Little House of Curiosity 台湾古早屋

I think that it is every girls dream to own a house filled with little curiosities one day. May it be porcelain dolls, expensive furry teddy bears, or dainty teapots perched on glass shelves, it satisfies the desire of every little girl in us to own such doll-house luxuries and take care of them as if were the most precious things in the world.

I always had a thing for imagination, and I picked up the phrase when I came across Charles Dickens "The Old Curiosity Shop" when I was younger. However I never had the chance to read it (Dickens is always hard to swallow...), but my imagination took flight when I read "A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Being too poor to own such luxuries like other little girls, like little Sara Crewe, I would always picture my little room to be filled with such wondrous toys and adornments.

But after I grew up and read a newspaper article about a certain prominent person in Ipoh's house (coincidentally, I knew the son...), whos house and garden were filled with curiosities!!! and took the maid forever to dust and sweep (imagine having to sweep the porcelain dolls noses everyday)... I soon gave up the idea of even collecting curiosities. Today, I don't even put my collection of McDonald's Bears in my car... they are still wrapped in plastic in my bedroom.

Last Friday, Leonard suggested we go to a Taiwanese restaurant in town. Being the first time there, I was amazed by the amount of stuff inside the restaurant! Such a nice ambience... porcelain clocks on wooden shelves... made me fall back into the memories of my storybooks once again. Leonard says this is the Chinese version of Little Cottage - another nice steakhouse which I had the pleasure to visit with Zhiwei they all but forgot to take any photos...

Anyways, as a recommendation, the "3 cup chicken" 三杯鸡 is very nice, as well as the "numb spicy soup" 麻辣火锅! I would bring you there next time... but too bad, I don't remember how to get there :P Just knew from Leo and JW that the place is called 古早屋 and is located at Burma Road. Pass Wesley Methodist Church and go straight furthermore, and you'll see the restaurant located on your left at a corner.

In the old curiosity shop... at last \:D/

Leonard trying to look spiffy...
Me & Senior PEO James... keke


leonardlcy said…
Yeah! My photo made it into your blog. :) So proud... How come the rest of the photos have problem loading?

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