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Saturday, June 30, 2007

There's Magic in the Air!

Yes!!! 果然是早起的鸟儿有虫吃!I didn't really plan on buying anything, but...

We got free, roundtrip Firefly tickets to Koh Samui (airport tax RM270+ per pax) and Langkawi (RM80 per pax) at MATTA Fair, Penang!!! Wahahahahahaha... so happy...

Thinking of my legs up in a hammock swaying by the white sandy beaches of Koh Samui now...
My first elephant ride...
Spicy Thai food...
And 4 whole, carefree days with my beloved ones!!!

But first, to the sandy beaches of Langkawi and Pulau Payar first! Wahahahhaha... can't stop smiling ^_^

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pretty Pastels

I never knew I was a pastel girl until I found you
You bring me lovely hues of
yellow, pink and blue

Yet you are an earth child yourself
You like all things
olive green and wooden brown

Thank you for the roses
They make my day glow
even if I'm here without you

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My new haircut!

Yesterday I decided to get a new fringe after flipping through some beauty magazines. It cost me RM25 for the haircut and trim, although the banner outside said RM20. Can't say I like it... cos it makes me feel childish and less self-important. But oh well, as they say, a change is a change!

How do I look? :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

槟城小笼包 Dragon Dumplings in Penang

It's amazing how God created our environment in different palettes of blue... the skies, the sea... and everytime you turn, it's a different shade of blue you see. I realise that I only tend to notice the skies when I'm carefree. It's a kind of discreet indicator to myself of how busy my days are.

I went to service my Izzy during lunchtime. I was supposed to do this a few months back, but I kept on procrastinating until I started to hear some squeaking whenever I shifted gears or hit the brakes. I paid RM314 to change 2 tyres, oil filter and black oil (What's the correct name for this?). And my ride feels so smooth now... but dad said I was overcharged.

Leonard brought me to eat small dragon dumplings 小笼包 for lunch. I took one soft bite at the top of the dumpling and siphoned the soup out with my tongue. It tasted so good... not very oily, I just wish there was more soup filling in my dumpling. It reminds me of the mornings in Shanghai where we ate breakfast in the hotel... 小笼包 for one whole week. Shanghai's 小笼包 are piping hot (you can actually see white smoke spiralling out when you bite the skin open); however they are more oily and the pau skin's thicker. I feel the 小笼包 served in QB tastes more exquisite. But they need to improve their service, many waiters running around but no one seems to know which table to serve and which order to prioritise.

This rabbit belongs to Soek Junn. It's a product of Bron (the rabbit that bit me) and Belle, so SJ calls it BB. The way she took this photo somewhat reminds me of those illustrations in the Peter Rabbit books... little Peter Rabbit down by the creek, blissfully unaware of what's going on around him. Sometimes when you're busy and stressed, it's beautiful real-life photos like this sent by friends that really makes your day :)

Mom packed me many things to bring back to Penang that day. Dumplings, sweet potato, lo duck, chicken soup, apples and oranges, bananas, mango and papaya. Nowadays she packs things in two. It's lovely when your parents approve of your relationship and cares for your other half :)

On another note, after watching Shrek I had a sudden interest to Wiki up fairytales. While reading an entry on Sleeping Beauty today, I was shocked to find that in other variations of the fairytale, Prince Charming actually attacked Sleeping Beauty in her sleep and impregnated her -_-''' This is a very interesting website to read about fairytales (adult reading), the best part is it includes annotations and modern-day takes on the story.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Fight...

One day the Gingerbread Man, with too much free time on his hands,
approached Pinocchio for a fight.
"Hands up, Pinocchio!!!"
he said in his squeaky little voice.

But little did he know that Pinocchio was not one to be easily challenged.
Wham! Bang!
"Let's see whose hands are up now!"

Pinocchio grabs Gingy by the head!
"I'm gonna show you who's boss!!"

