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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tango @ Chaweng Beach, Samui

Reading all the Kenny Sia travel logs makes me feel like blogging about my travels again. Haha~ although I haven't been to as many places as him :P

Plus I found out that I left out the introduction of the hotel I stayed in Koh Samui! I specifically wanna intro this because we had quite a great deal as it's having a promo period till 15th Dec, and I think you should too! Only THB1500 (RM150) per room per night! Go to to find out more about hotel room and rates.

Tango Beach Resort is one of the many boutique hotels in Koh Samui. Bright, colourful, tastefully decorated, yet rustic at the same time, it's owned by an interior designer, which explains all. We fell in love at the first sight of it -- the place looks exactly like the pictures in its website! Located on the slightly northern part of Chaweng beach, it's more secluded and less noisy, yet it's a convenient 10-mins walk to the main tourist area of Chaweng central.

Tango - The Adventure Never Ends

View of Chaweng beach from the dining area on a peaceful Sunday morning
Dining area in the evening

Tango dining

Tango has a little beach-side restaurant that offers Thai/ Western food. I wish I'd the chance to have a lovely romantic beach-side dinner there...

Nice Toilet - bathrobes available!

Rainfall showerhead
The room - the bed is king-sized, comfy & with clean sheets!

And did I mention the room comes fully equipped with TV, hairdryer, mini-fridge, bottled water refilled everyday, ample towels for you to go swimming, clothes-hanger outside, etc...?


Pool at dusk

The next best thing to having a beach at the backdoor of your hotel is having a little pool in which you can take a dip when you get sick of salt-water. It also has a jacuzzi and a kids' slide... what more can you ask for?

We liked our stay so much that we extended our stay to 3 nights! Lovely... try out Tango if you're going to Samui! :-)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clean bill of health!

Today marks my last day of medical check-up for hepatitis. Seeing that all my liver enzyme counts are back to normal without any medication for one month, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health!

Doc: "You'll not be seeing me again. I give you a clean bill of health."
Me: ^__^ (But felt a bit sad not to see the quaint little man again.. *touch wood)

Just then my h/p rang an SMS tone.

Doc: "Must be your boyfriend."
Me: "Nolah." (I knew it was someone wanting to rent room.)
Doc: "Are you not planning to get married?"
Me: -__-''' "But we just started to paktoh only wei..."

Why the doctor so likes to ask about Leonard I dunno (each time, man!!)... hahah... but all the same, I'll miss this quaint old fellow. :)

*Flowers for my 5th month anniversary! ^__^

Hello Kitty!

昨天是我和 Leonard 的 five-month anniversary (是的,每个月都要庆祝!这是 Berry 教的 wahaha..),我们决定到 Juru Auto-city 的 Penang International Lantern Festival - “Hello Kitty & Friends Penang Safari” 参观。

其实看 Hello Kitty 这种超可爱的东西,通常是 Berry 的喜好(虽然我房间里也有 Hello Kitty 相架和首饰盒,嘻嘻)。但人云亦云,加上 weekday 有买一送一的票价优惠,那么我也去凑下热闹咯~

*抱歉照片拍得很昏暗因为是用我的 SE Camera phone 拍的,比较清楚的要等 Pik Lay 那架相机 upload 了照片才可以看。若要看非常漂亮的请参观同屋男友 Vkeong 的部落格。

昨天晚上不是很舒服,等八点槟威大桥上没塞车才开车到对岸去。在日本餐厅(忘了叫什么名)吃了一碗清淡的清汤 udon,但是贪吃 wasabi,结果眼泪还是簌簌地流。:P

Hello Kitty 和男友 Dear Daniel 好像在 welcome 我们呢!

Jodie & Cathy on a tree!

在 Hello Kitty 彩灯的照辉下,整个地方变得很 magical。现场还有摩天轮,但我没有坐,因为我穿短裙。

I'm obsessed with a pink elephant!

除了 Hello Kitty 之外,还有很多其他的大型灯笼,如恐龙、小鸟、老虎、昆虫、熊猫之类的。


Hello Kitty's other friends...

