[San Diego] Christmas Lights!

Yay!! One more week left till Christmas... can't wait! I can't believe that one year ago, we were spending Christmas in the USA, truly a childhood dream come true. :-) This year Leo has taken one week off to stayback at Melaka; I haven't decided whether to travel down on Christmas Eve so that we can spend Christmas together... Just wondering, next year, where shall I be? Will I be spending Christmas alone then? Just thoughts...

Shall try to post at least one Christmassy experience that happened last year per day, countdown till next week!

Week 4

Day 23 (Dec 12th, Friday)
Day 1 in San Diego - Christmas Lights at Knob Hill

After our romantic and life-altering moment (read: A Love Story) at Point Loma, we left behind the big moon on the hill and followed our GPS to see Christmas lights in the neighborhood. Can't really remember whether this is Knob Hill, but it definitely is one of the largest and most grandest residential lights-on-display in San Diego.

Parked our car by the roadside and started oohing-and-aahing from the first house on the street to the last house. Can you imagine that these are all just normal houses decorated by the families living in it to become like a fairyland? Christmas light nettings thrown over trees, bushes, and front-porches and swirled around tree trunks. The night was as bright as day. And Christmas music was blasting across the whole street from the speakers! So fun!!

Hey Mr. Snowman. Their houses are not a gated community, everybody was free to walk up to the porch and to the backyard to see the Christmas displays. However it wasn't like an open-house, nobody opened their doors to let people in. The Christmas lights was not even a competition, just something that they do every year. Pure fun and cooperation by all the neighbors to deck up their street with some good old-fashioned Christmas cheer. ^_^

Santa's workshop. One of the beautiful window displays.

Somebody's front door.

On the roof! MC stands for Merry Christmas. And I love the gingerbread family at the front yard.

Another lovely window display with a spinning merry-go-round.

Big let-it-snow snow globe... but of course, I don't think it ever snows in San Diego. Too south.

Oops... Santa Claus is stuck!

Aaahh... I think Santa loves this more... time-off from Christmas in a tropical place.


One of the more elegant and grand houses in the neighborhood.

Again, horse-and-carriage display on the roof.

A glimpse of the whole street. But of course, you can only do this kind of grand light displays in the US where it seldom rains. Imagine if someone did this in Malaysia... electrocuted in no time... :-S

And last but not least, the most important thing about Christmas - the Nativity scene.

I'm so lucky to have been there during Christmas.


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