"Oh no~!"
"Not my sugar-coated nose!"

Few minutes later, leaning against a coffeecup...
"No... no... Pinocchio... spare me... Ahhhhhhh..."

"Run, run, as fast as you can... the Freddy's comin' to get ya~"

Gingerbread Man managed to escape from the cluctches of woody Pinocchio...
But at last, he ended up in Sujea's coffeecup...
Hahaha ^_^

-Photos courtesy of Sujea -

Leonard bought me a Gingerbread Man and Puss-in-Boots the other day at McDonald's.
Gingerbread Man looks bullied and sad all the time.
When you push its buttons, it says,
"Don't worry!"
"Not my gumdrop buttons!"

Puss-in-Boots voice is just plain creepy.
"Fear me if you dare!"
"I gotta go."

But I wanted it cos Leonard looks like it when it does its wide-eyed kitten look.
Pinocchio is not mine, it belongs to someone else.
It reminds me of those scarecrow figures in that Japanese horror flick.

I love my McD toys~

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

R.I.P. - Poem for A Friend

Why do people die?
It feels so disheartening to know that life can go away in just a snap of a moment.

You might not even think of Death at such a young age
Nor would the word Cancer even come to mind
For you are only 24

What happened?
It's not even in my place now to ask
For you are already dead
And nothing can be reversed to the way it were before

When I felt so sorrowful,
People asked me, "Were you very close with him?"
I don't understand...
Does proximity determine the volume of tears you shed?
I would have cried for you too...

So yes I knew him,
But just for a little while...
Wafi, with his doe-like eyes and ever-ready smile
One of the few Malay friends that I ever knew
He was in my class in Alpha Group 9
He'd always greet me with that cheerful grin
and remind me Xwei how cute you are!

I never thought that your days on earth would be so few
So here's a tribute to you as angels take you aflight
Short as it may come
But dude forever I will remember that smile on your face
and those memories will never be erased

R.I.P. - Wafi

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Needful Things 需要的东西

Leonard 给了我一个 bean bag

"What's the time now?"

一定要买一个舒服的 armchair

(picture taken at: Central World, Bangkok)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1 Year @ Intel

So this is how it feels like after being flung out into society to work for one full year.

Not too happy, not too sad;
Mom's just happy I haven't gone crazy yet!

Today I was supposed to go out with my same batch of Graduate Trainee friends to celebrate our 1 Year @ Intel at Mount Eskine eating cheap, Western food. Instead, I'm stuck here at the office doing OverTime to rush for project deadline. How ironic. Don't ask me why it's ironic; it just feeeeeeeeeeels ironic. OK?

During my 1 Year @ Intel, I had:

-managed to convert into permanent status;
-released from JPA scholarship bond;
-made many friends and maintained existing relationships;
-owned something at work;
-learnt Unix & wrote a few Perl scripts... hahaha;
-found the most wonderful man in my life;
-crashed into a motorbike;
-cried a little;
-smiled a lot;
-still managed to dilligently update my blog;
-changed a new candybar phone and back to an old clamshell one used by my brother;
-reverted back to my original hairstyle when I first came in to work;
-upped my cholesterol level;
-been hiking up Penang Hill, Bukit Jambul and Pantai Kerachut;
-visited a few cities/countries: HK + Macau, Cambodia, Bangkok

Resolution for the forthcoming year(s), I must:

-ramp up, RAMP UP!!!
-gain more technical expertise and knowledge of project architecture!!!
-be more skillful and clear-headed;
-take on more responsibilities to make sure I'm still around for next-next-focal;
-finish my unfinished paperwork;
-learn to smile more to friends and maintain my friendships;
-be a better daughter and sis;
-buy a new camera phone;
-down my cholesterol level;
-hike more and swim more;
-get a new haircut;
-save up for Down Under trip with my family;
-read more books and magazines;
-finish my drama series;
-finish writing my travel blog!

