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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wait A Minute Girl, why you're leavin' like that?

I'm leaving for Cambodia on Saturday morning. It's the year-end trip... which I feel excited yet scared to take... it's a journey to the more under-developed parts of the world.

Deep down I'm actually not that adventurous afterall, I'd rather be on an idyllic holiday sunbathing on a hammock on a bright white beach under shady palm trees and not give a damn about which market to visit next, what food I must try.

Not to mention my greatest fear of forgetting to bring something... even though I've packed myself for more trips that I can remember I still get tensed up at the slightest notion of something slipping thru my mind.

Ah, what the heck... I've packed my one little bag and I'm ready to go... 旅行本来就应该是这样子,简单,随兴,容易。

Happy New Year, everyone, while I'm not around... I guess in faith-challenged times like these everyone should have their duty of praying for peace and hope throughout the world... no more natural disasters, no more war, no more insanity streaks, and no more whales dying stranded in shallow waters. 没有天灾,没有人祸。'07 新年快乐,大家。

A splashin' good time!

We had our Q4 SD Teambuilding Event in The Carnivall - Water & Land of Excitement, Sg. Petani.

Scary, but FUN! Water slide... I had 4 rounds on it... wahahaha
And what a splashin' good time it was! \:D/
Leap Ahead!
My colleagues... some of them might be old... but they're all still YOUNG at heart! Kekeke ^_^

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Days of Christmas...

On the first day of Christmas
dear WEFT gave to me
a glass teddy candle stand to take away

On the second day of Christmas
dear Kelly gave to me
a Garfield mug to hold my beverages at day

On the third day of Christmas
dear Lih Wen gave to me
two little practical tin boxes she says

On the fourth day of Christmas
dear Chang Fei gave to me
a pretty figurine resembling me made of clay

On the fifth day of Christmas
My roommate gave to me
another teddy candle stand to play!

Thank you!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas '06

Do you have a particularly favourite song, that you just wanna play all over and over again during Christmas?

This year, my favourite Christmas song is, very coincidentally, "The Christmas Song". I just can't help but fall into the beautiful lyrics of this song... and the wonderful memories it brings.
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir And folks dressed up like eskimos
Everybody knows some tofu and some mistletoe Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow Will find it hard to sleep tonight
They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys And goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy To see if reindeer really know how to fly
And so, I'm offering this simple phrase To kids from one to ninety-two
Although its been said Many times, many ways
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to you

This year's Christmas, interestingly, has been a flurry of events to me. First-up was Christmas Carolling at Intel. Then a farewell dinner for a colleague. Then a small appreciation dinner party at my boss's house. Then a family trip to Langkawi on Christmas weekend... and blogging on Christmas day!

Since my church days when I first wore that angel costume in the Nativity scene, I had never imagined that I would end up again on stage carolling to a crowd, more so, to my colleagues and people I didn't know at work.

But Bless the Lord, here I was again given a chance to spread the joyous word, and in the front row, as the Triangle-girl... Ding! We performed 7 songs in total, including:

Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Silent Night
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Jingle Bells
Joy to the World
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad

Jin Wen and I during our final practice in the cafeteria.

Sheau Yiing and I after our performance in the auditorium.

Gosh. Maybe I should just stop taking photos with girls who are fairer than me. Kakaka.

And here we are, all ready and anxious to go on stage! Ding!!

Really felt kinda happy to be carolling on stage, although I miss those performing-days in church with a tambourine in hand. I also missed the chance to go carolling in Queensbay Mall.

Not just that, I also missed the chance to get baptized in church during Christmas Day this year. All because I'm too busy. Busy, busy, busy. Ahh I guess if I really wanted to, just a bit of determination and planning was what I needed to get me to baptism class. No more procrastination. I wanna get baptized on Easter Day next year!

And after work on the carolling day itself, we went to The Ship at Batu Ferringhi for Sheau Yiing's farewell cum "sudden" birthday-party. Well yeah she's right, life has to go on. Wishing her smooth winds and blue skies ahead for her future... :)

The girls with Sheau Yiing

Candid at The Ship!

And finally... Merry Christmas to you...

Monday, December 18, 2006


today is the first day I'm converted to exempt-status (means Permanent!) at Intel.

So I suppose I should be feeling wonderfully happy... for isn't this one of my targets already achieved? (At least one New-Year's resolution off my list...)

But I'm not feeling anything next to glorious today. Perhaps even a little bit blue. I guess I shouldn't have worn my blue ruffled top today.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Mixture of Feelings...

Today my whole day has been a mixture of feelings. Ups-and-downs, ups-and-downs... like on a see-saw when I was small.

In the morning, I was happy and chatty until I saw your Friendster page with her. And I got sad and angry because till now I still feel cheated by you. But after I went to the ATM, I felt my happiness gushing back to me at the sight of all that $$$... does this mean I'm getting more and more materialistic? But I only target those necessities: brand new Sony Ericssons for me and my brother, a pair of new sneakers, a novel or two from Borders, and if I may, throw in a couple of shirts from MNG too. ^_^

I felt a bit frustrated before lunch, I had nothing to do and it all seemed so untrue. But I found my Christmas CD, and my Chris Botti for two... it reminds me of that feeling I had when I saw me in front of you. ^_^ And to add-in, I was driving home after Queensbay last night listening to the Light Lounge on Light & Easy and Chris' version of "The Look of Love" came on air. Being the first time I'd ever listened to a Botti trumpet, I was hooked.