Cathy 肮脏了

Rory the squirrel

And Leonard, FYI, Fifi is one of Hello Kitty's friends -- a sheep.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


不知曾几何时,公司的人开始叫我 XW。
每一次叫我 XW,就是要问我东西或是要叫我做东西。

Project 结束了,但外号仍留。
现在每次在 email 或 IM 看见
XXX: “Hey XW”

Teardrops keep falling on my hand

这两天不知怎的,眼泪一直不由自主从眼角处簌簌流出,滴在我打着键盘冰冷的双手上。就象歌曲“Raindrops are falling on my head”,此刻虽有眼泪流出,但心境是快乐的。:-)听说最近有感冒菌飞来飞去,很多人生病。今天的我头轻轻的、喉咙痛、身体微烧; 也许,我就快加入他们的行列了吧~没关系,明天要去做 checkup,到时顺便请教医生便可。

为什么心境快乐呢?昨天晚上和一班同事好像小孩子那样到 Sg. Nibong 草场点灯笼,在一个 weekday 有这样的节目,把闷气一扫而去,好好玩。^_^ 加上今天是我和他的五个月纪念日,我们今晚要去 AutoCity 看 Hello Kitty!\:D/ 只是奇怪一件事情,为什么大家看到我玩火,会感到害怕呢?为什么玩水可以,玩火不可以?


Mooncake Festival 25 Sept '07

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sparkling kitchen

I don't mean to brag but... I think I've got the best best best-est boyfriend in the world!!!

On Sunday I came back from Ipoh carrying many bags and food and stuff. Then I called Leonard and he said he was at my apartment. "No surprise this time, darling..." So I was not expecting any flowers nor gifts, which was fine by me anyways... haha.

When I opened my door and went into my kitchen, it was sparkling clean!!! He'd replaced the plastic dish-shelf with another larger, 2-tiered one, bought a new cutlery holder and a new soap dish, scrubbed the kitchen counter and the window shelf free of all the oil and grime, and arranged everything neatly! Now my kitchen looks... almost... IKEA! \:D/

And last week he cooked me two chilli dishes on Monday and Tuesday... not bad by boyfriend standards, eh? *gleeful*




Happy 73rd Birthday, Grand-dad!

Host of grandchildren with the Birthday Boy (with the exception of Bin & Aaron who are still in university)

Hehe last Saturday was my maternal grand-papa's birthday celebration... in accordance with the Mooncake Festival and everyone would be back to kampung (Slim River).

He's 73 years old and still very strong! This year he went to many places, like Vietnam, and will be going for a sea-cruise at year-end. The best thing is he's blessed with many grandchildren (13 of us and 1 more on the way). I love him so much! :-)

Wish him a blessed Birthday and may he be blessed with health, longevity and a very happy life!!!

Littlest cousins: Adrian, Jared(gleeful), Jia-yi and Jacob

Jacob stealing a taste of the cake with everyone looking... wahaha!

Jared presenting his trilingual birthday song...


Pre-school violence: Here's a video of the naughty Jacob bashing up his elder brother Jared for no reason... "Pow! Wow!"

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Library @ Samui

This is one of my favourite photos from Koh Samui!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today's YM status:

kenlee916: recovered
joseph_3_28: headache
xweing: stomachache

I don't know whether Hau's headache is real or not, nor what Ken has recovered from, but my stomachache is definately real.

It started since Monday - I thought it was due to the spicy food; I had a whole bowl of tomyam for lunch and chilli pork for dinner; on Tuesday, again stomachache - I almost fainted in the toilet like last time after I took the diet tea; and today, the pain hasn't completely subsided.

Maybe it's something else??? I still have one last check-up for my liver.

Going to gym now... hope I don't faint there... on Monday when I went for my karate class my friend commented that I should lose a few pounds. -_-''' So frank. But not to fear, I weighed myself and found out that I'd lost 1 kg. *Gambade*

A Desolate Place

Taking a break from revising all my pre-project prep stuff. I visited some of my friends' blogs, some juniors' blogs and chatted with some friends. That brought me back to think about KL again, about that Friday when I went down to KL.

