Klinik Bersatu @ Sg. Ara

Can one write a review about a clinic? Of course I can, seeing there are food reviews, movie reviews, football reviews...

Yesterday I fell sick. I woke up from my evening nap, feeling very feverish and weak in the joints. So Leonard brought me to the PanMedic branch at Sg. Ara to see a doctor. But it wasn't a company panel clinic, so we went to the next clinic a few doors away - Klinik Bersatu.

It was quite a wait because there were many people queueing up. But the one Malay nurse at the registration counter was kind and polite and was willing to give a response in English. She's the best nurse I've ever seen... far better than those lousy, arrogant, lazy Indian nurses that manned the counter at MMU's clinic last time.

The lady doctor was also very kind and polite. Even though it was already nearing 10.30p.m., she never showed any signs of impatience and even explained to me my illness in a detailed manner. Luckily I only had a fever and muscle ache... so she immediately gave me an M.C. for tomorrow and prescribed me some pills... which worked fine! And today afternoon, I'm feeling like myself again :)

Klinik Bersatu is one of the best clinics I've been to. The title of 'worst clinic' in my memory still belongs to the MMU in-house clinic. The next worst one is Klinik Ima which has these disgruntled, impossibly arrogant old doctors; while Klinik PanMedic at Crystal Point is good and systematic, but too long a wait for me. Next time I fall sick again (touch wood)... I will definately pay another visit to Klinik Bersatu.


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