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Seems like a lot of people like to post about their weekends... so here goes...~


Saturday morning, woke up very very late (10am) coz I had a restless night which I spent coughing and coughing till my lungs almost came out. Plus I had a lump in my throat that was enlarged to the size of a plum. Told Leo I had to go see a doctor, so after going to Sunshine wet-market to buy cooking ingredients he fetched me to Panmedic.

Guess who we bumped into -- yes, it was Jin Wen! JW is down... kesian... somemore to do a fast bloodtest to get the results on that day itself, she had to go to the lab herself which is at Gribbles near Citibank. So far, somemore sick still have to drive, so Leo became a gentleman and fetched her to the lab. Result came out a few hours later --> her platlet count dropped below average, she has dengue --> admitted to Pantai Hospital. The world is so small, her doctor is Dr. Beh, my same doctor when I was admitted for hepatitis!

Afterwards we rushed back to my apartment cos my new housemate was shifting in that day. To my shock, he's only a 19 year old kid who's taking his diploma studies in PSDC! Well, from the first look he seems polite and clean... at least not a rowdy boy who plays computer games and blasts Mandopop from his Altec Lansing all day... However I'd still prefer female housemates cos it's more convenient in the house :)

It was too late to cook a proper lunch yet it was raining heavily outside and we didn't wanna get in the rain somemore so we decided to cook instant noodles, with eggs and vegetables we bought from the market. Leo marinated and stir-fried some chicken to go with it... Yummy! He said it feels romantic also to slurp down a hot bowl of maggi mee together... *love*

For dinner, he cooked his famous nyonya dish -- pongteh -- which consisted of a huge amount of garlic and onions, chicken and potatoes. Since there's no garlic/ onion peeler machine, I did all the peeling... which was quite a bunch :P But felt totally worth it as the dish was FABULOUS! *double love* I cooked somemore taugeh and french beans with egg and we had a lovely dinner at Stanley's new condo. Then after that we went to visit JW at Pantai Hospital -- yes, she transferred her "atmosphere" from the office to the hospital -- and were surprised to see that her housemate had already been admitted to the hospital for a similar case of dengue 4 days ago!


Woke up feeling extremely grumpy on a Sunday morning and demanded that Leo bring me for dimsum. I was running late for church so we decided to eat at Pekaka's Max dimsum (which, according to Leo, is the same as Max near Queensbay). To eat dimsum at Penang is just a very reluctant thing to do, as Penang's dimsum is nowhere compared to Ipoh's. I tasted the yuckiest "lam yu bao" (pork bun) ever... but still, my full stomach dispelled my grumpy mood, just nice for church!

Reached in time just as the worship started... it was a fabulous and heart-moving worship (new songs, hurrah!) but I couldn't get head nor tail of the sermon. It was about rejection or something, but I just couldn't get it... punctuated with too many jokes, I guess...

It was raining again (what a rainy weekend) as me and James dropped by to pay JW another visit after church. Bought her some 100 plus and yoghurt... she seemed fine except for the rashes all over her body. I just feel that the Malaysian health system totally sucks... like me, she had on-off fever for a week but the clinic doctors wouldn't give her any real diagnosis nor refer her to a specialist immediately. Imagine if someone had thought less of on-off fever and just shrugged it off, dengue can be fatal! I heard that 炖田鸡苦瓜汤 can help to increase platlet count, don't know whether this is true?

As Leo had to work, I cooked a simple lunch for both of us, just reheat the pongteh and cooked some leafy vegetables, and boiled corn soup. Around 5 o'clock we went Queensbay for a shopping spree~ he bought a PDI gray striped shirt and a bolster, and me a pair of heels, a pair of Nike socks, a Voir casual gray pants, and a book "Thai Girls" from Borders. "Thai Girls" is about the romance between an European tourist and a Thai beach girl, and explores why many poor Thai girls are willing to sacrifice their bodies and dignity for fortune in the city. Just felt like reading a book so much recently that I was ready to snap up any RM30+ book that was in sight -- "Grotesque" and "19 Minutes" are much too expensive!

For dinner, Leo ate a nyonya chicken dish at the new Nyonya restaurant "Chun" in QB... I tasted a bit and it was quite good I say :) I was too full from lunch and just drank some corn soup afterwards. Before going to sleep we finshed watching a scary movie I had for quite some time -- "The Exorcism of Emily Rose".

What a relaxing weekend...


Coketai said…
What a wonderful weekend for you and LEO!!! 青春无敌啊!!!!I have one week holiday in China but frankly speaking, after the week holiday, I do not know whether I still can remember how I spend my week holiday!!!
jwlaw83 said…
I have one week relo with dengue fever. Luckily nothing serious, it's still a good experience in hospital. Now after two weeks rest, I got better skin, haha!!
Xweing said…
Hahaha... glad you're well!

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