I think that KL is a very desolate place to live, compared to Penang. Not desolate as in deprived of people, (you know, because the place is practically bustling with people everywhere!) but rather, cold and lonely, with that lack of a human touch. Perhaps I've been away from KL for too long that things seem to fall out of place like an impossibly complicated jigsaw puzzle, too long that I don't know my way anymore, or I can't see a friendly face among those stoned-face bypassers. (Or too friendly, once a girl, who looked like she was just doing some shopping with her friend, practically let go of her friend and RAN towards me in 1 Utama to sell a NuSkin product.)

Some people would disagree with me that Penang feels the same to them too! Or maybe it's just that normal feeling when you don't know the place... when that place does not feel like home to you. Some of my best friends say they hated Penang, can't wait to get out of Penang... then left Penang.

In KL, I feel out of control, without my car; lack of yearning, without my cozy apartment; devoid of spirit, when all the places seem so far between each other. If you don't have a car in KL, you might as well spend all of your rest-time getting from one dot to the other. Even if you have a car, you might very well fall asleep behind the wheel in the traffic jam. I still remember I was so tired once in the bus from Sunway back to Pudu, that I actually fell asleep standing, holding on to the railing. Nicholas says he puts all his clothes (formal, casual, sportswear) and stuff into his car (like a mini wardrobe) so he can do everything straight in one place in one day.

I get grouchy, facing those stupid taxi-drivers (only the stupid ones!) that try to con you, don't use the meter, argue with you, nor don't know how to get to a place like Kota Damansara! It really sucks the life out of me and I feel down and depressed, standing in the night with the cold wind blowing against my face. Once I was so angry (felt as if my head would burst!) with a bunch of taxi-drivers that charged me RM8 to fetch me just a few meters (it was 9p.m.) from Ikea to Mutiara Damansara, I turned my head and ran all the way (there were many foreign construction workers around...) back to the doorstep. I just felt so angry that I had to hold back my tears from bursting. Stupid bullies!

I just don't know what I'd turn into if I'd continued building my career in KL. Would I further turn into a hot-tempered, mean grouch and start lashing out at my loved ones? Or would I crumble at the pressure and just give in, and turn into a lesser, obligating version of myself?

In Penang, my life is in my hands. Everything is just a 10 min drive away (excluding Georgetown) - the gym, Queensbay, Giant, sundry market, hill, beach, office, my apartment - I feel my time is fully utilized and not gone to waste. But sometimes KL seems so exciting and hectic, and I'm tempted to just move there and go with the flow. But after Friday, I might as well rethink, and think hard.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Meet The Simpsons!

This is how we'd look like if we were one of The Simpsons!
Meet Leo & Xweing Simpson.
Check this out:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tea-time @ The Apartment

Friends @ The Apartment

星期六中午,约了一班好友到 The Curve 相聚。这一次聚会也有目的...( 哈?相聚也有目的?)目的... 主要就是向大家介绍我的男友咯...

Lunch 在 Ikea café 里吃... 其实我是想吃朝思暮想的 Swedish meatballs and raspberry sauce,很可惜,menu 上没有了。:( 只好改吃 salmon and roast chicken。

吃过饭,我们全部到 Ikea 走走选购家具。我买了一个 RM6 的钟,一个 bathroom hanger,一个 sieve,还有 RM5 三个的木相架 (our weekend project!)。等国鑫也来了,我们转地方到 The Apartment @ The Curve 喝茶。

Me @ The Apartment!

看见别的部落客介绍 The Apartment 多了,到那里去,还是第一次。听说那里东西又贵,又不好吃,可是胜在一点,就是地点事宜,气氛又好!

The Apartment 是一个少见的主题餐厅,个人本身很喜欢它的 tagline “We want to take you home”。The Apartment 里面装饰得像一个人舒适的住家一样,好客的得空邀得三两个知己来家里谈心。主题餐厅里分好多个 section,有 storeroom,living area, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, 还有一个阁楼 area (楼上关了我们上不去)。不好彩的话,就坐在 bathroom section 咯,好像在冲凉房里吃饭一样,真恶心。我们坐在 living area 的一个大桌子那里,坤豪说我们这一个 section 好像 meeting room 一样,全部好像正正经经地在开会。-_-''' 希望开办人见好就收,别多开一间主题 The Office 的餐厅就好了!

