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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Malaysia's Most Beautiful???

Put a group of women together in a room... and what you'll get is CHAOS.

Blatantly backstabbing and catfighting with each other till the last episode, we see Dilla clinching the title of Malaysia's Most Beautiful.

I wouldn't object to that decision made by Malaysian viewers, it was definately a pick for the lesser evil.

What with the confession made by Dilla that... "Jika Jessie ditakdir menjadi Malaysia's Most Beautiful, jika saya bunuh dia pun, guna pisau olok-olok muka dia pun, dia pun akan menang." And also saying that "I guess all the men would vote for Jessie, she's so voluptuous."

Spoken like a true queen indeed. I mean, all was well with that mosquito remark, which made her look cute and all, but did she HAVE to say those things!? Doesn't she know that everything she says will go on National TV? Or is she still too childish to even observe the simple fact that what she says is deadlier that the sword?

Like I said, this contest is just a pick for the LESSER EVIL. I'm just scared what guys will start to think of us girls from now on...

No comments about Jessie, who was at the bottom three almost every week.

I guess if someone who has a really true heart, good upbringing, and cameo-friendly were to join the contest, she would win Malaysia's Most Beautiful hands down. But there WAS such a girl. Jue! But why did she have to break the rules? Oh Tate, Tate, Tate... what were you doing in the preliminary rounds??? The Indian dancer girl wasn't too bad either, she was just sick!

I guess the contest has run away from what it called itself at the very beginning "To find a true Malaysian beauty in every aspect, no matter young, old, thin, fat..." Then why make it a beauty pageant at the end? Like Not to mention beauty pageants do NOT show the cat-fighting side... and judges and celebrities like Sheila Majid and Jaclyn Victor expose their not-too beautiful sides either... Well well well, we are women, so forgive us for that :P

It just seems so funny when Malaysia's Most Beautiful ends and I see the beautiful Marion Caunter come on the Quickie set.

And the Emcee for the night was TERRIBLE. What in his bowtie and tuxedo and all, he was practically confounded and shouting "Get down from the stage!!" In front of National TV! Goodness, this is really a first-class programme, but third-class management!

God knows whether there'll be a second season in the makings... but sure we're gonna miss Jessy~

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Verbal abuse!

Enough of this verbal abuse!!!

Fuck! What do I do now?

Stay here and endure in angst... or pack my bags and leave?

Oh God please tell me!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Morning Swim

The dawn is breaking, as I stand at the tip of the swimming pool. I open my eyes to the blue skies above, and take in a breath of the cool, fresh air.

Slowly, I lower my feet into the pool. The water is warm. Plop! I take a dive in, and feel the warmth of the water spreading itself around me.

It's a clear tranquil morning, and I can see little red petals floating on the surface of the water. I gently lift one of those, and fill it up with water. Up on the trees, I can hear birds sing, and their reflections in the clear pool.

I relax myself in the waters, and try to stretch a little. I lift my foot up, just a little above the surface of the pool, and feel a little tinge of icy-coldness in the gap between water and wind, shivering my senses.

There is no one around me, just my mom in her navyblue swimsuit at the far end of the pool. I did 10 laps across the pool, and swam back just as the bright morning sun started to rise in the sky.

I can hear my mom calling me now, and I get out of the water and walk towards the shower room, just stopping for a moment and looking back at the pool to say,

"Oh... what a lovely Monday morning!"

Morning swims are just the best, don't you agree?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Industrial Training 后感

一眨眼,三个月的 Industrial Training 就这么过去了。我还记得,踏入公司的第二个礼拜,我就一面在玩 Diner Dash,一面在想这 ITP 到底要何时才结束。可是今天的感觉竟然是依依不舍!




我明白了,在开口怪责其他人之前,先给其他人一个机会,也给自己一个观察的机会。我原本就是一个一开始就专挑他人的缺点来看的人,经过这一次的 Training,也给我一个机会改善自己。我也了解,同事与同事之间的关系,应该处理得细心谨慎,合作无间。

在 ENT Quest 工作,让我觉得十分窝心,因为公司空间小,大家就像一个小家庭一样:有叔伯姨婶,哥哥姐姐,弟弟妹妹,宝宝(product)。说 Product 是宝宝,是因为 Axia 电话的成与败,也定夺公司赚不赚钱的命运,所以大家非要呵护宝宝不可!让我印象最深刻的就是有一次,电话系统出了一点问题,大家就像打战一样寻求解决方案,为的只是不可让产品失败!

同事们,虽然相识的只是一小段日子,但却好像同甘共苦了好一阵子。。。每天看见大老板辛苦到处找顾客,感觉就像爸爸到处赚钱养家,我感叹,原来赚钱真的不容易!最让我敬佩的是大家为同样一个目标一起奋斗,dedicated 的样子,更让我为这公司感到骄傲无比!还有,因为我们的 Customer Service 和 Technical Department 是最好的!



