The weekend that Ethan, Dom and Xuan came to visit - Vintage Bulgaria & Continental Bakery

Ethan and Dom had been planning to visit me in Penang for quite some time, and last weekend they finally made the trip. Xuan almost couldn't come but luckily he made it!

Great times, great friends! From left: Li Wei, me, Xuan, Dom, Ethan and Chang Fei

We had a very nice dinner at this Vintage Bulgaria restaurant in Tanjung Bungah. It's located right next to Ingolf Kneipe German restaurant. We ordered four dishes to share: one Platter Bulgaria for Two, one Plovdiv pork ribs, one Chicken Gabrovo, and one Seafood Sensation. Total bill: RM173. Not too bad, eh?

The Platter Bulgaria consisted of two types of beef-filled sausages, meat patties, pork fillet and mashed potatoes. It was yummy!! The Plovdiv pork ribs is a must-order... they were so juicy and tender... cooked to perfection! The chicken Gabrovo, you can skip cos it tasted average. And the Seafood Sensation with mussels, prawn and fish fillet is a really creamy and yummy choice too!

I was too engrossed in our conversation that I forgot to take pictures of the food. And the ambience is super lovely with a romantic cottage feel to it. For more privacy, opt for the mezzanine floor. I am so bringing Leo there again for our next romantic night out. ^__^

After that we headed to Batu Feringghi for some jalan-jalan. Too bad, "some stalls" were not open so our primary motive of getting "something" wasn't fulfilled. :-( I bought this instead, a RM50 summer dress.

On our way back to Bayan Lepas, our car made a short detour to Bagan Lounge which was packed with party people for some Saturday Night Live.

The next morning, we woke up to a beautiful morning and twisted all around town till we reached Sisters charkoayteow and had some yam cake there. Then we went to have some mushroom soup at Continental Bakery where I also bought a chocolate cheese raisin loaf! The mushroom soup is so creamy and yummy, I must go there to satisfy my craving one more time. Then a short walk to New World Park for some ABC Special and then to Gurney Plaza for more shopping. I used my RM40 MPH vouchers to buy two books: "The Kite Runner" and "Lost Hearts in Italy". Actually I wanted to buy the Malaysian authored "Evening is the Whole Day" but the shop assistants ran around for a full half-an-hour rummaging for it and even had the guts to tell me they couldn't find it because there was some book thief syndicate going around Penang to steal batches of books and then at last he found it but by then I had already bought the "Lost Hearts in Italy" which was waving at me from the shelf.

After Gurney we went to visit Li Wei's new condo unit and then back to my area for some laksa before they left for KL.

You must be wondering why the summary of events... haha... actually I'm just writing it for the convenience of those who missed this trip. It was really a fun time catching up with good friends, eating nice food and exchanging gossip. Them putting up a night at my place also made it feel like old times when we were housemates at uni. Gosh I miss those days... now all we have are just short weekends together.


josze said…
you were in continental bakery? I also went! On Sunday afternoon after lunch in New World Park
Xweing said…
Yup! I was there before lunch, around 11-12?

What did you eat in NWP?
josze said…
me also around that time. when i go continental, there's a bunch of people sitting at the side there talking. maybe u're there! char kuay teow haha
贤智 said…
i went to the Bulgaria restaurant before. the food really nice.

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