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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Improvement Weekend

Another Home Improvement weekend for us!

Last week, we visited a condominum behind my apartment that was put up for rent. The price was great, and it came with all the facilities constituing a fantastic place to live in - a huge swimming pool, squash courts, tennis courts and a gym.

But somehow I didn't like the idea of living there. Maybe it was the unit itself - big, but nonetheless a little clammy with its green, dull walls; the non-renovated kitchen; but what hit home the most was its amazing bareness.

The current tenants were 27-28 years old at least I guess, but the place was non-equipped to say the least. There was a TV set, a stove and a fridge, but no washing machine, no water heater and no bed. It just didn't seem like home to me. I would have expected to walk into the home of a 27-year-old to see it filled with a comfy sofa and some basic decor to make it look homely. But no, there was nothing else. I guess the frugality of some people just never ceases to amaze me. At their age, how can they not want to live comfortably? Or maybe their way of comfort is just to be able to watch the TV, watch some DVDs on their laptop, and cook up a nice meal occasionally. Not to mention the many sports venues available outside. (Anyway I guess if you don't really like something you can always cook up dozens of excuses for yourself not to live with it.)

Afterwards, I was going on and on about it until Leo remarked, "Your place is also very frugal." I was stunned. It's true. Have I lived way too long in my comfort zone to realise that my place needs some sprucing up? Seriously?

Anyway, since both of us started dating, he has been slowly giving my place a facelift and making it a better and more comfortable place to live in. :)

This weekend, he bought a working desk to put in the living-room so that both of us could work comfortably in our own space.

RM149 working desk from Giant

We missed the great promotion for the cherry-coloured + shelf version desk for only RM199. Now, the price has been hiked up to RM259! But how would we know, the promotion only lasted 4 days. Anyway, I'm glad we got this one. It's lighter and fits the living-room's dimension better. My desktop computer is also on it so now I can start to learn Photoshop! :)

"Honey, you can sleep in the living room tonight" style sofa-bed.

Today, he brought over the sofa-bed from his house to place in my living-room. What is missing now is just a TV and a bookshelf to put all my favourite books and magazines.

Kelly and Berry, you won't be able to recognize the living-room now!

Stitch looking at us??

Although my place is still far from ideal to live in... but I believe, we're getting there. Thank you sweety, for transforming my place into such a comfy little corner called Home. :)

Friday, November 23, 2007


昨晚,我喝了一口 apple and cranberry juice,把塑料瓶放在床边的地上,继续看书。



我立刻跳起来,以迅雷不及掩耳的速度将床褥翻起,再以 Ridsect 喷蚊雾将它们赐予死地!看着横死遍野的它们… 哈哈… 心中不禁泛起爽毙的感觉...

你知道吗,身为一个 structural design engineer,我可是最恨看见密密麻麻的东西了... 就当着是一种对工作的报复吧!

接着,我拿出蚂蚁粉,撒在蚂蚁出没的所有角落。据说毒药是甜的,蚂蚁被甜甜的粉末吸引,无论多劳累都会把它一颗一颗地扛回窝里去,和其他蚂蚁一起分享。蚂蚁吃了会死,那蚂蚁窝的其他邻居获悉有甜品吃也会赶来,顺便吃掉死了的蚂蚁尸体。这样吃着吃着... 结果蚂蚁就消失了... 虽然,这都是暂时性而已。

今天放工回家,应该会再次见到横尸遍野吧?哈哈哈... 这对我来说,真是一个最美丽的杀戮...!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

El Mondo Pizza @ Crystal Point

Song playing: Frank Sinatra - My Way

This is one of my fave songs, because this is my idol TDM's fave song. Leo doesn't like this song becos it is his hatred's fave song. He says TDM likes this song becos he memang likes to do things "his" way. Anyway, the fella who sang it to TDM years ago is already dead (Pavarotti) now. Life is short. Don't keep your hatred in for far too long.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I didn't feel like cooking. So we went to grab a pizza at El Mondo Pizza - The Original Woodfire Place at Crystal Point.


What is a woodfire anyway? Is it like a fireplace where I can snuggle cozily in front of and eat scraps of pizza out of my boyfriend's hand?


Seems like there is no fireplace here. I guess woodfire must mean the way they bake the pizza.

Quizzes and puzzles... if you run out of things to say to your better half

Question. What kind of room has no doors nor windows??

Woodfire BBQ Chicken Pizza

We ordered a regular 8-inch, 6-slice BBQ chicken pizza. If you've just had a hearty breakfast and just looking for something slightly filling for lunch, the size of this pizza is just nice for you. Note: Not a food binge this time, even though it's PIZZA...

