Bio-essence vs. a night's good sleep

Due to my sleepless nights and endless rivers of tears, coupled with my laziness to remove mascara with proper eye makeup remover (stains!!!), I have developed, or rather, worsened my trademark DARK CIRCLES on my very delicate eye area.

And it's not until I have a date!!!! only that I forced myself to quit applying mascara (at least before the date...) and to search for emergency rescue techniques to eliminate my dark circles.

Enter Ginvera's Bio-Essence Sparkling Lift Eye Essence, which 'visibly reduces fine lines and brightens eye contours'.

I used the eye mask, which was comfortably damp, for 15-20 minutes. Then I massaged the remaining lotion in, and lay down to sleep, thinking that I would look as bright as day the following morning.

But no, thanks to the devil winds, a good night's sleep I was blessed not. Instead, I found myself getting out of bed at intervals to pull in the shutters, take in the laundry and making sure the bedroom doors and toilet doors were fastened tight.

And the next morning, which is Today, I look like shit. I guess everyone should use my eye circles to benchmark their eye products. If a product is able to magically make my eye circles disappear, then it must be TRULY GOOD.

The verdict:
Neither. Concealer is the most efficient way of getting immediate riddance of dark eye circles! *Flashes that bright smile and hopes that my date will not notice as well! :D


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