Bradley's Milestones @8m

Our little Bradley is 8 months and 3 weeks now.


Bradley has outgrown almost all his clothes and is wearing clothes of 9mo size, or 6-12mo size. He is wearing M size diapers now but we think he will graduate to L sized ones soon!

He is busy doing his army crawl now and loves to crawl around the house looking for something to eat, or looking for us. He is really fast now. He loves to crawl under the table and chairs, like an obstacle course haha. He also likes to climb up on me whenever I sit beside him.

Bradley is a stickler for daily routines. He must have done some military duty in his past life. Every morning, he wakes up at 6.00am, demands to be cuddled, and will fall back asleep for another one to one-and-a-half hour. He wakes up bright and cheery-eyed at 7.30am. After bathing him, he will eat breakfast. Then it's off to the nanny for the whole day, until we pick him up at 6.30pm. Then he will eat dinner and play for a while. He will drink 4oz of milk and go to bed at 8.30pm. Another 4oz of milk at 11.30pm.  

In Ipoh, my mom started to place him in a baby hammock around 6mo. In the daytime he will sleep soundly inside the hammock, but at night time, 8.30pm, he refuses to sleep inside the hammock and will signal my mom to bring him upstairs where he can roll around in bed.  


Bradley's first teeth - the bottom two - started emerging at 4mo. He loves biting on stuff and will put anything into his mouth. This is so different from his sister, we never had to worry about Hayley eating the wrong thing cos she never had this habit. The other day, I looked away for a moment and he ate 1/4 of a receipt! He also drools a lot - my mom says that this might be a result of me not eating something that I desired to eat during pregnancy?

Nanny started feeding Bradley porridge with vege and pork at 8mo. For me, at home, I still make baby cereal + fruits/vege for him because I am yet to get my hands on baby rice for him. So far, Bradley hasn't really rejected any food we feed him, except for kiwi. It is a delight to watch him eat, as he gulps down all kinds of food with a great appetite! So far, he has tried: apple, avocado, pear, banana, watermelon, kiwi, orange, pumpkin, carrot, potato, sweet potato, eggs. We are using the Phillips steamer+blender which saves us a great deal of time.


The biggest event that happened this month... tada... his first word at 8m4d! Bradley must know that Papa is his primary caregiver so he decided to call "Papa" first! Hubby is so proud of his son calling him. It really melts our heart each time he does that endearing sound, "Pa... pa... papapa"!

He doesn't talk or babble much but when he does, it is absolutely endearing! Sometimes he yells when he is over-excited or when he is trying to get our attention. That day we were eating at Putien and he was yelling and yelling at the table, we felt so embarrassed since we never had this problem with Hayley, haha. This little fella loves us to sing songs to him, he will focus intently whenever I sing lullabies to him. His favourite song is "good night to you, now close your eyes and go to sleep" cos he knows that this is his bedtime song.


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