A Mixture of Feelings...

Today my whole day has been a mixture of feelings. Ups-and-downs, ups-and-downs... like on a see-saw when I was small.

In the morning, I was happy and chatty until I saw your Friendster page with her. And I got sad and angry because till now I still feel cheated by you. But after I went to the ATM, I felt my happiness gushing back to me at the sight of all that $$$... does this mean I'm getting more and more materialistic? But I only target those necessities: brand new Sony Ericssons for me and my brother, a pair of new sneakers, a novel or two from Borders, and if I may, throw in a couple of shirts from MNG too. ^_^

I felt a bit frustrated before lunch, I had nothing to do and it all seemed so untrue. But I found my Christmas CD, and my Chris Botti for two... it reminds me of that feeling I had when I saw me in front of you. ^_^ And to add-in, I was driving home after Queensbay last night listening to the Light Lounge on Light & Easy and Chris' version of "The Look of Love" came on air. Being the first time I'd ever listened to a Botti trumpet, I was hooked.

As one review went:
"The effect is haunting, lushly romantic, and full of a sensual warmth that is as spooky as it is silky."

So true. It's a mixture of room and jazz... and I highly recommend you listen to it at night, alone. Brings up those sexy, romantic feelings in you... and makes you feel ultra-urban, albeit a little bit moody. Sorry, I'm complicated.

And at night, I was happy that I managed to catch my bus...
But only because it was L.A.T.E. by O.N.E W.H.O.L.E H.O.U.R.
And I fell into the realm of frustration bundled with tiredness.
But I felt happy again cos I had a nice SMS chat, which drove away some of my boredom and made me smile.
And I felt even happier because when the bus arrived it was squeaky clean and new. This must be one of the newest Sri Majus.
And I had a nice sleep on the bus... but when I reached home it was already 1:30a.m.
And I felt frustrated again cos I broke my personal record by coming home at this devilish hour of late.

ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz. Hope tomorrow I'll have a calm pool of feelings :-)


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