Hayley says "Papa" @13m1w

Last week, my mom and cousin sister were in Penang. We went to Batu Feringghi to visit "Helen's Handmade Teddy Bear's Exhibition" at Feringghi Garden Restaurant. The Exhibition boasts the biggest handmade teddy bear in town. :-) 

Hayley was overwhelmed by seeing so many teddy bears, ever in her life! After that, she learnt how to say "Bear Bear" and has been repeating it ever since, whenever she sees a toy bear at home, or when we flip a page in her storybook which has a picture of a bear!

So that's the second word she learnt how to say.

1. "Nen Nen" - said somewhere before her first birthday (Jul 26?). I remember we were on an escalator in Gurney Paragon when I pointed to myself and told her to call me "Mama". She adamantly shook her head and said "Nen Nen". =_=|||

2. "Bear Bear" - Sept 4?

3. "Papa" - and yesterday(Sept 7), she finally uttered the magic word!! However, hubby doesn't seem too enthusiastic about this huge milestone, whereby I'm so jealous! I'm owing it to the fact that going from "Bear Bear" to "Pa Pa" requires less effort than "Mama" hahaha!


More Hayley Milestones:
  • Hayley started to walk short distances unassisted about two weeks ago! After a few days she fell sick and reverted back to crawling, but now she's starting to walk again!
  • Hayley loves to dance. When she listens to her baby songs on TV she'll shake her body. She also shakes to the tune of "lenggang lenggang kangkong"! Takes after her dad in this, haha!
  • Other gestures like:
    -"sayang" - she understands this word and will put her head on animals to show her affection.
    -"eat/mum mum" - she understands this word and will move her lips mimicking an eating motion.
    -"sleep/shui jiao" - she understands this word and will put her hands to cover her face. when she's sleepy and wants to go to sleep she'll also show this gesture.
    -"shake head" - this is something my bil's gf taught her, to show that she doesn't want something.
    -"fan" - she'll look up or point her finger up to indicate where the fan is.
    -"hold her milk bottle" - well, she actually learnt how to hold her milk bottle since a few months old.. but what amazed me is was she can actually reach out and re-position the milk bottle and suck it while she's still half-asleep.


家勤 said…
I really enjoy seeing babies drinking milk in the mid night, especially like what you say --> re-position the milk bottle and suck it while she's still half-asleep, I feel super cute ~!

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