New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

Bought a new baking recipe book from the Big Bad Wolf sale for RM12 and thought I'd try out the easiest recipe in the book ~ New York Cheesecake!

Btw checked out a newly opened cakeshop at The One area and darn... a whole NY cheesecake is selling for RM99 there. Better make a bigger one myself for half the price!

NY cheesecake is surprisingly easy to make, I'd say easier to make than no-bake cheesecake cos I didn't need to heat the gelatine. This time I remembered to cover my springform pan with baking paper so that the cheese mixture would not seep out from the sides...

So, as always, calamity sure will happen whenever I'm baking. This time my electric mixer suddenly stopped working at 10pm on a Sunday night. Poor hubby had to go to Tesco to help me get a new hand mixer... but luckily before he was about to buy it, my mixer suddenly came back to life! Guess there's some auto-stop mechanism inside the machine to prevent it from over-heating...

I baked the crust first, then poured in the cheese mixture and baked it at 200 degrees Celcius for 15 minutes, then switched it to 100 degrees Celcius and continued baking for another 30 minutes. Then let it cool in the oven for 2 hours and popped it in the fridge to let it cool and set overnight.

After it had baked in the oven, I was checking to see whether the insides of the cake were well-cooked by sticking in a chopstick and seeing whether it came out clean. But after a few tries, the chopstick still came out wet, I guess this is the characteristic of the NY cheesecake after I searched online. I should just need to check whether the top is wobby but firm to prevent over-baking.

In the morning, when I checked, the cake had pulled away from the sides and was ready to serve for breakfast. :D


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