister. Her favourite cartoon at the moment is Paw Patrol. She loves to sing the Paw Patrol theme song and tell little stories to baby, and she always ends with a little kiss on my tummy -- so super endearing!!

I love this feeling of having "butterflies" in my stomach. It gives me a strong, secure feeling that baby is doing well and fine inside me, and this happy feeling is able to last me to my next checkup which is due June 9. :-)


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