久违了的国鑫,look at that tattoo, man!!

家勤也携同男友一起来... 祝你们幸福!!^_^

国鑫从韩国买一对 trendy 的耳环给我,坤豪却说象做 kuih kapit 的模 -_-'''

害我花了 RM4 的无味 peppermint cupcake~

傍晚时分,阿姨带我们到 Titiwangsa Lake 去看看 Eye On Malaysia。本想两人拍拖时一起坐,但看阿姨一家人都来了(他们已经坐过了),只好下次先吧~ 晚餐我们到 Setapak 的一家火锅店吃东炎清汤火锅。 ^_^

Ferris Wheel

晚上向阿姨借了辆 Kancil 仔自己走走,兜到 The Curve 去看看。比起两年前我在 Damansara 住,真是加倍热闹多了!上次我到那里,Cineleisure 还是空空的,现在,里面多了好多小 boutique,还有餐馆。又是一个 Time Square wannabe?比起槟城,KL 的衣服,装饰品和鞋子真的是漂亮多了,款式又多,真是很想在那里狂买一番,可惜没有时间。就这样,错过了好几套漂亮的衣服,还有 espadrilles,还有可爱的小 accessories... 唉~ 我真的好喜欢好喜欢 The Curve!!

走到累了,我们停下来在 O'Brien's 买了一杯 Rainforest concoction (里面有 watermelon, raspberry, banana, lemon, etc,一点都不象森林的颜色) 来喝。我握着手中冷冷的杯,望向窗外成群结伴的人潮,再望着他,心里在想,在繁忙的都市,能够找到一个歇脚的地方,再找到一个能一起陪伴在侧的人,得来不易。

The World's Largest Vintage Optimus Prime

On the LRT

第二天,我们从 Old railway station 乘坐四点的 Plusliner 巴士离开。 KL 对我来说,还是一个不熟悉的地方,太多太快的变数,太多陌生的人,太多的孤单和压力要自己承担。但是有了一班友谊永不退色的朋友,一个温暖的被窝,让 KL 的阳光充满了温暖与希望。 :)



又回到 KL 了,这个曾经对我熟悉,但现在又陌生的地方。这一次,我感到不孤单,因为这是我第一次和男友一起到首都去游玩。

这次到 KL 的目的是为了看《张学友光年世界巡回演唱会》。票在四五个月前已经买好,和广安广康还有他们一大班朋友一起凑个热闹。到那一天才知道原来买的票是对号入座,结果 Leonard 想多买一张也不能了。但是买不到票的朋友不用担心,这不是最后一次演唱会,因为张学友说他会唱到 70 岁!

进入 Bukit Jalil stadium,整场是 full house 的,可见歌神的魅力。这是我第一次观赏张学友演唱会,真的是太好听了,加上现场气氛(灯光,背景,pyrotechnics,streamers),真是比 CD 还好听... 只能说一句: Jacky Cheung is awesome!!!


演唱会最值得的部分是他插入了一场短短的综合式歌舞剧,一半是《雪狼湖》,一半是《如果爱》,让错过《雪狼湖》的我也有机会见识一下张学友的歌舞台魅力。Encore 时间到了,有一些人竟然 encore 一到,就走了... 奇怪。广康说,没有可能就酱完了!还有酱多经典歌曲还没出炉... 我发觉到,听众多数为他的经典曲而来,张学友问:“不如我唱一些新歌,好吗?”听众:“唔好啦...” 哈哈哈。

接下来,他又演唱了 11 首经典歌曲,其中有我最喜欢的《我真的受伤了》(吉他班有学弹)、《心如刀割》、《她来听我的演唱会》、《蓝雨》、《暗恋你》。听着《她来听我的演唱会》时,我更是感慨万分,觉得这首歌好像在形容我当时的心情,一个人静静地听演唱会。

The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour '07

演唱会完了,我到思敏家留宿。真是麻烦她和她的家人,凌晨一点还要塞车到 Bukit Jalil 接我。

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Teambuilding at E&O Hotel

Thanks to Siang Leng's high recommendation, I had the chance to go for a lovely and fulfilling teambuilding dinner at Eastern & Oriental Hotel on Monday. Well there was another activity prior to the buffet dinner - futsal - but since I'm not involved in the game (not in the least bit interested either), I think I shall just skip that and focus on the buffet instead (Khoon Hau said I always remember eat only...) :P

Located beside the sea, the E&O Hotel is a remnant of the colonial days, with its charming white walls, faint yellow lights and exquisite, tasteful interior decor. However I wasn't in the mood to linger nor snap any photos because it was not a romantic night out, but a night to eat and eat and eat.

