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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wait A Minute Girl, why you're leavin' like that?

I'm leaving for Cambodia on Saturday morning. It's the year-end trip... which I feel excited yet scared to take... it's a journey to the more under-developed parts of the world.

Deep down I'm actually not that adventurous afterall, I'd rather be on an idyllic holiday sunbathing on a hammock on a bright white beach under shady palm trees and not give a damn about which market to visit next, what food I must try.

Not to mention my greatest fear of forgetting to bring something... even though I've packed myself for more trips that I can remember I still get tensed up at the slightest notion of something slipping thru my mind.

Ah, what the heck... I've packed my one little bag and I'm ready to go... 旅行本来就应该是这样子,简单,随兴,容易。

Happy New Year, everyone, while I'm not around... I guess in faith-challenged times like these everyone should have their duty of praying for peace and hope throughout the world... no more natural disasters, no more war, no more insanity streaks, and no more whales dying stranded in shallow waters. 没有天灾,没有人祸。'07 新年快乐,大家。

A splashin' good time!

We had our Q4 SD Teambuilding Event in The Carnivall - Water & Land of Excitement, Sg. Petani.

Scary, but FUN! Water slide... I had 4 rounds on it... wahahaha
And what a splashin' good time it was! \:D/
Leap Ahead!
My colleagues... some of them might be old... but they're all still YOUNG at heart! Kekeke ^_^

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Days of Christmas...

On the first day of Christmas
dear WEFT gave to me
a glass teddy candle stand to take away

On the second day of Christmas
dear Kelly gave to me
a Garfield mug to hold my beverages at day

On the third day of Christmas
dear Lih Wen gave to me
two little practical tin boxes she says

On the fourth day of Christmas
dear Chang Fei gave to me
a pretty figurine resembling me made of clay

On the fifth day of Christmas
My roommate gave to me
another teddy candle stand to play!

Thank you!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas '06

Do you have a particularly favourite song, that you just wanna play all over and over again during Christmas?

This year, my favourite Christmas song is, very coincidentally, "The Christmas Song". I just can't help but fall into the beautiful lyrics of this song... and the wonderful memories it brings.
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir And folks dressed up like eskimos
Everybody knows some tofu and some mistletoe Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow Will find it hard to sleep tonight
They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys And goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy To see if reindeer really know how to fly
And so, I'm offering this simple phrase To kids from one to ninety-two
Although its been said Many times, many ways
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to you

This year's Christmas, interestingly, has been a flurry of events to me. First-up was Christmas Carolling at Intel. Then a farewell dinner for a colleague. Then a small appreciation dinner party at my boss's house. Then a family trip to Langkawi on Christmas weekend... and blogging on Christmas day!

Since my church days when I first wore that angel costume in the Nativity scene, I had never imagined that I would end up again on stage carolling to a crowd, more so, to my colleagues and people I didn't know at work.

But Bless the Lord, here I was again given a chance to spread the joyous word, and in the front row, as the Triangle-girl... Ding! We performed 7 songs in total, including:

Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Silent Night
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Jingle Bells
Joy to the World
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad

Jin Wen and I during our final practice in the cafeteria.

Sheau Yiing and I after our performance in the auditorium.

Gosh. Maybe I should just stop taking photos with girls who are fairer than me. Kakaka.

And here we are, all ready and anxious to go on stage! Ding!!

Really felt kinda happy to be carolling on stage, although I miss those performing-days in church with a tambourine in hand. I also missed the chance to go carolling in Queensbay Mall.

Not just that, I also missed the chance to get baptized in church during Christmas Day this year. All because I'm too busy. Busy, busy, busy. Ahh I guess if I really wanted to, just a bit of determination and planning was what I needed to get me to baptism class. No more procrastination. I wanna get baptized on Easter Day next year!

And after work on the carolling day itself, we went to The Ship at Batu Ferringhi for Sheau Yiing's farewell cum "sudden" birthday-party. Well yeah she's right, life has to go on. Wishing her smooth winds and blue skies ahead for her future... :)

The girls with Sheau Yiing

Candid at The Ship!