A little bit here concerning my cholesterol level... I did my BP Lab medical healthcheck the other day and when the results came back, my Total Cholesterol was at an alarming high! Luckily after my medical consultation, the guy told me that the Total Cholesterol numbers didn't really mean anything since they were derived from equations and not measured; but it was important to look at the Triglycerides and LDL numbers, which, fortunately, weren't so alarming afterall. Those, coupled with my Uric Acid levels, were enough for him to send me off with reminders that I should cut down on peanuts, red meat and do more exercise!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Langkawi Trip December '06

I've been wanting to blog about my family trip to Langkawi last Christmas... but just couldn't find the time nor energy to do so. But it was just so memorable and nice, so I'm going to try remember as much as I can and write it down here.

Mommy and I in our family car

On the day before Christmas Eve last year dad drove us up to Kuala Kedah where we parked our car and took a ferry-ride across. Upon reaching the island, we rented a manual Iswara and went straight to check-in to our lodging, Aseania Resort, situated between Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah.

At Langkawi Jetty: Can you see Eagle Square behind?

Since we checked in late, around 3.30p.m. that day, we didn't do much except swim at the pool and walk across to the streets left and right of the resort to hunt for dinner. I remember a few years back it was still easy to get conned at the restaurants but the situation has changed for the better now. Just make sure to look at the price menus displayed on the outside of the restaurants and always head for restaurants which are full of people. Don't opt for the first restaurant you see, but take a further walk down... where you'll usually get better bargains. There's a variety of good food at Langkawi: Thai, Chinese and Malay. As usual, my family chose to order Chinese food for dinner. Dad also bought many cans of beer at the duty-free shop earlier on, so we drank and drank to our heart's content! After that, we took a stroll amongst the many shops peddling fake Roxy and Quiksilver beachwear, funky necklaces and shoes, and carved souvenirs.

Bin and I at the makan place

More Corona, please!

Next stop that night, we took the car and drove to Awana Porto Malai at Pantai Tengah. I don't know why, but each time I go to Langkawi, this is a must-stop for me. Maybe it's the boardwalks... the tapping of my sandals on the wooden planks just remind me of that nostalgic old song "Under the boardwalk down by the sea, on a blanket with my baby..." The serene night with those white sailboats parked at the bay, with the cool sea breeze blowing in your face... just calms me down and takes all my worries away.

Yachts at Night

Yachts in the Morning

This one is nice

The next morning, we went sightseeing. Since we'd already covered most of the tourist attractions (Eagle Square, Underwater Aquarium, Tun M's museum, Field of Burnt Rice, Mahsuri's Mausoleum, etc...) in our previous visits to the island, we went to see the relatively new Oriental Village at Burau Bay. Originally, we wanted to take the Cable Car Ride but were frightened by the horns and sight of the cable cars swaying gustily in the strong wind. So we took a walk around the Village and took some nice photos. The next time I go, I wanna take the cable car ride!!!

Cablecar Station on Top


At the Oriental Village

Rocks and Greenery

For brunch, we wanted to taste for ourselves the bread sold by none other than our ex-premier, Tun M, at The Loaf. The Loaf is located among the restaurants and the seafront of Pantai Kok. The Loaf is a joint-venture with a Japanese company and sells high-quality (expensive) bread and pastries and fine-dining at night. It's said to target foreign tourists, but I saw all of the clientèle that day were Chinese. On his less busier days, Tun M purportedly comes to sit in the office upstairs and random customers are allowed to go up and have a chat scold Badawi together with him.

Mahathir's Loaves

Mom sipping their famous iced latte. Later she found out its secret recipe: just freeze the coffee into ice-cubes and add lotsa milk!

Dad and I at The Loaf. Look at the Tun Baker M logo on the doorpane.

In the afternoon, Mom and Dad decided to take a hike up Seven Wells again. The last time I climbed up, I was 9 years old and it seemed like helluva distance for me then. So, I wasn't really keen on hiking at that moment so the 3 of them went, and I sat around sipping coconut juice waiting for them.