So I went straight for the buffet table at Sarkies Corner. There are different buffet themes for each day of the week. Mondays are International Buffet - "East meets West". It costs RM52++ with credit card discounts.

Being a huge fan of BBQ, of course my first choice was to make a beeline for the grilled lamb cutlets, stuffed mussels, and salmon! The food was neverending, the grill was replenished with new meat every few minutes - stuffed lobster, codfish (I missed out on this!), big scallops, crab (least memorable, tasted of the sea), satay (Missed too!) etc. Very worth it because of the lobster, codfish, scallops and salmon! As a result I got a severe lump in my throat afterwards.

I was dreaming of sashimi a few days ago... there was raw salmon in front of me now (ate to my heart's content), raw mussels and raw fish. But no raw oyster! So to this day I still don't know what raw oyster tastes like (imagining)! For Oriental food lovers, a chef rolled up thin slices of Peking duck in crepe, something like a duck popiah. Nice!! Not forgetting herbal soup, tomyam soup etc. The more common Malaysian buffet-ware were nasi kunyit, curry chicken, beef rendang, lamb cutlets... nothing really special.

For my sweet tooth, there was a medley of cakes and dessert available... I tried the tiramisu, chiffon cake (too stuffed by then to try cheese cake), scones, icecream with strawberries... etc. However, I feel the dessert can be improved, because it's not exquisite enough and not delectable enough for my palate.

For RM52++ per pax (free for us this time, of course), to have such a nice BBQ and raw salmon, again, I think it's one of the most worthwhile buffets around. I overheard some colleagues saying this is the best buffet he's been to... and another said to another junior, "You lucky lah! I work for 3 years only get this kind of buffet!" Hahaha! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


我坐在理发店的椅子上看着一本女人杂志,专题访问对象是蒙嘉慧。蒙嘉慧浓眉粗眼,皮肤白皙亮丽,身材均匀,该瘦的地方瘦(手脚),也算是美女一个。如何保持美丽?她说,要多喝水,多吃水果,和多喝汤水。她推荐了一种汤,有美容滋润作用,叫做粉葛鲮鱼汤。粉葛我就知道,鲮鱼呢?罐头鲮鱼我就看过,可是真正的鲮鱼要怎样在巴刹选? 又什么用猪腱煲什么参什么的... 猪腱到底是什么??香港人对吃很有研究,对汤的学问更是厉害。如果可以的话,真的要好好学习一番!

我无聊看着《法政先锋》,又是蒙嘉慧,扮演高级督察,和欧阳震华有一点暧昧关系。欧阳震华的爸爸传了一本祖传煲汤秘方给她,叫她得空时煲给欧阳震华喝。蒙嘉慧对欧阳震华说,“我可不是随便煲汤给人喝的。” 有时候想煲汤给朋友喝,真的是纯粹而已,但想起这一句话,就反而觉得不好意思了,免得人家乱乱想。你说对吗?


出来工作后,偶尔煮几碟清淡的,加上那药材瘦肉汤,老黄瓜汤,或是 ABC 汤,胃道的享受可是抵消了一整天工作的辛劳。男友从少喝汤被我渲染到喜欢喝汤了,有时候煲个十全大补汤给他喝,简单又补益!喜欢喝汤,可是又怕没有时间的话,买个 slow cooker,买一点汤料瘦肉早上洗净切片丢进去煲一整天,保好喝!何乐而不为呢?

Thursday, September 06, 2007


我有个朋友,总是很喜欢 zat 我说我很喜欢去玩,短短一年内就请假去了这么多地方。每一次听了我心里就浮过一丝不悦:

第二,请假是用我的 annual leave 的,而且是没有多拿超过一年的,而且要向你申请吗?