And finally... Merry Christmas to you...

Monday, December 18, 2006


today is the first day I'm converted to exempt-status (means Permanent!) at Intel.

So I suppose I should be feeling wonderfully happy... for isn't this one of my targets already achieved? (At least one New-Year's resolution off my list...)

But I'm not feeling anything next to glorious today. Perhaps even a little bit blue. I guess I shouldn't have worn my blue ruffled top today.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Mixture of Feelings...

Today my whole day has been a mixture of feelings. Ups-and-downs, ups-and-downs... like on a see-saw when I was small.

In the morning, I was happy and chatty until I saw your Friendster page with her. And I got sad and angry because till now I still feel cheated by you. But after I went to the ATM, I felt my happiness gushing back to me at the sight of all that $$$... does this mean I'm getting more and more materialistic? But I only target those necessities: brand new Sony Ericssons for me and my brother, a pair of new sneakers, a novel or two from Borders, and if I may, throw in a couple of shirts from MNG too. ^_^

I felt a bit frustrated before lunch, I had nothing to do and it all seemed so untrue. But I found my Christmas CD, and my Chris Botti for two... it reminds me of that feeling I had when I saw me in front of you. ^_^ And to add-in, I was driving home after Queensbay last night listening to the Light Lounge on Light & Easy and Chris' version of "The Look of Love" came on air. Being the first time I'd ever listened to a Botti trumpet, I was hooked.

As one review went:
"The effect is haunting, lushly romantic, and full of a sensual warmth that is as spooky as it is silky."

So true. It's a mixture of room and jazz... and I highly recommend you listen to it at night, alone. Brings up those sexy, romantic feelings in you... and makes you feel ultra-urban, albeit a little bit moody. Sorry, I'm complicated.

And at night, I was happy that I managed to catch my bus...
But only because it was L.A.T.E. by O.N.E W.H.O.L.E H.O.U.R.
And I fell into the realm of frustration bundled with tiredness.
But I felt happy again cos I had a nice SMS chat, which drove away some of my boredom and made me smile.
And I felt even happier because when the bus arrived it was squeaky clean and new. This must be one of the newest Sri Majus.
And I had a nice sleep on the bus... but when I reached home it was already 1:30a.m.
And I felt frustrated again cos I broke my personal record by coming home at this devilish hour of late.

ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz. Hope tomorrow I'll have a calm pool of feelings :-)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Caution! Female Driver Inside!!




Haha! Got this from other people's blog... but I think it should be changed to:

In the interest of safety
It is advisable to keep
away from cars and crowded roads.

Time for more of "The Mis-adventures of Xwei"!!!

Well yesterday I was all bright and breezy offering to drive my colleagues out to KFC for the Zinger-MaXXX lunch...

And after work, I was all prepared to go for my long-awaited yoga class. Humming a tune on my way to the car, I felt my bag for my car-keys. *Gone*

Keys!!! Where are you?! Shit... I called my cube-neighbour to ask him if I had left my keys on my desk. He said no. So I rushed back into the office to look for them myself. Really no wor! I thought: Dang, must have left them in one of the toilet cubicles. So I frantically searched in each of the cubicles... but to no avail. Luckily Kevin was there and he nonchalantly remarked that I might have left them in my car. Impossible!!! I'm blur, but I'm not so blur to do that! I DID lock my car with my car keys... wait a moment... or didn't I??!?! I sped off to the carpark... all along hoping that my car hadn't already disappeared into thin air...

When I neared the spot where I parked my car... for the love of God, it was still there! *Thanking my lucky stars* However, the BIG SURPRISE came when I looked in the window and saw my keys... still in the ignition with the engine still running!


