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Monday, February 28, 2011

Swimming in Korea

Finally after one year........ I found the perfect place to swim! 

And it was kinda by serendipity because one day I went to Kyungsung University area to eat lunch and accidentally "discovered" the university sports center which had a pool on the fourth floor! And it's so so near to my university area, well I never thought of going there to ask because I always thought entrance to the pool was restricted to KYU students only. I just need to pay 5,000won to enter! Can't believe I actually spent one year here without knowing... :-S

Chicken mayo
Teriyaki chicken
Feeling happy because swimming is the one sport that I actually enjoy and don't mind doing, and now I don't have to take the subway all the way to Sajik Stadium to swim.  Swimming in winter is also a form of relaxation as the pool is heated and is such a soothing relief from the blistering cold outside. And swimming is a therapeutic exercise for me to "realign" my neck and heal my numb finger... hopefully. :-S

But, feeling EXTRA happy because the KYU pool has swim trainers, and today I saw one of the trainers (he's on the 2nd line, right side) who is extremely 잘생기다! Tall, muscular, handsome... looking gorgeous in those swim pants keke! *^^*

Pictures later... and I'm definitely going to spend more time in the pool... from now. ^^

Afternoon latte

另一些店,墙壁上都贴满五颜六色的 post-it notes... 大学生们,心里都很多话想说,发泄吧。 

那天光顾了一间想去很久的日式 bento 店,侍应先递上装在小木盒里的蘑菇奶油汤。
然后是颜色很鲜艳的 bento,装在浅浅的小木桶里,看了让人忍不住很想快点开始吃。
做饭的还很有心思在 mayo 上面画了一个小脸,点缀一番。

前两天是 2月 26日,我来这里刚好满一年。
在这剩下的短短一年,要好好地感受及体验这里的生活,我想把学校附近的特色餐馆/ 咖啡厅都光顾一番!
好期待老公替我买的 Panasonic LX5 相机,到时候再派多点照片和大家一起分享!

喜欢这里的 Paris Baguette 连锁面包店,里面的草莓面包都很漂亮呢!
而且侍应生们都穿上黑白线条的衣服再戴上一顶黑色的 artist cap,真的很有意大利风味。
这是 barley latte,味道淡淡香香的,在这个下午,感觉很好。
坐在窗前,可以看见外面马路的斑马线 (zebra crossing)。
Leonard 说夏天这里的“风景”是最好的,因为可以看见很多长腿韩国美女过马路!赫赫...

a) 比较匆忙,但可以参观比较多地方的 itinerary 呢,还是
b) 比较 relax,可以偶尔带你们去参观一些具有特色的咖啡厅呢?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

만추 (晚秋) Late Autumn

Seattle. Autumn fog and rain. Korean boy meets Chinese girl. Trench coat. Amusement park. Farmer's Market. Lovers. Evening lights. Fleeting romance. 
What is the charm of late autumn that makes people so want to fall in love? Is it the trees gone bare and the chilling wind and the soft lights that glow under the drape of the evening sky? And the trench coats and boots and long scarves, that you wrap yourself in round-and-round your body, and not just that, you need love to wrap around your soul too. A piece of warmth to cling on to. And Seattle, the birthplace of Starbucks, Costco and Grey's Anatomy. A city that I haven't had the chance to visit yet. And a transcultural romance - btw nowadays young Koreans cannot read nor understand Chinese - but united in America they speak in a common language, English. 
This movie is reminiscent of 'Comrades, A Love Story' (甜蜜蜜) and 'Sausalito', both love stories of Asian immigrants in a foreign country. Watching 'Late Autumn' brought back that feeling which I've not felt from movies for a very long time. Both Hyeon Bin and Tang Wei are great in their respective roles where Hyeon Bin plays the ardent, pursuant Korean boy and Tang Wei plays the moody girl with a lot of secrets to hold. Feelings are communicated subtly, through their eyes and many conversations. 
Loved this movie. It felt so real.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Cappucino Kiss" at Straits Quay

韩剧《秘密花园》里面,有一幕在 Cafe Bene 的场景,玄彬对河智媛说:“女人怎么都这样,和男人在一起嘴上就沾上奶油,还假装不知道!” 然后凑上前去用 kiss 的,把她嘴上的奶油舔掉。


(过后才知道,原来这浪漫一吻叫“Cappucino Kiss” ^^)


那天晚上在 Straits Quay,你叫了我们的初次记忆啤酒 Kilkenny,嘴上却占了泡沫。怎么和韩剧剧情这么像?哈哈 ^^

还有,喝了世界上最难喝的卡布奇诺... 真是 mood-spoiler
还有,谢谢你的情人节花束啦~ ^^

Happy Valentine's Day, darling *^^*

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Before going back to Malaysia, I spent ~RM120 stocking up my bookshelf. I bought 4 books:

  • Elizabeth Gilbert - Committed (Sequel to Eat, Pray, Love)
  • Steig Larrson - The Girl who Played with Fire
  • Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol
  • 王信智 - 市内光 (Kiefer Wang - Traveling with K)

I didn't bring ' The Girl who Played with Fire back to Korea'. Wait for next time. Got pissed off at Borders Queensbay cos I couldn't find the paperback version for Dan Brown's - The Lost Symbol.

