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Recently more and more people are visiting Busan, South Korea, so here you go, my self-compiled list of interesting places to visit in Busan. :-) I will keep adding to this page from time-to-time if I explore and discover more places of interest!

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1) Haeundae beach (Line 2) - South Korea's best beach and featured in the 2009 movie Tsunami. See the beach covered with the record-high number of parasols (listed in Guinness Book of Records), bikini girls and "thong-man" in the summer. Feed crumbs to the huge flock of seagulls in autumn and winter. Also, pay a visit to the APEC Nurimaru House.

2) Gwangan beach (Line 2) - Take an evening jog/ stroll along Gwangan beach and check out the Diamond Bridge (Gwangan Bridge) with its multi-thousand LEDs at night.

3) Dadaepo beach (Line 1 Sinpyeong, bus) - See the big musical fountain in summer and get wet in it! Also the rock concert in summer. Take bus No. 2, 11, 96, 98 from Sinpyeong Station or Goejeong Station.

4) Ilgwang beach (East Busan, bus) - A small, secluded and peaceful beach away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. Go to Gijang and eat blowfish afterwards.

1) Beomeosa Temple (Line 1) - The best temple in Busan, located on Geumjeong mountain. Go there for the beautiful autumn colours. Has temple stay programme. If you're interested in autumn hiking, there is a trail up to the North Gate of Geumjeongsanseong Fortress.

2) Haedong Yonggung temple (Line 2, bus)  - A beautiful temple with the most amazing seaviews. Go there to see multicolored lanterns in May for Buddha's Birthday. Take bus 181 from Haeundae Station.

1) Vesta spa (Line 2) - Spend a night at this spa and wake up to the beautiful views overlooking Haeundae beach in the morning. This spa is on top of Dalmaji Hill, the most beautiful place to view cherry blossoms in spring. Take a midnight stroll along Moontan Road and bask in the full moon. Take a taxi from Haeundae Station.

2) Oncheongjang (Line 1) - Visit the largest spa in Busan "Horshimchung" spa.

3) Shinsegae Spaland (Line 2 Centum City) - Visit the most luxurious spa in Busan, with its curious, multi-themed sauna and relaxation rooms. Get a foreigner's discount coupon at the Shinsegae information counter which entitles you to a 20% discount and free drink. Downside: Only 4 hours max and cannot overnight.

4) Aqua Palace (Line 2) - Another luxurious spa where you can overnight. Located at Gwangan beach and Haeundae.

1) Seomyeon (Line 2) - Downtown of Busan. Visit the underground shopping area for the cheapest clothes in Busan and the Lotte Department Store. Lots of bars and pubs here too.

2) Nampodong (Line 1) - Nice street shopping and street food. Buy your camera at great deal here. Also visit the indoor musical fountain which plays every hour in the Lotte Department Store. Visit the sky garden of Lotte Department Store for a breathtaking view of Nampodong area at night.

3) Busan National University (Line 1) - Nice university street shopping! Lotsa cheap clothes (blazers, bags etc.) for the university-age crowd.

4) Centum City Shinsegae Department Store (Line 2) - The biggest department store in the world (Guinness Book of Records). Expensive taste! Check out the Kyobo bookstore and Ice Rink. Remember to get your foreigners' coupon at the front desk!

5) Costco (Line 2 Suyeong/ Millak, bus) - American wholesale hypermart. Get your cheese and beef salami here! And eat the gigantic pizza and pile on the onions and mustard. Take bus 54 from Suyeong bus station.

1) Igidae (Line 2 Kyungsung/Pukyong, bus) - Visit the Igidae cliff/ beach area with its scenic views.

2) Taejongdae (Line 1 Nampodong, bus) - Hop on hop off the small choochoo train that brings you around the Taejongdae area. The cliff and lighthouse views are amazing.

1) Antioch International Ministry (AIM) (Line 2 Suyeong) - Visit the Christian English service here which starts 10.45am every Sunday morning. It's an international church so we welcome foreigners from all over the world to gather to praise and worship God together! ^^ Check out the website at

2) Pukyong National University home group and Bible Study (Line 2) - On Thursday evenings students from around gather at a home group for fellowship and study God's Word together. It's fun! ^^

Other interesting places to visit
1) Yellow flower (Line 2 Sasang) - The yellow rapeseed flowers bloom end of March and April. You can also ride a bicycle here.

2) Jagalchi fish market (Line 2) - Check out the weird and most unimaginable sea creatures you'll find them all here at the wet market. Just walk over from the PIFF square in Nampodong.

3) Eulsokdo Nakdong Estuary (Line 1) - A beautiful wetlands for migratory bird-watching for all seasons. You can also ride a bicycle here. Take a bus from Sinpyeong Station.

4) Chinatown (Line 1 Busan Station) - For homesick Malaysians, eat your fill of dragon dumplings, tangsuyuk and fried mandu here! And wash it all down with a piping hot bowl of soybean milk. If you need any Chinese cooking stuff here is a great place to get it too.


how informative. i'd love to visit south Korea one day.

much love from Malaysia.

-Triffany Leo
Princess Cheryl said…
So nice to be in Korea!! I miss Korea.. never get the chance to go to Busan yet...
Xweing said…
Triffany Leo & Princess Cheryl, thanks for dropping by!
hy_maniac said…
Hi. I'm going to study at Pukyong for 4 months. my friend and I are Christian (protestant) and we would like to find a church with english service nearby, can u give us a hand on it? thank you.

you can email me:

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