Bradley's Milestones @3m

Our little Bradley is at 3 months and 2 weeks , or 111 days now.

It is such a blessing that little Bradley is a rather easy baby to take care of, compared to his sister. He latched on well since Day 1 and easily switches between bottle and nipple. He managed to sleep through the night after the first month whereby his last feed would be at 10.30pm, and wake again to feed at 5.30am. So I get to rest for 7 hours straight! So blessed! But once he feeds at 5.30am, he will wake up for milk every hour after that: 6.30am, 7.30am, 9.30am... after which he will wake up bright-eyed and make cooing sounds calling for people to carry him.

Little Bradley is meeting all his developmental milestones. He can hold his neck firmer now, and he is a good size to carry, compared to poor little Hayley who was born at a super low birth weight. However, that also means he has outgrown all the 0-3 month baby clothes which I bought for him! And I bought too many! He also starting to grasp at objects, and sometimes scratches his ears I think because that is the nearest thing to grasp haha. The sweetest moments that I enjoy the most are putting him to sleep by gently stroking his head and singing to him, while his little hand grasps on my finger for comfort.

During these three months, he has traveled at least twice from Penang to Ipoh, Slim River, KL, Melaka and back. Everybody loves him because he is a super friendly and responsive baby. During the first month my mom already commented that he is very responsive for a one month old but it is getting more evident now starting from the third month where he will smile happily when we talk to him and try to babble in response. His favourite people are my mom and my grandfather (tai gong) where he will give a super wide gummy smile whenever they talk to him, especially in Hokkien. Hence, hubby says that Bradley is a Hokkien-kia and he is trying to use his limited-Hokkien to speak to him in attempts to make him smile! He is also especially responsive to his sister, and looks at her endearingly and attentively whenever she opens her mouth. Hubby says that is because he is used to hearing her chirpy voice ever since he was in my womb! Haha!


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