Kahlua Coffee

There's always some interesting f&b stalls set up at the side gate of my university.
The savoury okonomiyaki that I grab as a fast but fulfilling dinner.
Last winter it was a handsome guy in a brown leather jacket selling grilled meat in red wine sauce, with some soft jazzy tunes playing in the background.

And today, just as I thought my head was about to burst, I caught a nice aroma coming from a stall which I had eyed a couple of days back.
I squinted my eyes at the menu.
One thing about Korean cafes/small coffee stalls is they like to write the entire menu in Korean and I have to go like a-me-ri-ca-no and blablablablabla.
Doesn't work when I have a splitting headache.
So I went like... "ahhh.........."
Thankfully, the guy said, "I can speak English."

The menu was special, they had Kahlua coffee, Bailey's coffee, the quintessential Americano, and something called Capricano (not even sure if that's how it's spelt..), and some specialty yoghurt.
So we talked a little bit while he prepared my Kahlua coffee, hot.
"Where are you from?"
"Uh, can you try to guess where I'm from?"
@.@............. "Uh....... yea I know right cos my skin is so dark. I'm actually from Malaysia." (stops the guessing game before he goes on to Africa...)
"Oh I guessed it from your accent (HUH?! Indian english accent?!?!)... some kind of British accent..."
@.@............. "Thanks" (though I think I sound more American than British @.@//////)
"I'll try the Bailey's coffee next time."
"OK!!! I'll remember your face!"

Gave him 2,800won and took my hot Kahlua coffee and left happily.
One sip and... omg... I should've ordered the Bailey's.
How could I forget that Kahlua already has a strong coffee taste and that makes the whole coffee... too strong... @.@ 


junny said…
haha.. I will love Kahlua then I think...
Joseph said…
INDIA!!!! sooo funny la~~~~

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