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Friday, October 31, 2008

Feeling ill... but not quite there yet

Battery running low... with my daily supply of eggs, Cheezels and Yakult gone. :-(

What do I do? I go out and get some. Plus some reading material.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeve #1 - Treadmill hoggers

I just can't understand why some people are so insensitive to hog the treadmill for >1 hour during peak hours, especially when there are so many others still waiting in line to use the equipment!

I don't mind taking my run outside when the sky is clear but it was raining yesterday. C'mon, I know the treadmill is free and all, but give others a chance to lose some weight too!

Pet Peeve #2 - Insensitive, male chauvinistic remarks

Former MCA president Dr Ling Liong Sik remarked that men have a need to "exhaust all their extra energy", therefore male adultery is acceptable if nobody knows about it.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! But I guess anything can be said/happen in Boleh-land, even a shameless man can go through a "baptism of fire" and be voted in as MCA's No. 2 these days. MCA is hopeless.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


最近开始追看TVB的《当狗爱上猫》... 在其中一集,狗主角小巴被罗家良遗弃在大公路边,还上错货车,被载到很远的地方去。大家在大公路附近找来找去找不到,怎知小巴最后很聪明地自己认路走回家。


妈妈说,小狗很有灵性。前一阵子我们一家人在讨论我们到外国旅游那段期间,要怎样处置它。想不到它却自己先走了。不懂是不是因为听懂我们在说着它。回顾当初,我少抱它了... 它临走前我也没有好好 sayang 它一下。:-(


Monday, October 20, 2008

周末日记 (短篇)


表弟要戴四方帽了,舅舅一家人从吉隆坡北上UUM 出席典礼,妈妈临时通知我说他们一家人要在我的家留宿一夜。我的 surprise,妈妈也跟着上来了!


  • 早上和广康、贤智约好到槟城州图书馆找资料。
  • 先医饱肚子再说吧!我们到街上“王昭君”吃酸辣鱼肉米粉汤和鱼肉河粉。好好吃哦!^__^
  • 到达 Dewan Sri Tanjung。原来那里是没有所谓的图书馆的!被广康的朋友“老点”了... 那里的看管员还告诉我们,槟岛是没有图书馆的,叫我们到北海的图书馆去。有没有搞错!被称为“文化沙漠”的怡保随手占来就已经有两间了... 堂堂一个槟岛竟然没有图书馆?我不信!
  • 打了个电话给朋友,她告诉我州图书馆其实在槟城跑马场附近。
  • 广康说反正来到街上,就先去观音庙,那里有图书馆,现搜搜看吧。那里很少我们所要找的英文书籍。
  • 成功到达槟州图书馆。那里星期一、星期二是休假的哦!成功找到我们要的东西,在那里呆到下午三点多。
  • 到 Prangin Mall 吃午餐,在 D' Oasis Cafe 叫了个 set lunch,草草了事。然后到楼上 IT 中心替弟弟的 portable hard disk 换了一个 casing。(事后发觉,治标不治本。T_T)
  • 回去收拾家里,待会有客到。
  • 下午六点,妈妈还有表弟一家人到了。休息了一会,带他们到 Cherry Blossoms 吃东炎大餐。
  • 晚上八点半,我去 Pantai Jerejak PKR 服务中心那里上 Photoshop class。
  • 晚上十点半,去 Queensbay Mall 把妈妈还有舅舅、舅母载回家。好彩我快了一步上车,过后就下大雨了。
  • 冲完凉,混混沌沌地上床睡觉。


  • 早上八点就起床了,带舅舅一家人到 BB Cafe 吃早餐。过后他们就北上了。
  • 和妈妈到巴央巴鲁大巴刹买菜。这一次和平时上巴刹很不同;是买我一个星期要煮的菜。
  • 然后和妈妈到 PISA 游了一小时泳。好累~~~~~~~~~
  • 午餐带妈妈到 El Mondo's Pizza 吃 Pepperoni 牛肉比萨。
  • 妈妈坐 2.15pm 的巴士回怡保。
  • 第一次用 Yeap Chor Ee road 到 Gembira Parade 做 facial。好舒服,真享受!~
  • 下午五点就回到家,同时,妈妈也已经回到怡保了。

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Genting Revisited

Just came back from a weekend company trip to The Land of Rollercoasters and Slot Machines. Somehow, I felt the trip with him on the bus was shorter last year. Time really flies when you're beside the one you love! Yaya... I know, I'm my corny-self again... but I couldn't help sighing looking at all the spots we'd been in together... celebrating my birthday at Starbucks, jumping on the bed in the hotel room, strapped onto the rollercoasters together, watching that god-awful Nicholas Cage movie on heavenly OSIM massage chairs in GSC, taking a photo on the Golden Gate Bridge replica... Wowee! I can't believe I'm actually gonna see the real one come next month!!!

So... back to the Genting trip... we checked in, had a quick shower and headed for the Theme Park straightaway. Going to the Theme Park I somewhat feel a lack of excitement, cos I have been on most of the rides for more than a dozen times now! *yawn*

Solero Shot
After going on this, all the remaining ones eg. Corkscrew are just childplay. But how? Do you think I can brave the Stratosphere Tower one? I think I'll just scream... "OMFGGGGGGGGG..." up there.

Waiting in line for the Solero Shot


Finally! Something new that I've been dying to try since its inception! RM10 if you have the all-day wristband, RM12 without it. What I felt: scary at first but after the first two turns you get bored and numb and gross after bumping your chin numerous times on the saliva/sweat-coated cushion which stinks to 7th heaven!

