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Lunch in Ipoh Town...

Nothing else can pull me away from the comfort and shade of my house in the burning heat of Sunday noon but for the company of good friends. Joseph is working in Ipoh for two months and Wei Xuan was back for the weekend. We went to eat at a new fusion restaurant at the heart of Ipoh town. Wei Xuan had bought a new Sony Alpha DSLR and Joseph snapped away at the food. Mmm... everything looks so nice even though he simply snapped... when can I get my own DSLR? But that's only wishful thinking because I'll be too lazy to lug it around anyways... :P Thank God for friends who hail from the same hometown as me. I know, even though I seldom get to meet them, we'll always see each other back in Ipoh.

And oh yeah, Happy Birthday Nicholas! May all your wishes come true... :)

There seems to be so much writing recently... my own stuff at work, for interest, and helping out some friends. I'm balancing it out by consuming a lot of dramas: dance drama 舞动全城 and soon, Grey's Anatomy Season 3!

Two phrases that keep popping up: "Holier-than-thou" and "Devil-may-care". I can link both together in a paragraph. CSL spoke the truth when he said that some people have this "holier-than-thou" attitude when judging others. However, being a public figure he should have already assumed the worst and had a "devil-may-care" attitude with his adulterous behaviour. Same as us, we always tend to say that other people are commenting and judging us while at the same time we ourselves are commenting and judging others. Gossip is all part-and-parcel of social life. How different am I from other people? Unless I tie my tongue and sew up my mouth! The irony of having a blog is that I want my friends to share and care in my life, but at the same time, I don't like people whom I dislike reading my blog and coming up to me acting like they know me very well and say, "Hey, I recently read this in your blog, are you really such-and-such??" and then I have to comply myself to smile and give a nod. I mean, I wish I could just restrict entry to only a few and hope that those whom I dislike "get it" and refrain themselves from reading and commenting on my blog. Just stop.

4 in the morning feels as deserted as New York City in "I Am Legend". I recently woke up at 4a.m. to fetch Leo from the bus station. Balls of newspaper whittled along the road with the sigh of night yet made no disturbance to anyone. I stopped at 7-11 for bread but the supply hadn't arrived yet. The newspapers were all dated yesterday. It felt like time had stood still for a moment. I could just imagine talking to the people there who were still mannequins. Luckily the bus station was filled with light and brimming with travellers. It felt safe in the light.

New Year BBQ

It's important for me to choose my clothes properly when I am sick. So many people claimed that I looked sick when I wore my preppy brown button-up shirt and pale blue shirt the next day. Perhaps I should wear pink, red and bright yellow to bring colour to my face. It seems like such an unhealthy start to the New Year when I am still not recovered by today and yesterday I had the worst tummyache in my entire life. Food poisoning? But I cooked my own food!

Leo organized a New Year's BBQ in James' place last Friday. I was sick, but I gladly went! Everybody chipped in to help... it has been such a long time since we had such a nice gathering. On Sunday Leo was feeling bubbly again and he cooked enough pongteh for a seven-people lunch. Menu: bittergourd porkrib soup, steamed egg, chilli garam dory fish, chilli garam left-over fishballs and belacan-fried ladies fingers and shrimp.

I encountered a flat tyre on my way to Zhi Wei's house on Sunday. Some honchos of sly repairshop businessmen had thrown long thick nails on the Jelutong Expressway to purposely puncture peoples' tyres. It's the highway!! How dangerous could it be if my tyre went kapoot and I was forced to swerve round-and-round!! Anyway Zhi Wei's dad called in a repairman for RM12 to patch my tyre. When I got back to my apartment, I again discovered my bonnet billowing up in smoke. Turns out my aircon compressor, tube, filter and cooling coil was a gone case after 14 years. There goes my RM800... *imagining cash growing wings and flying away... sob*


libelly said…
"I wish I could just restrict entry to only a few and hope that those whom I dislike refrain themselves from reading and commenting on my blog". Exactly what I am thinking all these while. Blogger have the features of allowing special guest to view ur blog, but they must have a google account and it require them to login in order to view your blog. I wish google can come out with this control until entry level rather than in a whole as "I have this dislike of people that I dislike reading my blog".

I wish to own a DSLR too, but that is too heavy to snap a pics of myself... hehe.
nYnY_berrY said…
破财挡灾吧!take care o ('-')

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