Malaysian Idol finale~

Study... is what we are all doing at this critical point of life. Some of us wake in the wee hours of the dawn and stay up all night till the next afternoon where they crawl back into their room in a zombie state, while some others lay all day reading their new car manual while putting status "Studying Seriously"... haha (you know who you are, guys ;))... while some others, like me, try to cram everything into my head at once and then try to digest them slowly while revising all over again. kinda like a cow.

And sometimes, i take a break doing what is healthy.... (not exercise)... but sweetness to the state of mind... by listening to music!!!

And what was better than watching the Malaysian Idol finale on TV last night... by listening to rendition of songs by Nita (Berhenti Berharap, Hey Big Spender, Mimpi) and by Daniel (Heaven Knows; p/s: it's the only song I appreciated from him last night)

I wish Nita will win!!! She's fantastic... and like what Kak Jee said... she COMMANDS the stage at her will... and if she doesn't win... I guess its to the power of those yelling crazy girl fans (and an occasional guy fan or two) of Daniel... (deaf, SO deaf... all they have is just the power of sight :P). Saw a really funny clip of Nita's guy fan who said... "Vote for Nita. Vote for TALENT". Which was so humourously blunt...! Hahahahaha!!!

Like what I told Zul, Malaysian Idol is indeed a good show... at least it presents to people who seldom listen to Malay songs to appreciate them, as well as giving old P. Ramlee songs a refreshing makeover by new, young talents of ALL races. If Nita wins tonight, I truly believe it will not be a result of race, but indeed, like what Nita's fan said, a result of voting for TALENT. And THAT breaks the barrier of race in common Malaysia. :)

Here's a list of Malay songs that I oh-so-tremendously like:

1. Keliru - Ruth Sahanaya
2. Keabadian Cinta - Anuar Zain
3. Di Persimpangan Dilemna - Nora
4. Kau Ilhamku - Man Bai
5. Pernah - Vince

And the list goes on! Thanks to Khoon Hau and Zul for introducing to me nice Malay songs! Anybody have more suggestions?


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