El Mondo Pizza @ Crystal Point

Song playing: Frank Sinatra - My Way

This is one of my fave songs, because this is my idol TDM's fave song. Leo doesn't like this song becos it is his hatred's fave song. He says TDM likes this song becos he memang likes to do things "his" way. Anyway, the fella who sang it to TDM years ago is already dead (Pavarotti) now. Life is short. Don't keep your hatred in for far too long.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I didn't feel like cooking. So we went to grab a pizza at El Mondo Pizza - The Original Woodfire Place at Crystal Point.


What is a woodfire anyway? Is it like a fireplace where I can snuggle cozily in front of and eat scraps of pizza out of my boyfriend's hand?


Seems like there is no fireplace here. I guess woodfire must mean the way they bake the pizza.

Quizzes and puzzles... if you run out of things to say to your better half

Question. What kind of room has no doors nor windows??

Woodfire BBQ Chicken Pizza

We ordered a regular 8-inch, 6-slice BBQ chicken pizza. If you've just had a hearty breakfast and just looking for something slightly filling for lunch, the size of this pizza is just nice for you. Note: Not a food binge this time, even though it's PIZZA...

My 2nd slice

At times like these I hope I had a Canon EOS to show you how nice the pizza really is. The crust is really crispy and nice to crunch on. The BBQ chicken is not overwhelming and blends into your tastebuds nicely. I especially like the thin-ness of this pizza. Unlike Pizza Hut's pizzas, which make me feel very jelak with its rising flour and thick crust.

Brave soldier... still putting on a smiley face

Commendable because I starved him to 2pm before eating lunch... ^_^

Look sleepy... hehe ^_^

The bill came at RM24 for one pizza and a coke float(RM5.50). Other than pizza, El Mondo also offers reasonably priced steaks and pastas on the menu. I think this is a pretty good place to dine, more preferable to me than Little Italy at Bukit Jambul because of its brighter and cleaner atmosphere.


tvc said…
aunty xweing ...jaga kolestrol o ..haha...

hmmm...又看到了一位幸福的小女人 。。(even though look sleepy ..hehe)
JoyceLee said…
The pizza looks appetizing. A must try for my next visit to Penang. :)

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