Year-End-Sales! And some Resolutions...

Tis' that season of the year again, where shopping becomes justifiable, and New Year's resolutions come galore!

Unlike Bridget Jones, I don't really make a list of NY resolutions every year. Maybe I should start making one every year, as a motivation to get my adult life forward and kicking... hmm...

So here goes! Taking my previous random list and checking it...

1. I must come to office before 8.30a.m. everyday! And do my work better!
2. I must lose 4kg by cutting down on fatty foods, binges, by eating more fruits and by exercising at least 4 days a week!
3. I must cook more for my family and loved ones, and try out different recipes!
4. I must make sure I am released from JPA bond!
5. I must be more fashion conscious and try to dress up more while going out!
6. I must be a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend!
7. I must lose my temper or at least keep it under wraps!
8. I must save up for Down Under trip with my family!
9. I must bring my mom snorkelling again this year!
10. I must find a part time job and keep to my saving target of 30% this year!

That being done... let's look at what I've been up to recently... :)

Triumph one-piece swimsuit at RM60! What a bargain!

I'd been looking for a nice, functional one-piece swimsuit to replace my Triumph of 3 years! After searching high-and-low for The One, I finally found it at Queensbay Jusco! I think, for V-shaped one-piece swimsuits, Triumph is the brand to go because Arena swimsuits are all too high-cut at the V-area and Ogivals are basically, ugly. I bought a swimcap at Ogival's, though...

Healthy family activity at Bukit Jambul

Mom and dad had been forever pestering me to bring them to climb Bukit Jambul ever since they read that newspaper article in The Star. Again, how many times do I have to educate my friends and fellow readers, do not believe everything they write in the newspapers!!

For first-timers, this is definately not a walk in the park. Mom and Dad were huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf when they got to the top. Although Leo and I made it up fairly easy without losing our breath, I can still vividly remember my first climb up the hill - it was like a neverending flight of stairs up; each step was higher than the first; and I had to take like a 3 minute break every 1/3 of the way! The way down was even scarier, with all the moss on the rocks and stairs, there's always that horrible chance of losing your grip and plunging to your death or breaking your kneecap on those huge, dangerous-looking nails!

Sinful dessert at Häagen-Dazs icecream!

Finally, I used up that RM10 ice-cream voucher to treat my family to a round of sinfully decadent chocolate/ice-cream steamboat at Häagen-Dazs. Btw, after Wiki-ing it, only did I know that Häagen-Dazs actually an American brand, and not a Scandinavian brand! Oh, they use foreign branding in the US too... We chose the original steamboat with only one chocolate flavour, and 4 types of icecream - chocolate (recommended!), vanilla, strawberry and coffee. I love it when I dip the ball of icecream into the melt of hot chocolate and some nuts and the chocolate straightaway cools on the surface of the ball, forming a chocolate shell to crack on! Yummy!

Mom looking gleeful

Hmm... look at that chocolate topped with nuts!!

Other places we tried out:

->Shanghai Ding (at the street next to QB Mall) - 'xiao long bao', pockey mouse bun and ramen

->Manila Place (Gurney Plaza) - Teatime: mushroom soup in a bun, chicken pot pie and strawberry icecream

->Teluk Kumbar seafood and satay (again!!)

->Stall at Solok Moulmein (opposite Pulau Tikus police station) - char koay teow and nyonya kuih, etc.

->Hawker Stalls at Gurney Drive

OOPS!!! Anyone remember Resolution No.2 of the Year? Hehe... gotta go for my swim now! Adios!~


jwlaw83 said…
I wonder how much you can success in your check list?

Happy New Year, gal!!
Coketai said…
Happy New Year!! It is nice to know that you still keep the tradition of writting down new year resolution!!

Unlike me, my new year resolution is "No More Resolution from now on"
Ha! Ha!

pik lay said…
I saw the triumph swim suit too.. in queensbay. I wanted to buy but kiam siap.. cos i spent too much already :(.. now i regretted.
penpusher said…
Hey there, I stumbled upon your blog via SzeMun's.

The chocolate steamboat looks divine! Can't wait to try it out when I get back.

PS: My other half's name is also Leo!

Have a great new year :)
Anonymous said…
any pic you on swimsuite?
beckhamteh said…
Which ham sap lou is 'anonymous'?
libelly said…
I never do any shopping during this year end sales :( no mood to buy thing.... coz no money *s0B*

miss shopping a lot...

ur dad facial expression looks farnee... haha
chun_chek said…


独立广告联盟 (独立在线 的旗下公司)

独立广告联盟也是续 nuffnang 和 advertlets 之后,

Anonymous said…
ham sap?

got "san choi" mah show out la.

this is pretty girl mah
Xweing said…
jwlaw: can strive to succeed... those are targets for self-motivation.

coketai: haha! that's becos you had already achieved all your resolutions... :)

piklay: yea, dat's the best time to get cheap swimsuits!

penpusher: hello! welcome, and enjoy your stay :)

libelly: hehe.. actually four of us were pretty pissed off at that time... :P

anon: no swimsuit pics here la.. come to wrong place liao :P
Anonymous said…
the Thailand trip swimsuite pic....

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