每个人的旅游模式都不相同,有些人喜欢背包旅行(把背包丢在酒店里还算不算是背包旅行),有些人喜欢自助旅行,有些人喜欢享受式的旅行,有些人喜欢去第三世界国家,有些人只要去第一世界国家。其实我觉得没什么必要大家歧视大家,有钱就享受咯,去贵一点的地方;没有钱就自食其力以下自己 Internet booking,等便宜机票,去便宜一点但照样风光明媚的地方。也不要用那种先入为主的眼光看待人家,好像那个人去惯享受式旅行就一定不懂背包旅行,正所谓: give everybody a chance 嘛。

我很喜欢陈绮贞一首歌《旅行的意义》,虽然跟旅行扯不上什么关系,但是旅行的意义对我说就是如此: 简单,快乐。不要介意人家说什么,只要用心感受,那一份快乐就是属于你自己而不是别人的。:)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Koh Samui - Part 2: Island Tour

Day 3

Since we didn't want to go for elephant and monkey shows on the guided island tour, we rented a Fifi lookalike for THB1500 (for 24 hours) to go around ourselves. Designated driver - Leonard! We started off from Chaweng beach, taking an anti-clockwise route round the island.

Big Buddha

I think the most significant sightseeing destination (other than beaches!) on Koh Samui would be the giant Buddha. After passing through winding, sandy, island/ kampung roads and some idyllic little guesthouses and shops, we reached Big Buddha in 15 mins.

Leonard got bonked by scary Predator

Many shops in Koh Samui are decorated with these larger-than-life sized Alien and Predators. Do THAT many tourists buy metallic figurines??


Located at Wat Phra Yai on a little island off the shore, this Buddha is 15m tall. It was built in 1972. Seen so many Buddhas recently... Lantau Island, Bangkok's Sleeping Buddha... and now this.

Big Bell at the temple

After visiting Buddha, I tried out my luck at one of those coin-inserting, light-flashing devices at the entrance. The machines ranged from all the days of the week depending on which day you were born on. Why would anybody remember what's her birthDAY (literally), except her MOM who would forever remember the extreme pain she had to go through on that day? So I asked mom, then put my coin into the "Monday-child" machine and some words lighted up. Damn. I had never read my luck in my entire life and I had to get a 下下签 (worst luck ever) on my first try, and early in the morning too. Nevermind, that didn't spoil my mood :P

Tidbits at Nathon Market

We stopped by Nathon Town. Leonard bought the Bangkok Post for a whopping RM2++. And to think I complained a lot when The Star increased its price to RM1.50. But the Bangkok Post is a really nice read! It's commentaries are food-for-thought, frank, and sharply written (I'm guessing press freedom is in a better state there) by university intellectuals and its many expats. Heck, it also features The World Is Flat author Thomas L. Friedman among its many columnists! Do you see that in any Malaysian newspaper?

We were thinking of having lunch at some little authentic Thai eateries frequented by locals and we thought Nathon Market would be just that. But no, it's really a real marketplace. Smaller than Gunung Rapat market, lots smaller than Phnom Penh Old Market. But luckily it was clean.

Chillis for sale!

Leonard bought some foul-smelling young bamboo shoots here as tidbits but threw it later after the stench filled his hotel room. My kampung house also makes those for lunch sometimes, you can try it there next time.

More foul-smelling food

Now you durian-lovers out there don't get me wrong, when I said foul-smelling bamboo shoots earlier, I really meant it! Of course Mom and Leonard and Dad HAD to try out the Thai durian when they saw it.

Disapproving snivel

I, on the other hand, didn't want to reek of smelly durian and had to end up with an empty stomach without any lunch :(

Cool mom

Cool daughter

Namuang 1 Falls

I wanna jump into the cold, refreshing water

Of course, waterfalls are abundant in Malaysia but since we had nothing much to sightsee on the island we might as well cool in the shade. Mom said she had seen enough of tropical waterfalls and was not impressed. Leonard and I, however, took off like little bunnies hopping through the rocks to reach the cool water.

Playing elephant (Can you spot Jumbo behind my head?)

