Transformers: Age of Extinction

Making use of our final few weekends before total loss of freedom after baby comes~~ OMG! Went to watch our first IMAX 3D movie "Transformers" at Gurney Paragon. Since IMAX Gurney Paragon is new, the tickets are still on promotion price at RM19 each, quite a good deal, considering it was our first experience. :-)

Transformers at Gurney Paragon
Us with Optimus Prime & Bumblebee
Well, the movie was not too bad, although they could have made it shorter by cutting some parts at the Texas barn and the KSI storyline. The Hong Kong parts totally rocked!~

That is me at 34 weeks of pregnancy. Do I look very pregnant? I think not... I keep on waiting for my tummy to get bigger but it's still like this 斯文 little baby bump.

During our last checkup at 33 weeks, our doctor cautioned that my blood pressure was getting high. I was worried and asked whether there was anything I could do... cut salt, exercise more? But doctor said that this is gestational high blood pressure, not the same as hypertension in old people. Gestational hypertension is related to baby being smaller size. Baby is only 1.44kg at 33 weeks while doctor said that the ideal weight should be around 2kg. Doctor cautioned that if my blood pressure got any higher later, as soon as baby reaches 2kg I might have to induce the baby out to avoid any complications during childbirth. 

Hmm... still cannot understand why I'm having gestational hypertension. I'm not fat, I only gained a total of 5kg throughout my pregnancy, I'd been eating at home a lot and most importantly I'd been swimming regularly a few days every week. Well, nevermind, I think the most important thing to do for now is to continue having a positive mindset and have faith in God and my baby! I believe my baby will grow bigger. Also, started drinking some Anmum milk powder and stopped my swimming for at least 2 weeks. 

Baby, jia you~~!!!


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