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel room to wash our face and hands before the dinner. First World Cafe buffet sucks... yet it kept me full... *whatever*. Continued with the Indoor themepark: rollercoaster, Motion Master (again, Ali Baba sucks!!) and bumper car!! Then went off to meet my bestie and her new bf for the first time! Spent some quality time alone with her afterwards... chatted with her until 2am.

The next morning, I saw a winter jacket sale! With lotsa advice from my extremely helpful colleagues, I bought 2 winter jackets - one for my mom and one for my dad - to bring to the U.S. The women's cost RM59 and the men's cost RM99. The inside was fleeced and the outside was wind and waterproof. So cheap!!! ^_^

And this is what I do when I'm waiting for the bathroom.

*End of story*

Friday, October 10, 2008

Emily Giffin - Love the One You're With (Prelude)

I'm a rare fan when it comes to chick lit... no Sophie Kinsella whatsoever nonsense for me... but this book caught my eye when it was first introduced at Since then I'd been waiting for more than 5 months for this book to arrive and to be sold on our shores... finally in Oct there's a paperback version selling... but at a ridiculously sky-high price!!!!

Since when did chick-lit deserve to be sold at such an offensive price!?

Cecelia Ahern's "P.S. I Love You" is another extravagantly priced book at Borders costing >RM50!

Ah well, I'd already read a few pages of "Love the One You're With" online... and well... although it does seem to be screaming out 'Justification!' when I'm having doubts and second thoughts in our relationship (no offense intended, honey)... I was totally hooked on it... and just can't wait to flip the pages... btw, I thought to myself, how many other paperback versions would there be?

Luckily it is Border's Best at 20% off this week... and together with my RM30 worth of Border's vouchers, I decided to buy it at RM22.72. But still... *sighs at the price*

Hope I shall have a good read at Genting this weekend. :-) And I shall once again re-discover that yes, I'm Lovin' The One I'm With...~

Our new Finance Minister / "future PM" = Out of Touch

From today's The Star:

DPM: Our economy is stable

KUALA TERENGGANU: The country’s economy is stable despite the financial meltdown affecting many parts of the world.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that although the Government cannot deny the fact that the domestic inflation rate had soared due to hikes in petroleum prices recently, it had embarked on several proactive measures to address the stability of the country’s economy. <-- WHAT proactive measures?!

“Our inflation rate is much lower than in neighbouring countries,” said Najib during the launch of the World Endurance Championship 2008 “countdown” at Gong Badak here yesterday. <-- Which neighbouring countries?! Myanmar? Indonesia?!

He said the Government also forecast that the instability of United States’ economy would have some effect on Malaysia’s economy. <-- 'Some' effect huh?! Very intelligent, coming from someone who studied Economics in the UK... spent too much time there studying or womanizing?!

He added that the Government would announce several packages to boost economic growth very soon. <--Let's see...

“The Government will also increase domestic expenditure to boost the economy,” he said.
<--What domestic expenditure? U mean in UMNO??

And just last month, after Wall Street crumbled after the bankruptcy of Lehman Bros.; coming from the mouth of Sen. John McCain himself: "The fundamentals of our economy are strong"... then a few days later changed his words to: "the fundamentals are at great risk".

Sound familiar, Najib? Duhhh... It is definately not a good sign for Malaysians when our new finance minister cum "future PM" is SIMPLY OUT OF TOUCH!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Project 忙完的最后一天,我紧紧地闭上房门,用喇叭非常大声地播放这一首歌 - Viva la Vida (意思是:Long live the life,生命万岁!)。

这是一首非常热情奔放的歌曲,浮现的感觉和以往他们那些带有少许哀伤的歌曲很不一样。生命万岁嘛,正好适合我此刻脱离苦海的心情!乍听之下我心想,哗...主唱那位 Chris Martin 当上爸爸之后,把对新生命的热爱都灌到歌曲创作上。怎知到谷歌搜寻歌词才发现,原来歌词还真诡异呢!内容涉及到宗教 (“I know St. Peter won't call my name”)、革命等等很深的理念。后知后觉,原来专辑的全名叫《Viva la Vida or Death and all his friends》。炸到... 是不是意味着此专辑是要留给听众自己慢慢诠释其中意义呢?你可以称它为欢呼生命的专辑,或是隐藏着死亡过后什么的。

在同样一个专辑里另外一首我很喜欢的单曲是《Violet Hill》,第一次听它的旋律就被它深深地吸引住,重复播放不下二十次。歌词最好别去看,一看让我打冷颤寒入背脊骨。“Was a long and dark December When the banks became cathedrals And a fox became God” 真的让我毛孔悚然,我情愿他们回到 《A Rush of Blood to the Head》那样大谈政治。但在同一首歌里又有让人感动至深的歌词“If you love me, won't you let me know If you love me, why'd you let me go?” 真让人百感交集。还有一样很奇怪的是,那天我替 Leonard 拿车去 service,那间修车中心的名字竟然叫 Vivahill... 正是 《Viva la Vida》和《Violet Hill》的结合体。世界上有酱巧的事情吗???!

唉,不管如何,Coldplay 这 ultimately special 的 alternative rockband,我竟然有幸去听他们的演唱会!!!在大学时期深深迷上《Yellow》 和 《A Rush of Blood to the Head》时,真是连做梦也没想到有朝一日将坐在台下,听着 Chris Martin 的声音!!!更难的是他们是一个 UK band,竟然选了在我计划到美国的当儿去那里演唱!真是OMG!当然,以下的票是要谢谢我的亲爱的替我购买~~~ :-p

说到要到美国去... 美金兑换率上涨了,一美元兑换RM3.5! 真糟糕,为什么之前没预料到呢? 要花的总是要花的... T_T 只好努力赚回咯~

到时,我要大声呐喊:“If you love me, why'd you let me go!!!!!!!!!?”



Project 完了,人也变得空闲了。