My 2nd slice

At times like these I hope I had a Canon EOS to show you how nice the pizza really is. The crust is really crispy and nice to crunch on. The BBQ chicken is not overwhelming and blends into your tastebuds nicely. I especially like the thin-ness of this pizza. Unlike Pizza Hut's pizzas, which make me feel very jelak with its rising flour and thick crust.

Brave soldier... still putting on a smiley face

Commendable because I starved him to 2pm before eating lunch... ^_^

Look sleepy... hehe ^_^

The bill came at RM24 for one pizza and a coke float(RM5.50). Other than pizza, El Mondo also offers reasonably priced steaks and pastas on the menu. I think this is a pretty good place to dine, more preferable to me than Little Italy at Bukit Jambul because of its brighter and cleaner atmosphere.

Monday, November 19, 2007





Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng

Song playing: Matchbox 20 - How Far We've Come
I simply love Rob Thomas! His voice is so sexy...

Bangkok Lane mee goreng

Yesterday, Leonard brought me to eat the famous mee goreng at Bangkok Lane. I was contemplating whether or not to use the word "brought" because his car was sent for polish while I became his personal driver for two days. :P

Tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Pulau Tikus, the coffeeshop that sells mee goreng lies in the corner of Lorong Bangkok, also known as Bangkok Lane. Even as Leonard went on and on about how nice this mee goreng is before we went, I was still a bit skeptical, for all mee mamak tastes almost the same to me.

Eat it... Bangkok Lane mee goreng

Squeezing the lime juice over the plate of mee, I took one bite, and was converted from a skeptic to a believer. The mee goreng was fabulous... a culmination of all tastes Malaysian, spicy and nice! Like Leonard said, you simply can't find any words to describe it -- but isn't that already a statement in itself?

The famous mee goreng is tucked away here.

Even as you take a look around the shop, the mee goreng seems to have generated its own fan base as uncles and aunties and trendy young men and ladies (mostly Chinese!) occupy the old-style kopitiam tables, sipping glasses of lime juice while stretching out the wait.

The coffeeshop... quiet but no less occupied on a Saturday midday.

Bangkok Lane is filled with quaint, old, colonial townhouses... all of which Leonard took a sudden fancy to. Well, dunno if it's because I've seen my share of similar looking houses in Ipoh all my life... I wouldn't want to make my home in one of those houses... no matter how nicely made up they are. I guess I don't like traditional... I hope to live in more modern looking houses. One thing I agree... I love the garden of one of those houses!

Beautiful pink flowers hanging from the balcony... spells R.O.M.A.N.T.I.C.

After lunch, we wandered into an art gallery by chance. I was parked just opposite it when we saw the poster hanging outside. I guess I had to pretend I was arty-farty... you know... walking into art galleries on Saturday afternoons, pretending to be artistic and such. :P

Black and White poster.

The gallery's name is a2 Art Gallery. My guess is that they're relatively new. From time to time they'll display different works of art. This time the theme is Black and White. From Dec 15 onwards, they'll hold another exhibition with smaller works of art, filling the walls with slighly more affordable pieces... just in time for Christmas. The owner told us that they're also planning to setup a small tea corner in the future, so that people can walk in to have some drinks and small talk in an arty environment. For those who are interested, a2 Art Gallery is open from 10am-6pm everyday except on Tuesdays.

We wandered around the place and curi-curi took some photos upstairs, away from the eyes of the owner. I didn't manage to capture any of the main works of the exhibition downstairs because I felt a bit paiseh to be taking photos in an art gallery. Didn't feel very right. However, couldn't resist taking the following... especially the pink one! So sweet! I want it in my bedroom!!! (If the gallery owner is reading this... I just wanted to help by doing some promotion... :-))

"V Composition 6" by Tan Hong Li, priced at RM3,300.

More works of art... The top one is "Flying with the wind" by Lim Ah Cheng, priced at RM5,800.

Black and White!

I want the interior of my future house to look like the gallery... white and clean with silver coated walls decked with family photos, and silver pin-striped curtains at the windows while a scented oil fragrance fills the entire room.

Room with a view. One of the sliding doors opened up to show a view of a wat from a corner.