Since it was Christmas Eve, later that night we decided to visit the more classy hotels to get a feel of a beachy Christmas. Most hotels had already decked their halls with boughs of holly, and of course, not forgetting the most important Christmas Tree at the lobby. Our resort was having an open-air Christmas buffet night with waiters and waitresses donning Santa hats and merrily singing while serving food to the guests.


We took a short walk to another nearby resort called The Frangipani Langkawi. The Frangipani has a spacious dining pavillion with Balinese themed whitewashed walls and dark wood that opens up to a beautiful view of the resort's private beach. There was also a dinner going on at the pavillion, but nobody really cared as we went in to visit and join in the lively Christmas cheer. On the stage in front of the swimming pool was a guy singing Christmas carols along to a live band. We climbed up onto the big, decorative boat festooned with colorful Bali lanterns and sat there listening to the beautiful melodies along with other families grouped at their respective dining tables. It was a wonderful night, that joyful Christmas... and the thousands of stars above seemed to be blinking along in unison, all giving praise to the baby Jesus Christ.

The next morning, on Christmas Day, nothing seemed better than to be able to take a peaceful, long walk on the sandy white beaches of Langkawi. Mom and Dad already went hand-in-hand in front, while I trailed along their footsteps far behind, picking up big, live starfish and shellfish that got washed up on the beach and throwing them back into the sea. How I wish I'd brought along my camera to capture all those memories... but I know in my heart that there are still many more beautiful memories to come... :)

Spaces, anyone?

And so, our PM got married. Again.

When the news first broke out, my friend said to me unbelievingly: "What? I'm not even married and he's getting married twice?!"

And I thought love was supposed to be eternal.

Until my bf told me: "That's why they say 'Till Death do us Part'." -_-'''

And it did not help when the PM further added:
"I believe God has created in your heart many spaces for different people that you can love as much as you want. You can love your wife. You can love your mother. But you never compare. How can you compare your love for your mother and the love for your wife? God has created the capacity for us to love and to develop relations. That's important. "

So??? Does that mean that your heart can be filled and filled with more and more people to "love", eg. MORE WIVES, as long as there is space? And does that make it probable to compare people under the same category (not mom-vs-wife, but gf-vs-gf, gf-vs-exgf and the like...)?

I just don't get it when they say you can comparmentalise your heart and fill it up with different loving. Cos I never do that. I just mkdir 2 folders in my heart, one is LOVE and the other is RecycleBin. And when someone is out of my life, I just dump them all into the RecycleBin.

I just can't believe guys............. *shakes head*

Bonding Weekend

Finally, I sent my brother to board the 9p.m. bus back home yesterday after a series of brotherly-visits (brothers of different ppl) to Penang.

He arrived last Thursday and Leonard bought us a nice Chinese dinner at Four Seasons restaurant, Sunway Tunas. Leonard was also kind enough to heave his nice, thick mattress over to my house to let Bin sleep on. Later that night, we followed Jules along with Kelly to Batu Ferringhi to buy DVDs. This is the first time I've actually taken a walk at the stalls there since I came to Penang! And I was shocked to find that the abundance of things sold there actually bear a similar resemblance to the things sold in Bangkok! Little bright lamps, pretty necklaces, fake Guccis, logo tees... remind me, I don't have to go to Bangkok to get my fix ever again! That night, I bought RM32 worth of DVDs... "Da Vinci Code", "The Break-up", "The Holiday", "Deja Vu", and "House - Season 3", but didn't get to buy my audio CDs :(

The next day, I went to work while Bin lazed about at home reading martial-arts novels and playing computer games on his laptop. During lunch hour, I brought him out to eat Thai food with my colleagues at Cherry Blossom's for Trupti's farewell lunch. At night, Leonard came to fetch us out for a nice hawker dinner at Northam Tower. We ate Phillipine food, German sausages, corn mua-chee and oyster mee. Scrumptious!!

