Happy Birthday Girls!

Because Somebody said that I hadn't been blogging recently, I decided to push as many blogs as I could today in my free hour after 5.30pm while waiting for Berry to finish up.

And because that Somebody also said I should put up more photos, I'm also trying to upload as many photos as I can while my network still allows me to... (slipping through the hole in the fishnet... keke)

So voila! Some pictures of the two bubbly Birthday Girls whom I got to know @Intel. Here's wishin' a very Happy Birthday to them! (I know this is kinda late... but hey! It's just for the sake of the photos! Haha!) And yes, worklife here is kinda happening... I've already celebrated birthdays for 6 ppl now! \:D/

First up, this is Sze Hui from UM whose birthday falls on 26th July. Happy Birthday Sze Hui! We... (or Ahem! BH...) got her a nice silver bracelet!

Birthday celebration at Secret Recipe, E-Gate (yeah yeah I know, KL or Ipoh or Penang, it's Secret Recipe that beats the rest!)

Lan Sin from MMU, also in the same team as I in Intel. Supposed to be under the same manager last time, but now changed to CPU.

And here is Siao Tian, the 2nd birthday girl whose birthday falls on 21st August. A very happy birthday to you! Her gift was also a silver bracelet, but a Disney one, with Mickey's head on it! Well, Boon Keat paid for most of it... hehe...

We celebrated her birthday at one of the Top 10 Japanese Restaurants in Penang... Sobayoshi/Hanayoshi. And yeah! Definately better than Sushi King. And price-competitive too. Yum yum! C'mon who wants to have a second go? :)


libelly said…
yeah finally I see something different. How I wish my company allow casual wear!!!
Xweing said…
LOL, yeah wanted to upload more photos before but got something wrong with uploading here.

Now can d.

Will try to tell more about my life... if ever any interesting stuff happens... :P

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