Later in the afternoon I went to Prangin Mall to choose a new handphone for myself. I gave my previous K750i to my parents because their old one was spoilt. I bought a new K530i, also Sony Ericsson, priced at RM680. I wanted a budget handphone, one with camera features, radio and everything else. My eyes were actually upon a sleek Samsung handphone, but one look at the user interface and it was a no-no. SE's interface is so much cuter, neater and user-friendly! I also liked the pink SE flip phone, but Berry has it and pink is not really my color anyway... hahaha... :P

Pros and cons of K530i? Pros are it is cheap, with 3G function, better interface and sleeker casing compared to K750i, and the charger is compatible with K750i. Cons are the camera is not auto-focus, therefore no macro function and the photo quality is not as good as the K750i. We took some black-and-white photos to compare both the cameraphones.


K530i, already brightened using computer software.

See the difference?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Al Jazeera 101 on Youtube - Interesting Debate

Some political food for thought.

The interview between Malik Imtiaz, Khairy Jamaludin, and Nazri, about the BERSIH rally.

Al Jazeera's 101 East forum on Bersih 15/11/07. In 4 parts.


Hohoho... and Nazri is an international a$$ now... yet, Khairy, is dangerously charismatic.
May the peoples' power prevail!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sigh... spent a bomb this week...

With a sudden rush of adrenaline, Leonard decided to send my desktop CPU (which I'd abandoned for good since it hung on me a few times~) to Bukit Jambul for repair. One of the RAMs was spoilt (why couldn't I have debugged it earlier?!) and my computer needed reformatting (60% of the space was taken up by some virus).

So, that's a RM155 gone~~~ *sob*

Then on Sunday I suddenly found a hole in the right passenger door, a 10-cent size hole caused by rust!! All Iswaras face this problem... that conniving Proton trying to skimp on anti-rust! Sent my car for repair yesterday at the local car beating shop... poor Izzy... poor purse... another RM300 flown to the wind~~~ *double sob*

Again, I forgot to take photos. What a lousy blogger I am...!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Fight is on, yet we are still sleeping...

It'd been a rather busy/ interesting week for politicians, activists and the concerned rakyat. If you still don't know what's going on, I think you'd better go douse yourself with cold water and read the news here:


BERSIH rally

There was the BERSIH (Coalition for Clean & Fair Elections) rally on Saturday where the people marched from Dataran Merdeka to Istana Negara to successfully hand over the memorandum to the Agung's representative. The list of participating Opposition parties and NGOs can be found here.

There have been a lot of contradictions to what was reported in the mainstream media and the non-mainstream media. I wasn't able to be there, but the pictures tell the truth. Contrary to the number of people IGP Musa Hassan put as 4,000 as reported in The Star; >40,000 people actually took to the streets.

Abdullah "Pantang dicabar" Badawi is panicking; he said "many ordinary folk opposed the street protest as it caused them much inconvenience." It's true... many of the ordinary folk (mostly apathetic Malaysians) do oppose the protest (my friend called me from KL just to complain about, what else? the JAM!!), but it's an undeniable fact that many of the ordinary folk (lawyers and rakyat alike) are also angry at the state of the judiciary and government and demand for a clean and fair election!

You want the majority to rise, we give you the biggest march in a decade! Pak Lah/ Nazri, are the protestors still the "minority" now as you see them?

Photo courtesy of Seng Keat

More photos here.

One very intriguing post from twsim on the apathetic state of Chinese Malaysians, which I very much agree with. When other people rallied in the streets, did you just laugh at them, say they have nothing better to do to oppose the government, shrug off the matter or don't even know the cause of what's happening? Then you must have been sound asleep.

Forum on Judicial Crisis

On Friday, a public forum on the judicial crisis in Malaysia was held at the Sunway Hotel, Penang. I was there. The whole thing was rather low-key, I must say. There were no posters put up, no sign at the hotel lobby, and I only got to know about it via SMS. Even downstairs, the hallway seemed remarkably silent as someone quickly ushered us into a hall filled with some 200-300 people. I guess the people coming-going at the Macalister Road food stalls were even more. Again, most people in Penang are likely still asleep or clubbing at the Garage.

Anwar Ibrahim at the podium

It was the first time I saw Anwar Ibrahim in person. Indeed, he's an enigmatic speaker. Yet, I was not convinced by his speech after some discussion with my friend. Did Keadilan present us with any alternative to fight the judicial rot? Any alternative policy to vote for the forthcoming election? Is it really true that there will be no race-based politics if the Opposition comes to power? All of this he cleverly skipped, as any wily politician could.

It was also the very first time I saw a wily politician make his escape ala Tony Leung in Lust, Caution style. Halfway through the Q&A session, Sim Tze Tzin suddenly took hold of the mic and said to the audience, "Sorry, Datuk Seri has another program in Bayan Lepas", and Anwar literally leaped off the stage, after a quick handshake with Rajendra. Then he said, "Sorry, I'm also very busy, bye!" and also made a quick dart for the door, much to the amusement of the crowd. The crowd dispersed smoothly after that.