On Saturday, kesian my brother had to stay at home for the most part of the day as I went to help out at EPCC church's kids' sports day for the whole afternoon. At night, I bought Leonard and Bin a splendid meal at the cool new hangout Chilli's at Gurney Place. The portions are American-sized, so if you ever do go there, remember to order 1 for 2, and 2 for 3 etc. I totally forgot all about the giant-sized portions, so at the end of the day we took away the fajitas for our breakfast the next day (pity Leonard didn't get to eat the fajitas he reheated...)

1. Mushroom Jack - Leonard's order (sized for 2!)
2. Free-flow of Tortillas for Mushroom Jack
3. Combo (Beef+Chicken) Fajitas - my order (sized for 3!)
4. Lamb Shoulder - Bin's order
5. Free-flow of Nachos dipped in Salsa

Fruit juices and soft-drinks are free-flow, service had its pros and cons (Pro-handed umbrella to us to walk out in the rain; Con- not so attentive when asking for refills), food is superb, all-in-all, one-heck of a yummy-licious place to dine out with friends!

The Leo & I

We also caught Ocean's 13 that night. Me and Leonard were trying hard not to fall asleep (I succumbed...) Guess our late-night days are really over...!

On Sunday, I skipped church to go hiking to Pantai Kerachut with Bin, Kelly and Leonard. Kerachut is located at the far end of Batu Ferringhi and is Penang's National Park, I guess, because of turtles landing there. To get to Pantai Kerachut, you can choose to either hike across the forest trail (takes about 1 hour) or take a speedboat there (15 mins). My main motive to go to Kerachut, was, of course, for turtle-sighting. Too bad that when we got to the turtle sanctuary, the latest batch of baby turtles had all hatched and had been released into the sea. Leonard and Kelly had both got their fix of baby turtles a few weeks ago. And Bin saw turtles already during his Pulau Redang trip. Well, as they say, 人生中有遗憾总是美好的。Not to worry, I'm sure I'll still be seeing turtles next year! ;-)

While Kelly and Bin sat under the shade, Leonard and I ran off along the white sands to the rocks at the other end of the beach where I got my toe cut by thorned leaves. Otherwise, it was just so nice, just the both of us, sitting on the rocks beneath the azure blue skies and white cotton clouds listening to the sound of the waves lapping below and looking at little critters scuttling amongst the rocks. I asked Leonard to pose like Simba on Pride Rock and told him I love him as much as there are crabs baking on the rocks while I forced him to tell me he loves me as much as there is sand on the beach... hahaha...

In the waters I also saw the most number of jellyfish that I'd ever seen before... as well as the most absolutely HUMUNGOUS jellyfish ever... it was as big as my head, brownish, and stuck to it underneath were these baby jellyfish like little rockets going to launch from the mothership... so so so yucky!!! And many white ones bobbing around with their 1-metre long tentacle... imagine if those tentacles were to wrap around ur neck, you would itch and boil to death...

Kelly and I at one of the nicely-made bridges at Kerachut National Park.

Bin and I at the hanging bridge
I love this photo!!!


The four of us *smiles*

For lunch, we went to the famous Hainanese chicken rice in Georgetown. We ate lo bak and yau char kwai there too. In the evening, Bin and I went gadget-shopping at Bukit Jambul complex where he bought himself a new SE K550i handphone (cost RM740 for AP), 512MB Sony M2 memory card, Logitech optical mouse and earphones.

Although Bin and I don't talk much, but it's the joy in doing activities together that make us bond so much... Anyways I'm happy that he left with smiles on his face and a brand-new phone. And lotsa thanks to my dear because I know that he's very busy with his work, yet he was willing to spend a great deal of time to bring me and my brother around... I just wanna say I really appreciate it :)