Answer Template for Singletons before CNY

Attention Singletons, this is a piece of advice just in time for Valentine's Day and CNY!

Today, my good friend Nicholas and I were chatting as usual and sharing our daily thoughts and quotes... when he suddenly popped a question:

Nicholas: Ooi... when u wanna paktoh ar?
Me: *Bedazzled... (thinking, why suddenly ask me this kind of question...)
Nicholas: OOI... (<-- he always so rude one...) actually I am asking POPULAR ques during CNY...
Me: Good question! Teach me how to give a good answer... (<-- result of too much spoon-feeding...)
Nicholas: Well... I kena a lot before CNY d loooo... @_@ You tell them, "I am actually looking for someone who is independent and already have career... somemore need him to care HOME 1... well... I want him to care u all (parents)... so... I just let YUAN FEN comes lo"
Me: Good one!!! I'm sure that after you give this speech, your audience (aunties uncles) will 鸦雀无声数秒,then 掌声如雷!
Nicholas: Remember... cannot say, no ppl want/ not in mood/ no time/ no money... won't work one!
Me: Thanks! I'll remember what to say when my aunties, uncles, cousins, dad, mom ask me this question!

Useful, isn't it? Hahaha...


Anonymous said…
Is a piece of advice from a TALENTED WISE GUY ==> ME !!!
For those who found it USEFUL...please dial 012-xxx2193 for further advice.
First 3 questions will be free. The rest will be based on season rate.

Gong Xi Fatt Choi !

HuiMian said…
wahhahah, I just told Nic, you might wanna have another set of answer for the following CNY. Using the same template years after years, sooner or later, someone will come to realise it. :P
Anonymous said…
for guys how????

sad also
Jia Yunn said…
HAHAHAHHAHA, good one!

Happy CNY babes! :)

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