Random 2

Just came back from a sumptuous dinner in Deacon Bai's house. Aunty Suk had prepared a superb meal for us - spaghetti, sweet sour chicken, stir-fry broccoli with prawns, mandu, and not forgetting her signature kalbi dish. For dessert we had green tea cream cake, walnut bread, watermelons, sweet melon, etc etc. It was such a blessed meal with great company. My stomach is singing with joy now, and I can't stop grinning from ear to ear. It's a fact. Food makes me happy. :-D

Sometimes I just wonder why I complain too much and get depressed. There are other people who have gone through/are going through much more tougher challenges in life compared to me. The mother who went to America to raise her two young children there alone, while the husband stayed in Korea alone, in pursuit of a better future for the family. People younger than me, coming alone to a foreign country to work, not to study. 

I should feel blessed and happy given the chance to come here and study. Heck, I don't even have to worry about money! I have friends and family who love me and are eagerly waiting for me to return back home to continue life with them. I have a loving hubby who gives me all the care and encouragement in the world. I also have a more flexible schedule, as long as I can get something done. I have friends here whom I can turn to in times of need. And I have my loving Father in Heaven who provides me bountifully, unwaveringly.  

Maybe it's just the food kicking in, causing this momentary happiness and satisfaction. Maybe the other times it's the stress, the loneliness, the frustration of not getting the results I anticipate. Enough is enough. I want to feel blessed. I want to feel satisfied. I must not take what I have for granted. For all the hurt and bad things in the past, I want to let go of it. For the remaining 1/4 of my study life, 我要做个快乐的留学生。


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