Me: Can you help me find the paperback for 'The Lost Symbol'?
Borders Queensbay information desk girl: Can you tell me when it is going to release?
Me: I don't know. You're the bookstore, you tell me.
Her colleague: It is expected to come out middle of this year.
Then the next day I walked into Popular Queensbay and saw a row of paperbacks for 'The Lost Symbol' on the shelf. U kidding me?!?!?! But now I know the problem with Borders - Borders is filing for bankruptcy!! No... there goes my favorite bookstore!! (Edit: Seems that Borders Malaysia is not affected after all!)

So far, I'm quite pleased with my purchase, 'The Lost Symbol' does not disappoint and takes my mind off from thinking too much about unhappy stuff. 'Committed' and 'Traveling with K' are the "emo" reads. I like Liz Gilbert's writing style, she manages to blend love, marriage and travelogues into her book and I echo with her story. 'Traveling with K' was an impulse buy just because I needed to buy a Chinese book. I read a few pages and am already feeling fed-up with his attention-seeking style of writing. Dunno la, I can't tahan guys who are too emo.

Another thing which is taking up a lot of my time now is the Korean drama 'Secret Garden'. It is so funny and nice to watch and the main actor, Hyun Bin is so handsome! 

The story is a stereotypical Korean drama with a rich-boy-meets-poor-girl theme. Hyun Bin acts as the spoiled, rich kid who is the CEO of LOEL department stores while Ha Ji-Won is a stunt actress who is poor yet determined and genuine. Their paths cross one day and Hyun Bin falls inexplicably in love with Ha Ji-Won. They go to Jeju island for an event and end up in a mysterious forest at a place called Secret Garden, and is given some magic potion by a witch and the next morning, their souls are exchanged into each other's body. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The day after the snow.

The day after the snow, i woke up to a bright sunny day. It was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened; just the slush and remnants of snow on the ground now serving as reminders of yesterday's occurrences.

The day after the snow intrigued me as much as the day it snowed. The snow had transformed the campus I know so well to a picture of gray and white with streaks of silver falling diagonally over it; an  ethereal, otherworldly place. But today everything looked familiar again.

I took my time to slowly reach the lab on this beautiful morning, taking a detour through the grounds with the pavilion and the pond; meandering around the lovely campus. The snow-covered pavilion of yesterday was no longer to be seen; the melted icicles and snow had restored it to its original image. I wish i could say the pond was half-frozen; one of my wishes had always been to skate across one. Yesterday I had gingerly put one foot on the thin layer of crushed ice with my hand hanging onto my friend for dear life, just to get a feel of what it's like to "walk on ice". From the surface I couldn't see any fish, I wondered how the carp were doing, and what would they feel about the drop in temperature?  

I risked a "falling-down" and walked up the slippery icy stairs to get to this platform just to see the snow-covered round bushes and bench, because I thought they looked like frosted donuts and imagined that they would be good for breakfast. :-)

On the way to the lab, at some parts I heard drip.. drip.. drip and thought there was rain falling but when I looked up I realized that it was actually snow-turned-water falling from the needle-like leaves of the pine trees. It would be lucky if the snow-water rained on you, like a mischievous waterfall planning an attack on a target. And sometimes if a magpie danced too hard on the branches, the snowflakes would fall in a pretty powdery way to the ground like magic fairy-dust.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

白色情人节 Snowing on Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2011

有些时候, 一个人的情人节也可以好好的过。


抓起相机,在校园到处游走,不停地拍照。有点自责为什么在马来西亚时没当机立断把 Panasonic LX5 买下。

下午,走到图书馆还书。发现了一件稀奇的事,原来在这里,逾期还书是不用罚款的!韩国朋友对我说时,我的口还张得大大的。他笑说,当初立下的期限只是 serve as a reminder。由此可见韩国人讲究的是纪律和信用。

图书馆四周是大大的玻璃窗,窗旁有白色长凳,可以坐在上面看外面的雪景。这里重重书架包围,空气是温暖的且夹着旧旧的书香,在这隐秘的角落看着外面白雪纷飞,暂且忘却了烦恼,忘却了失望,忘却一切纷争。雪疾呼而下,好像要向这片常不落雪的土地进行报复行动。雪把一切的外面都 bling 在一片闪亮的银色外套下,把枯萎的树重新喷上闪漆,把我们常坐的长凳粉刷成白色,把地上重新洗涤一番。




We played snowfights in the snow and threw snowballs at each other.
Raced across the slippery ice. And fell headlong on the soft snowy ground.