Bangsa Malaysia

The 2nd Malam Bangsa Malaysia was held at Dewan Sri Pinang last Saturday. SK was the one who invited me to attend, and Chean Chung further encouraged it. I was glad I did. It was a great eye-opener to see and know that there are actually people out there committed to fighting for the Malaysian people, for our sake.

Afterwards we signed our names on this poster

Some random thoughts. After getting over the initial shock of walking into a room filled with people whom I didn't know, I got a second surprise to see that most of them were middle-aged, or old! Where were the youths and young working adults? True to say there were a few, but for a mere 10 amongst 100, it was suffice to say there was a genuine lack of youngsters. One former headmaster/pastor (I forgot what..) stepped up during the Q&A session to voice his thoughts. The old Indian gentleman spoke, at the same time holding a walking stick, his legs wobbling, and his glasses thicker than my car windscreen, but he spoke with so much eloquence, and so fervently with a sharp mind, that my ears burnt red and I felt so ashamed at that very moment that my love for this country was not more than him. (Some photos of the speakers and participants that night.)

A speaker brought up a Malaysian mentality. He said many of us are more than willing to give out our IC number in all sorts of contest forms, but are more than reluctant to sign our IC on any petition that would be handed to the government. How true this is! How can anything change for the better if we are not willing to step up to bear responsibility on our words and actions?

Haris Ibrahim also brought up the Project Irrelevant. That very night, I practised Project Irrelevant when I filled up an appliance warranty form. I felt proud to do that.

Religion: Irrelevant
Race: Malaysian

During dinner, we were invited to watch a 30-minute clip on a short movie directed by a young, talented man Fahmi Reza, titled 10 tahun sebelum Merdeka. Watch it on Youtube. It's one of the biggest conspiracy in Malaysia, by UMNO, about how our independence came to be, something that is now being removed from our high school Sejarah books.

The talented Fahmi Reza and his labour of love

When I was in primary school, I always thought that it is a crime for people to openly ask for other people to vote for the Opposition. In fact, it is not a crime. It is even more less a crime for us to go out to the streets and hold peaceful demonstrations to ask for a clean and fair election.

If you are not a registered voter, please go and register yourself. Else, do not complain.

If you are not in favour of how the government is handling the country and the people and can no longer stand the stupidity and arrogance of our wakil rakyat, go to the polls and vote for the opposition! Else, do not complain.

If you feel that by your one-person strength you are helpless and can do nothing, educate your friends by blogging, writing, and talking about it. Else, do not complain.

Fellow friends and Malaysians, let's not sleep anymore. The least you can do is, read and VOTE in the coming elections.

Friday, November 09, 2007

High Cholesterol Week

Since my parents came to town this week, I'd been on a craze-like food binge for a few days. We are all meat-eaters, so now I can't bear to look at my cholesterol count!!!

Nyonya Cafe @ I-Avenue

On Monday, my parents said they wanna try Nyonya cuisine for dinner, so I brought them to Nyonya Cafe at I-Avenue (little did I know what they actually meant was Thai cuisine at Cherry Blossom's...). Actually I don't have an inkling of where to eat really nice Nyonya food other than Leonard's cooking... so I brought them to the only Nyonya food where I'd been to last time with Kelly, Jia Kai and Kwong Hong.

We ordered Jiu Hoo Char (shredded mushroom, turnip and carrot etc), Ayam Kari Kapitan and Ikan Belanda. For dessert, we ordered Cendol and Bubur Chacha. As you know, Nyonya food has a lot of lemak and heavy ingredients inside... so... I guess my cholesterol count suddenly upped!! Since my grandmother is a nyonya, my mom had been brought up with Nyonya food. She took one look at the Jiu Hoo Char and asked me: "Isn't this the food I'd been cooking for you since you were young?" I: "Err... err... long time din eat already mah..." :P The Ayam Kari Kaptitan was too sweet, the Ikan Belanda (Dory Fish) tasted fishy, and the cendol was frozen! Well, although the place has a nice enough ambience, I guess no food there is good enough!!

Ingolf's Kneipe @ Tanjung Bungah

Since my dad had his training course in Tanjung Bungah Hotel, I suggested to try out German food at Ingolf's Kneipe nearby. I missed out the food at Oktoberfest because I was too full back then... and hearing lots of great reviews about this place, I'm glad that we checked it out although it's a long drive from Bayan Lepas!