After that I officially overdid both Kevin and Leonard to become the blurrest person alive. My colleague remarked that if someone wants to overdo me, he has to leave the keys in the car, in the ignition with the engine still running... AND with the door still open. That would be No. 1 hands-down.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pooh Shopping at Watson's

昨天因为有一些小东西要买,就到 i-Avenue 的 Watson's 便利店逛逛。

平时钱包里若没什么钱,都不会走进去 Guardian 或 Watson's 这种专设给女生的陷阱,因为每次进去,一定不会空着手出来。

我的目标是买 Clearasil 的洗脸霜,因为最近脸上一直长痘痘,使尽法宝都消不去,然后那天看到电视上有打广告,好像很好用,所以决定试试看。结果洗脸霜没有买,却买了同牌的 Pimple Clearing Cream,看背后的资料,应该很好用吧...

然后再买了三粒装的 Ferrero Roche 巧克力... 没办法,女生偶尔会有一些特殊无法不满足的 cravings~ 减肥计划暂抛一边... :P

要付帐时,我看见柜台上有 Pooh promotion,买上 RM30 就可以以 RM7.90 买一个小粒的 Pooh 枕头。突然很想买来装饰我的车,因为总觉得车子后面好像少了什么的,空空的... 可是我买的东西不上 RM30 啊!难得遇见很 nice 的 promoter,他说,没关系,没关系,就照算你 RM7.90 吧。哈哈!结果我买了一个 Pooh 枕头,还有一个 Tigger 枕头。因为 Pooh and Tigger are Best Friends!

哈哈~ 我的车现在变成女生车了~ 哇哈哈... (当初还立下承诺决不会把我的车变成女生车... 结果 bear bear 买了一只又一只,又换 Christmas bear,现在又加 Pooh cushions...) 好不习惯啊!但是看起来好像很 comfy 这样,心情都变好了!:-)

值得一提的事,这间 Watson's 好像很有气氛,与友人结伴,晚上吃饱饭后悠闲地走进这小小的一间店,听着柜台播放好浪漫的圣诞节歌,突然觉得,人生再也好不过了... 小小的满足,换来一整夜的微笑...

只是,好想好想回 KL 看看那 One Utama 的巨型 Mickey Mouse 和 Midvalley 的糖果屋圣诞呢~~

Friday, December 01, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly~

Wahahahaha... Christmas is near!!! And I can't help but feel excited when I hear those Christmas songs on Yahoo Launchcast and see the big tall Christmas trees at Queensbay Mall!

I remember last year I had this year-end office party at my Damansara Heights internship place, and the bright Christmas tree standing grandly in the centre of the office lobby...

And I remember the year before that our D16A housemates & friends went to celebrate Christmas in a very non-Christian way... at a pub in Bangsar. Hahahahaha...!

Missing the times when we were together... and also wishing my dear ex-roomie Chi Shian who is now in South Korea a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Muaks!

More about me, myself and I...

Recently a couple of my friends have blogged a little bit about myself. For more info, you can visit the following links:

Of course, not all points are valid... some are even 欠扁! Wanna know me? Come judge for yourself... :)



昨晚振辉他们叫我吃饭,我建议了在 Relau 的 Von Thai,因为知道志伟爱吃泰国餐,那里又抵吃,而且我还没有尝过。

离开 Intel,已经乌云密布了,天空很黑很黑,下起很大的雨。我转进 Relau 那条多车又狭窄的小路,突然有一股不祥的预感,今晚会有事情发生。电台播起 My Chemical Romance - Join The Black Parade 这首不吉利的歌曲,我睁大眼睛,注意前方的车子。

我看见一辆车子出现在前头,因为路很狭窄,旁边又有很多摩哆,所以我只好退车。我把头转向右边望着后面转进来的车子,一面转动方向盘,一面退车。忽然听见后左方有车笛声,然后就是我的车和他的车碰一声的声音了。天啊,只好撑伞下车和被撞的 Kancil 车主赔不是。好彩只是刮了一条 60cm 长的痕,没有真的扁进去! 就这样,RM100++ 又不见了... 也许我应该严重考虑重操故业做 part-time translation :((

就这样,mood 随着大雨被冲进水沟了。但是振辉请我吃 Baskin Robbins 的 World Class Chocolate 之后,我重新感到世界很美好 :) 谢谢你!