Child-free week

After my parents came back from their long Swiss trip, Hayley had just finished her exams. So, we jumped at the chance to dump both our kids back to my hometown so that hubby and I could take a breather from our childcare duties. 

What do we do when the kids are out?

Exercise becomes such a luxury when we have kids. Everyday it's like a battle - in the mornings, getting the older kid ready for school, and also putting up with her constant whining/pleading/crying because she doesn't want to go to school, bathing and feeding the younger kid, and also self-grooming before going to the office. In the evenings, another battle begins - cooking, ferrying the older kid to music/ballet/art class, doing homework, playing, and feeding/taking care of the little kid. 

So with the kids out of our hair, we were finally able to work out a sweat! Everyday we went for some kind of exercise - swimming, badminton, and we even took up line-dancing, surprisingly which we enjoyed very much! Line-dancing is really fun, we get to enjoy the music and learn how to dance while working up a sweat. Without noticing, time slips by so fast! Well, I even got to lose 2kg in one short week. But... gained it all back later... haha...

On Friday, we celebrated the end to our "child-free" week by going for a long-awaited date night... going to an Italian restaurant and then to a hidden bar in Georgetown.

Enjoyed our relaxation time so much, yet at the same time missed the kids. Such irony as parents. Nevertheless, we're looking forward to our next child-free time!!

P/S: I know I am blessed. Lol.


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