Ingolf's Kneipe is located just opposite Copthorne Hotel. Contrary to what I expected, it was quite a laidback setting, with many foreigners as their regular patrons. I made reservations for 4 as I read online that it was almost always full by dinnertime. We ordered 2 dishes (1 mixed grill, the other forgot what but it cost RM40+) and 2 pints of Oktoberfest Paulaner... which was more than enough to feed the 4 of us (see the pic below the table was almost laden)!!

A happy couple

German sausages, ham and bacon

Half-finished plate of steak, pork chop, potato wedges, salad and god-knows-what

Another happy couple

Forgive me for putting up all those photos of half-eaten food... I'm just not professional enough to take my photos before devouring all the tasty dishes... muahahahhaha!! >:)

Good Friends Seafood @ Teluk Kumbar

As soon as my dad set foot in my house he had been insisting to go to the 阿贤人情味 introduction of Good Friends Seafood at Teluk Kumbar (公巴好友海鲜).

When I read his blog (I have no Astro in Penang), I felt he was a bit kua cheong in describing and photographing the food. Heck, he even described the 'he ko' 虾姑/濑尿虾 to be a pretty girl!! -_-''' But yeah, thanks to A Xian, the place is thronging with people now, and really because of its cheap, tasty, well-cooked food and fast service.

My mom insisted on ordering all the food that A Xian ate. For more professionally taken photos (looks much more beautiful and tasty), you can go to A Xian's blog.

Extremely tasty satay

Leonard observed the way they grilled the satay... they really cooked it slowly, he said. First they grill it like 50%, then add the sauce and grill it for another 20% and add more sauce and grill it for another 30% more. Goes for 70 cents a stick. Yummy!

Fried, crispy sotong rings for only RM8! Ate till full... (again, forgive my poor phototaking skills)

Beautiful Girl - This is the 'he ko'. According to dad last time this is worthless. Now it cost RM22 for this dish.

Cut the 'he ko ' into 4 pc... RM22, that's it! See the roe...?

This herbal soup dish with 'lala' in it is called 黄酒药材蚬蛤汤. Howcome A Xian's one got crab but ours don't have??

Steamed crab with roe (膏蟹). Again, I ate finish my crab then only forgot that I hadn't taken pics yet. This is my dad's portion.

Other food that we ordered were tomyam steamed fish (YUMMY!) and fried salty fish beehoon. For all this food, the bill came at a mere RM100. Thanks A Xian!

After my parents left, I kinda continued my food binge at Sg. Nibong Wah Garden Bak Kut Teh yesterday and Little Cottage lamb shoulder @ town today.

Later I'm going to run for 25 mins then step on the weighing scale. Will my 2kg weight loss be gained back from last week? Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007








要是离开一个人是那么的容易,那,我也想尝试离开; 提起背包,一走了之,永不回头。





Thursday, November 01, 2007


我一向来都觉得看鬼戏/恐怖片,是一件犯贱的事。象坐过山车一样,还没坐之前觉得很刺激很想去坐,坐了之后却觉得很想下来... 我看鬼戏亦是如此,还没看之前就拍完胸口说一点都不怕,看的时候就一直忐忑不安,真想立刻离开戏院不要继续看了。


1408 上映,我知道他是史蒂芬 · 琼(Stephen King)书迷,立刻到戏院买了两张票。这部戏深获好评,什么 “a refreshing taste of horror”,“the best adaptation of Stephen King since The Shining”,“there's a twist to the story” 等等... 虽然我不喜欢演员约翰 · 库萨克(John Cusack),但好评让我觉得,这部戏应该会很不错吧(虽然我对普遍上的美国观众口味有点质疑)。

结果不知道是因为对此片抱着太高的期望,看完之后,觉得并没有人家口中说得那么响。剧本是典型的史蒂芬 · 琼故事,开头气氛塑造很慢,恐怖的是房间而不是鬼。其实,戏中不是没有让我抱紧椅子的紧张时刻; 但总是觉得少了些什么 -- 应该少了导演对戏中人物情节的刻画吧?为什么房间如此邪恶?到底里面发生了什么事令它如此邪恶?墙上挂着那三幅图画要表达的是什么?女儿在房间出现有什么用意?


看的时候觉得并不怎样,问题是,看了之后,心底不禁多了一点惊栗。同事说得对,看了之后,以后都不怎么感一个人入住酒店房间。不只不敢入住酒店房间,今天早上自己一个人在房间,总有点害怕,害怕镜子中突然出现另一个自己、害怕天花板上附着另外一些东西、甚至是冲凉时,一直都在怀疑门外有人... 真的有点 geli... 难道这就是看了惊栗片的后遗症?