Mom and dad resting in the shade

Beautiful skies

I think serenity is something that comes effortlessly when you are surrounded by the beauty of nature and your loved ones. At that moment, listening to the sound of the wind whispering through the trees and the trickling of water beneath my feet, I found peace, love and happiness right there.

We couldn't go up to Namuang 2 Falls because it was too steep and we were not in a 4-wheel drive. Even elephants can't reach Namuang 2. So I guess this is for you, hikers!

Mummified Monk

I didn't take any pictures of this mummified monk cos it's the ultimate scare. This guy was so venerable that when he died of old age, his body did not decay and so his disciples placed him in a glass case as a display of respect and Buddhist faith. He has on a pair of cool shades too... I guess his eyeballs already dropped out.

Lamai Beach/ Hinta Hinyai

Next, we headed to Lamai Beach which is the next popular beach after Chaweng. Restaurants, shops and rowdy crowds are less here, which in turn makes it a more quiet spot for holidayers.

Simply divine

I wanna build a little hut here and read books and watch Astro and catch fish to grill and swim in the sea and bask in the sun all day long...

*Me reliving my dream*

Notice the peach-coloured scrunchy on my left hand? I lost it while swimming at Chaweng beach...

Coconut trees swaying on the beach

Personally, I have this innate fear of lying/ sitting/ standing under coconut trees because I do not intend to become the Newton-that-was-not-hit-by-an-apple-but-hit-by-a-coconut-instead.

Fear is not a Factor!!

Actually I thought the rocks behind were Hinta Hinyai so I posed with them. Then someone realised they don't look like the real Hinta Hinyai so we set off to find the real couple stones. It was quite adventurous, we had to sorta like abseil down a huge rock with the help of a knotted rope to get to the real Hinta Hinyai beach. So scary! I scraped my knee...

And when we got there, we found out that we had made a wrong turn previously and there was actually an easy way of getting to the beach... by car! But okay-lah, what is a holiday without a little bit of adventure...?

The Fab Four

The whole place was just rocks and rocks under the glaring sun with a wide, endless view of the bright sparkling sea. Standing on the huge flat rocks with the wind in my hair, felt like a Mild Seven advertisement.

Shift your focus and you will see Hinta rearing its head behind

Hinta and Hinyai, or fondly known as the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, are naturally shaped by the environment to look like human reproductive organs. Click on the link! No kidding... they really, really look like a d*ck n p*ssy!!


Just like an inexperienced teenager, try as we might, we couldn't find the p*ssy-hole. So I'm guessing it could be any one of these three. The left one, perhaps? The websites say that Hinta and Hinyai face each other. Tell me if you go to Koh Samui and find it! :)

Yoga on the rocks

Being the super-Mom that she is, she's always game for anything -- even a bout of yoga stances on the slanted, slippery rocks!!

Dragged me in too... *YIKES!!*


Stopped at the viewpoint at Lamai beach. Unfortunately it was closed for renovation, so we went into a beachfront villa that was under construction instead. It was built against the slopes, something like Damansara Heights, with added seaview.

I wish I live in a place like this


Happy!! ^__^

Chaweng Beach


This is central Chaweng, the main beach that most tourists go to. We sat there for a while, basking in the warmth of the late afternoon sun. Later at night we came back again after dinner for a romantic night-stroll on the beach. We lighted 孔明灯, a lantern invented by 诸葛亮 in wartime China to send army signals for reinforcement.


I had lighted kongmingdeng many times during my uni days, as a part of the CNY festivities. Light a candle at the bottom of the kongmingdeng. Just like a hot-air balloon, when the inside of the kongmindeng is filled with hot air, it will go up. We used to write our wishes down using marker pen on the white paper and stand on chairs hoisting the lantern while waiting for the hot air to carry it up. I remember I was scolded once because I accidentally tore a hole in the lantern with my slipper. Calamity!


Last, we visited the outside of the Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) stadium at Samui town. We didn't go in because it was THB800 per ticket -_-''' Just to watch some bloodshed. I hated the sound of the Muay Thai advertisement blaring from the horns... "Muay Thai.. Muay Thai.. Come and watch the champions fight.. Come and watch the champions fight.. Best of the Best.. Best of the Best.." It was like some communist propaganda blaring over and over again compelling people to go join their bloody cause!