I Hate Friendster~!

I was gonna call it a day, with Blogster ruining my previous post and all~ (possibly an indication of telling me not to blog about this), but I guess I shall be true to my feelings and just so you know, I'm not always sugar and spice and everything nice. So here goes:

I Hate Friendster!

I know most of you out there possibly can't thank Friendster enough... for rekindling old flames, casting new nets and such~

But I really, really hate Friendster...!

I hate receiving Friendster updates, and I hate to see other people's exciting lifestyles and compare them to my boring life. But most of all,

I hate having to log on and click on you despite myself.

I hate seeing you with your new-found gal, I hate seeing you smile.

I hate the way you so lovingly call her name like there was no one else before her, I hate the way you make me frown.

I hate the way how your arms seem to cling so naturally around her, just like the way you held me close.

I hate how your eyes seem to sparkle and shine, I hate the way you used to call aloud my name.

I hate you for leaving me by myself, I hate you because its been so long but I can't seem to control myself.

I hate you because I promised myself never to think, but I still blog about you...

In the end, do I hate Friendster, or do I hate you?

I guess, I really still do love you... Or is it what they say, "love never known is hard to recall?"

*Note: 1. I shall be okay after a day or two :)
2. Yes it REALLY does sound like an adaptation from 10 Things I Hate About You.


princessoctober said…
Just blame frienster. Its easier to do it that way until your ready to deal with the situation...email him anonymous and just say some kind of crap you really want to say..If he has more than one ex girl..he'll never know and you'll feel better getting it off your chest
Lichard said…
PMS-ing lar tu....
Punish Men Severely....

What lah you...
weixuan said…
xweing's version of 10 things I hate about you
abeautifulmind said…
Aiyah dun blame friendster then... delete your account lo :)
Xweing said…
Princessoctober: I already told him off once, don't wanna overdo it by telling him twice :)

Abeautifulmind: What an insensitive comment... not beautiful at all~

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