Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me!!!

Haha... haven't updated in a long long time... so many things have happened! But some things never change, I still got my beloved hubby who remembers my birthday faithfully and never fails to buy me a slice of cake and a bouquet of flowers! *love* Also, my beloved family members who came up to Penang purposely for 1 night to celebrate my birthday. *love* *love*

Here's a picture of me blowing my birthday candle at Mon Delice - my goto place for birthday cake!

And... my biggest birthday present this year... tada!! Hayley's gonna be a big sister soon. ^^

She's already busy picking out baby names for the little one. If it's a girl, she wants to name her "Nana". If it's a boy, she wants to name him "Coco". Hahahahaha! :-D

Hopefully I'll get around to posting more updates soon... gotta rush off for my birthday dinner!


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