Brownie, Cookie & Muffin!

Time for some very cute pics! Taken last weekend while I was at Ipoh...

As I posted earlier, my dog gave birth to three puppies in February. Well I didn't give them those names as you guys suggested; instead I named them Mister Brownie (for the only male!), Cookie and Muffin.

Yes, that's right! I named them after biscuits NOT because I am always hungry, but because of their color! Like tiny little biscuits! (Think three little bears...) And they are simply WIGGLY HUGSIE POOPSIE CUTIE LOVELY LITTLE FELLAS!!! I bet you will melt when you see them! Like Jia Yunn did! Haha!

Here's the dearies with their mommy beside the garden hose. From left to right, may I present Mister Brownie (brown, evidently), Muffin(coconut white), and Cookie(white with brown patches)!

Being babies, they still suckle ALL the time... so Mommy dog has become scrawnier and thinner now. And please may I note that all three of them look EXACTLY like Chu-Chu, which is my uncle's dog... oh don't ask me what breed is it yet, I forgot and shall ask my uncle next time I see him.

Ooh Momma!

Firstly, Mister Brownie in da house! Being a guy, Brownie likes to put on a macho face. Really looks like a guy! But still wimpy though, it fell from my doorstep to the ground (which was only a light fall...) and wailed like a baby. Hahaha... guys do cry... it kept on wailing and crying to its momma, "Fall down! Pain pain!" ^_^

They can't really walk properly, because their leg muscles aren't fully developed yet. So sometimes they do some kind of a skating stunt on the smooth marble floor. Hehe. Dad says Cookie knows how to walk best!

And by the way, the three puppies have some kind of a diamond on their foreheads. For Mister Brownie, his is white... he looks like a stuffed lion that I had when I was young...

*yAwN~~ Brownie also has a certain smell, like ashes or burnt wood.

*Peekaboo* I see you! Brownie peers from his sleeping place behind the bricks... Can you see his floppy ears and round little snout? That's why I told you, he really looks like his father! I personally think that they look like little rabbits, mixed with Winnie the Pooh!

***I Love Brownie!*** ^_^

Next up is Cookie. I named her Cookie cos she reminds me of Chipsmore biscuits, where there are dark chocolate chips on a light brown cookie. 'Cept hers is brown patches on white fur. I love taking pictures of Cookie cos she is just like her mom, so photogenic! And she is a darling, the bravest and friendliest of them all! She just falls asleep on my lap sometimes, so sweet!

Just passing by...

Clambering over the brick wall... such a challenge for now!

"It's me, it's me!" Beside the Avanza tyre... Haha, they are so used to the cement floor by now that when I brought Cookie along to the playground and let it down on the grass, it was completely devastated! But I taught it how to overcome its fears by calling gently "Cookie come, come Cookie!"

Stolen kisses... so sweet!

Lastly comes Sleeping Beauty, Muffin!


And when it's not asleep...'s bullying Cookie!


And ohh... did I mention that their eyes are a lovely shade of blue gray? And just in time too, as blue gray eyes are in the vogue... (just like what a certain senior suggested...) "Sayuri, let me see those eyes. Oh, you have too much water in them..." Hahaha, you wouldn't suggest my puppies put on doggie contact lenses now, would you? ;)

Muffin and I ^_^

Mmm... last but not least, one Happy Family, asleep in the night... :)


Anonymous said…
Where is the dog father?
Xweing said…
At my grandma's house... can't afford to rear SO MANY dogs in my house!
q said…
Your picture with Muffin look quite photogenic at least better than first one.

Cheer~~~and take care.
abeautifulmind said…

很怀念以前家里也有很多小狗的日子。可是总觉得它们长大了就不可爱了 :P
Xweing said…
Lichard said…
jeewei said…
haha cute! coincidently, my last post was also about my 3 new pups :P
Chen Jie said…
puppy is cute, when grown up then different liao ... same to human ...

i love dog too
Jia Yunn said…
They are the sweetest puppies I have seen! Ah, them cuddly darlings..... :) Are you keeping any of them? Can I come visit them????
Xweing said…
None, dad gave Brownie to his friend while Muffin and Cookies were both sold to a pet shop. For a measly RM50!

Now Dad I'm really angry! X-(

I WANNA GO REDEEM THEM!!!! Anyone wanna parade in front of my house?

phatsugar said…
狗狗好Q哦,給我一只好嗎? hehehe.....+_+
joseph's valley said…
sooooooooooooo cute !!!
Cometh said…
Wah, so cute..

The puppies I mean... =p

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