还好这两天一直忙着最后一个 Project,做 Level Shifter;激动想哭的情绪,在离开前半个小时才涌上心头。好舍不得噢,英俊的老板,其他非常可爱的同事,小小熟悉的办公室,跟我形影不离的 Axia,每天早上一起在小小灵鹿上的路程,每天早上一进公司大门口看见的摆设,离开公司所看见的夕阳红,公司门口电铃声,干净的厕所,超快的电脑,每天必须 QC 的电话,等等,等等,说不尽。


好想告诉全部 ENT Quest + Fifth Media 的员工们,你们是最棒的,我们的产品是最好的,不要放弃,勇往直前!很高兴能在我人生的路上遇见你们,让我增添一抹色彩!让我们有缘再相见~!


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Feeling suffocated...

I'm feeling suffocated each day as the week draws to a close. Oh no, I mean suffocated, literally. Anywayz you wouldn't want me to describe how it feels. :)

Just happy that there's the holidays to look forward to, where I can laze in front of the TV all day watching HBO and AXN... bringing my dog for a walk in the park, talking long into the night with mom and eat all the good food that Ipoh has to offer. Oh, and maybe take a ride with my Crimson Tide off into the sunset. Now wouldn't that be wonderful?

Oh, it just feels darn good to be home...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Martini Sorrows





Yea, I did it
Succeeded in breaking my heart again

Hoping they would change for me
I just realized it's utterly impossible
Expecting the world to come to a standstill for me
What nonsense!

I heard drinking a martini can drown your sorrows
Down with an olive
I'll forget all about you

A martini, anyone?
I'll be truly grateful, cross my heart

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Girlz Rock, Boyz Suck!

Very Romantic Curls!!!

Just had my hair cut, permed and treated at Thomas & Guys, SS2, for only RM238! And I'm lovin it!

I'm just thinking... if I could open a hair-salon of my own, I would name it "Girlz Rock, Boyz Suck!"... and paint it a gaudy pink, with lots and lots of faux pearls hanging on the interior of the shop.

And the shop would attract all kinds of girls, no matter old or young!! While the hair-stylists would all be cute, handsome guys (Oh, no gays, please!!) who feed you all their attention, bow to your every flick of the hand, be your slave while washing your hair, massaging, cutting, blowing, and ogle at your hair after it's done: "Wow! You look extremely gorgeous!!" ... muahahhaahah

I'm sure such a concept would work... so, part-time gigolos, anyone? Hahahahaha!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Am feeling indescribably happy today!

Was it because of yesterday? I don't really know!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

A King Kong Joke

看了 King Kong 之后很感触,Adrian Brody 一行人为了拯救 Naomi Watts,不惜勇闯森林与怪兽搏斗。

结果,我就问了 Ken Lee,Wei Xuan 和 Nicholas。

我 :“喂,如果我被 King Kong 夺走了,你们会不会来救我?”
Ken Lee:“我们会想办法纪念你...”

我 :-_-'''


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Soul Asylum

本来很开心地写着 ITP Report 的 Acknowledgement,却被你突如其来的电话打得我意志消沉。



I feel like a lost soul trapped
in your neverending blanket of rain
Spears of ice wreckening my spirit
When will it end? I cry
Not until the desert's pain...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006



我 :Shopping lo.
我 :不是啦,是和一班有钱师奶~


今天和阿姨,表姨还有舅母疯狂一整天,去 Subang 的 TeeMix boutique,再去 Subang Parade 购物,然后还直上 SS2 的一间 boutique,直到 5.30pm 才回到家。

从来没有试过和一班 Aunty 一起购物,这还是第一次亲身体验呢~ 可是就被误认为是她们的朋友 -_- 好在她们其实看起来都很年轻~ 就像我妈咪一样 :P

看见她们花钱刷卡“晒”得很开心,可怜我在一旁站着看,因为没有老公代还 Credit Card 账目,还得看我老爸的脸色。还有,因为她们买的衣服款式我都没有兴趣。阿姨还赞我很乖,因为我很省钱,哇哈哈哈哈。其实,是因为肥了,所以很多衣服我想买,但穿不下。但是最后还是给我在 Subang Parade 里的 Blook Boutique 买了一条花裙,一件衣服还有一双鞋子 \:D/

总而言之,就像我舅母所说的,今天购物还比做工来的累呢~ 爽!

Monday, January 09, 2006




是发展商 Motif Era 的错吗?为什么要趁上课时间坚持拆校?
是华社,社会,我们的错吗? 没有团结一致,为新中讨个公道?

只可怜那 46 位学生在新学年一开始就失去了母校!




广安,志伟看新中,Ken Lee 看白小原校,我却看白小 (新校)。

那天带着刚上一年级的表弟到白沙罗华小上课,听一位家长汗颜:“我的家离开这里步行十分钟,塞车却塞到 1 个小时才进到学校。”

虽贵为“新校”,却没有一点良好的交通规划!我以为白小原校拆是因为地点不方便的问题,怎料拨出新地建新校,问题仍旧没有解决。没有大操场,没有基本的礼堂,校园窄小,一年级的新学生已经多达 12 班,一班 50 个人。啊,现在我才知道当初我就读圣母华小是多么的幸福。

是 Damansara 地价贵的问题吗?




