Today's not a Blue Monday cos I went for Q2 teambuilding with the whole SD team! For the first part of the event, we had a yummy lunch buffet at "g"-Hotel. I over-stuffed myself with pastries so that I don't need to eat any dinner later.

Two interesting conversations were exchanged between one of the chefs and I and one of my colleagues.

Conversation 1
Chef: "Would you like to try some Texas chicken?" (opens the lid of the frying pan)
Me: "Could I just have a small piece?"
Chef reaches out for a small piece...
Me: "Er, can I have that piece?" (pointing to a large, succulent piece of chicken)
Chef: "Oh, so that's your definition of a small piece..."
Me: "Yea, small is HUGE..."

Conversation 2
Chef: "Would you like to try some Texas chicken?"
Colleague: "Which part of Texas?"
Chef: "I mean Texas as a whole."
Colleague: "How do you know the chicken is from Texas?"
Chef *faints*

After that, we went to Gurney Hotel to catch my long-awaited Transformers! "Transformers, robots in disguise... teng teng teng..."

May I say that it's the BEST MOVIE I've ever watched?! Seriously. The CGI, the storyline, the action, the actors! What can I say? I felt that the 2-1/2 hours I spent in the cinema just went by like a breeze! I gaped in awe... like those days when I was a kid and watched Robocop.

Loved the scorpion.
Loved how the robots transformed themselves swipingly fast.
Loved looking at Megan Fox!

What a GUESS girl! Tanned bod, denim, freckles, long, wavy hair all... Btw, did I mention that she's born on the same day as me? But, 3 years younger... Boy, I wish I were thattttt hot!

Plus, loved the movie MORE because of gorgeous hunk Danny McCoy (Las Vegas)...!!!

Just can't wait for the sequel!!!


rukawa said…
dude, who is your colleague?
Actually the CPU SD din join, so not SD teambuilding :p
Btw, last time i tried to take a photo at the g-cafe, but got warned, how did you manage to took one?
Xweing said…

Long time ago din count CPU SD lar. Ok my bad. Is CS SD teambuilding :P

Lenglui can take picture anywhere she wants... LOL...

All your comments in previous posts are replied.
Xweing said…
BTW, colleague is KT L. HAHAHA...

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