Cameron Highlands revisited Pt. 4 - Secret Garden in Heritage Hotel

There's this lovely little garden at the basement of Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highlands, which I think hardly anyone knows. It's because the whole morning I was there, no one else was around, though photo spots like these would have been brimming with tourists and hotel guests elsewhere.

I first visited this garden more than 10 years ago with my parents' friends. Not much has changed since then, everything remains tranquil and seems untouched in time. It's a secret garden, complete with fountains, stone statues and roses.

Heritage Hotel

Beautiful blooming roses in the garden

Ah... what a lovely picture this would have been, if it wasn't for the gardener...

After more than 10 years, another family portrait at this very same garden

At the entrance of the hotel

This is the view from our hotel room... I couldn't sleep very well the whole night, worried that a burglar would come in through the roof!

This is the second time I've mentioned in my blog, how lovely if this were my wedding bouquet!

IMHO, one of the loveliest convent schools in Malaysia, just at the foot of the hill... the school emblem is almost the same as my convent school.


josze said…
you made cameron look quite nice haha. i've never liked cameron coz there's nothing there for me to do =(
pik lay said…
Hmmm.. So should leonard gets something like that for your wedding bouquet? :P
小嗄lorrissa said…
i like the flower over there
Jess said…
i like cameron highland too.
Xweing said…
josze: go relax only lah, enjoy the cool weather... hot cup of Boh tea, and fresh yummy strawberries and old-fashioned scones and cream!

piklay: on second thought... no lah... :-P

lorrissa: me too... wouldn't it be nice if we could grow them at home too...?

Jess: Wow Jess, you sell dresses now!!?

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