踏入白小,阿姨对我说,感觉像踏进了宏愿学校。新生中,一班里面至少有 3 位友族小学生。12*3 = 36,一年级里面已经有 36 位友族同胞;以前一整个学校才见到 3 位而已。



Sunday, January 08, 2006


1月7日早上 8.30 就起来了,细雨纷飞的早晨却掩盖不了我的兴奋,因为又可以和我亲爱的朋友们聚在一起!

聚在小小的 Redbox 房里有我,光珠,家勤,玮轩,文钦,坤豪,当然还有尼古拉斯 Birthday Boy!

从来没有试过唱 Karaoke 可以唱得这么尽兴!也许是因为最近常在 office 听 Alex 他们开华语流行歌曲,也可能是因为这一行人比较相投,总之是让我大展歌喉,唱得大汗淋漓,直呼“爽”!

好想用张智成的《快乐》来形容这一天,特别点给我所有的朋友,还有尼古拉斯 Birthday Boy,祝你们天天都快乐!\:D/

# 快乐是可以分享的 快乐需要一些过程
快乐总是能被记得 因为记忆只留下美好的

你问 我怎么那么神 这些智慧该如何才获得
爱你 我认识了快乐 它帶我上了难得的一课

有了你开心D 乜都称心满意

我与你永共敘 分分钟需要你
你似是阳光空气 #

对了,你们就像我的阳光,空气! 好高兴,与你们渡过这美好的一天,还有光珠对我说的“我们一起,三年好象一天!”

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sweet Dreams





I've been having dreams of late
Sweet, candy dreams
All of you
My dear friend

Is it because we have come too close?
We have known each other for so long
Falling in love only takes time
But both of us know we aren't meant to be

Missing that sweet feeling
When you gave me a kiss
A kiss that touched my heart
Like meeting two twins who've been flung apart

I really don't know
What to do
When I've fallen in love with my best friend

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bad Bad Last Day of 2005!

Just when I thought that I could wrap up the year in peacefulness and glee, something out of the blue happened... one hour before 2005.

My cousins had just come from all over to countdown at my aunt's house in Kota D, consisting of Melina & Selina the twins, Jie Ren & Jie Ke the babies, and of course the cousin's living here, Jia Sheng & Je Xi and Jia Yi.

Since children are profoundly known for the voluminous appetite, my aunt, kind as she is, went to buy satay for them to eat while waiting for the countdown. So I volunteered to go along, seeing that it was almost midnight and bad Indonesians are lurking in the dark around Kota D, but to my horror, I saw my auntie's small Kancil stuffed full of BABIES... !#$@#!^#@!!!

I was like... "What are the BABIES doing in the car?!?!?!?!" And my aunt told me that the babies' mother wanted to have a few moments of peace and quiet without the naughty boys in her hair.

So okay... we reached the Satay stall, and my aunt told us to stay in the car, while dumping me her handbag and telling me to jaga it. And off she went to buy the satays. And within a few minutes, Jie Ke (SMALLEST BABY) was crying and crying and threatening to throw up all over the car seats! With quick thought... I hurriedly asked Melina to hold him out of the car, and threw up he did! And some of the vomit hit Melina's feet too! And Melina was screaming and screaming at the yucky goo... while Selina was yakking away at her phone to god-knows-who.

Then he sat back down on the driver's seat... and continued crying and crying and crying like it was the end of the year. Which coincidentally was.

And he wanted to throw up AGAIN. Oh my heavenly father. So this time I opened up my car door and brought him up to throw up on the road, while asking for tissues and tissues from the car.

And by God, that must've been the time that the handbag slipped out of the car, and onto the ground. And whoever picked it up in the twinkle of an eye... was nowhere even seen by the 6 pair of eyes in/surrounding the mini-car.

And we had a hell of a moment when my aunt prepared to leave and found that her handbag was missing. And of course, I was to blame. Because I was supposed to look after the bag, damnit!!!

But Thank God, my aunt had taken out her purse (with her credit cards and cash and all~) AND her newly bought handphone (2-3 days old)... so nothing big was inside the handbag. Geez. Talk about spending the rest of the year in shame...

I guess some superstitions maybe true after all~ like what my aunty said when she came out of the shower that very night BEFORE we went for the satay spree. She said she was wearing a black shirt instead of a red one, a red one would start the New Year off with a good bang.

IF only she had wore a red shirt that night.

And today, the chandelier (not really a REAL chandelier) hanging on top of the dining table in her house fell down and broke into a thousand splinters while she was out. After that she found out it was the maid's doing by swinging it too hard while cleaning it.

Really, fate or negligence?

Some others, like Dr. Liew Boon Horng, would never know. Peace be with him.