As one review went:
"The effect is haunting, lushly romantic, and full of a sensual warmth that is as spooky as it is silky."

So true. It's a mixture of room and jazz... and I highly recommend you listen to it at night, alone. Brings up those sexy, romantic feelings in you... and makes you feel ultra-urban, albeit a little bit moody. Sorry, I'm complicated.

And at night, I was happy that I managed to catch my bus...
But only because it was L.A.T.E. by O.N.E W.H.O.L.E H.O.U.R.
And I fell into the realm of frustration bundled with tiredness.
But I felt happy again cos I had a nice SMS chat, which drove away some of my boredom and made me smile.
And I felt even happier because when the bus arrived it was squeaky clean and new. This must be one of the newest Sri Majus.
And I had a nice sleep on the bus... but when I reached home it was already 1:30a.m.
And I felt frustrated again cos I broke my personal record by coming home at this devilish hour of late.

ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz. Hope tomorrow I'll have a calm pool of feelings :-)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Caution! Female Driver Inside!!




Haha! Got this from other people's blog... but I think it should be changed to:

In the interest of safety
It is advisable to keep
away from cars and crowded roads.

Time for more of "The Mis-adventures of Xwei"!!!

Well yesterday I was all bright and breezy offering to drive my colleagues out to KFC for the Zinger-MaXXX lunch...

And after work, I was all prepared to go for my long-awaited yoga class. Humming a tune on my way to the car, I felt my bag for my car-keys. *Gone*

Keys!!! Where are you?! Shit... I called my cube-neighbour to ask him if I had left my keys on my desk. He said no. So I rushed back into the office to look for them myself. Really no wor! I thought: Dang, must have left them in one of the toilet cubicles. So I frantically searched in each of the cubicles... but to no avail. Luckily Kevin was there and he nonchalantly remarked that I might have left them in my car. Impossible!!! I'm blur, but I'm not so blur to do that! I DID lock my car with my car keys... wait a moment... or didn't I??!?! I sped off to the carpark... all along hoping that my car hadn't already disappeared into thin air...

When I neared the spot where I parked my car... for the love of God, it was still there! *Thanking my lucky stars* However, the BIG SURPRISE came when I looked in the window and saw my keys... still in the ignition with the engine still running!


After that I officially overdid both Kevin and Leonard to become the blurrest person alive. My colleague remarked that if someone wants to overdo me, he has to leave the keys in the car, in the ignition with the engine still running... AND with the door still open. That would be No. 1 hands-down.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pooh Shopping at Watson's

昨天因为有一些小东西要买,就到 i-Avenue 的 Watson's 便利店逛逛。

平时钱包里若没什么钱,都不会走进去 Guardian 或 Watson's 这种专设给女生的陷阱,因为每次进去,一定不会空着手出来。

我的目标是买 Clearasil 的洗脸霜,因为最近脸上一直长痘痘,使尽法宝都消不去,然后那天看到电视上有打广告,好像很好用,所以决定试试看。结果洗脸霜没有买,却买了同牌的 Pimple Clearing Cream,看背后的资料,应该很好用吧...

然后再买了三粒装的 Ferrero Roche 巧克力... 没办法,女生偶尔会有一些特殊无法不满足的 cravings~ 减肥计划暂抛一边... :P

要付帐时,我看见柜台上有 Pooh promotion,买上 RM30 就可以以 RM7.90 买一个小粒的 Pooh 枕头。突然很想买来装饰我的车,因为总觉得车子后面好像少了什么的,空空的... 可是我买的东西不上 RM30 啊!难得遇见很 nice 的 promoter,他说,没关系,没关系,就照算你 RM7.90 吧。哈哈!结果我买了一个 Pooh 枕头,还有一个 Tigger 枕头。因为 Pooh and Tigger are Best Friends!

哈哈~ 我的车现在变成女生车了~ 哇哈哈... (当初还立下承诺决不会把我的车变成女生车... 结果 bear bear 买了一只又一只,又换 Christmas bear,现在又加 Pooh cushions...) 好不习惯啊!但是看起来好像很 comfy 这样,心情都变好了!:-)

值得一提的事,这间 Watson's 好像很有气氛,与友人结伴,晚上吃饱饭后悠闲地走进这小小的一间店,听着柜台播放好浪漫的圣诞节歌,突然觉得,人生再也好不过了... 小小的满足,换来一整夜的微笑...

只是,好想好想回 KL 看看那 One Utama 的巨型 Mickey Mouse 和 Midvalley 的糖果屋圣诞呢~~

Friday, December 01, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly~

Wahahahaha... Christmas is near!!! And I can't help but feel excited when I hear those Christmas songs on Yahoo Launchcast and see the big tall Christmas trees at Queensbay Mall!

I remember last year I had this year-end office party at my Damansara Heights internship place, and the bright Christmas tree standing grandly in the centre of the office lobby...

And I remember the year before that our D16A housemates & friends went to celebrate Christmas in a very non-Christian way... at a pub in Bangsar. Hahahahaha...!

Missing the times when we were together... and also wishing my dear ex-roomie Chi Shian who is now in South Korea a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Muaks!

More about me, myself and I...

Recently a couple of my friends have blogged a little bit about myself. For more info, you can visit the following links:

Of course, not all points are valid... some are even 欠扁! Wanna know me? Come judge for yourself... :)



昨晚振辉他们叫我吃饭,我建议了在 Relau 的 Von Thai,因为知道志伟爱吃泰国餐,那里又抵吃,而且我还没有尝过。

离开 Intel,已经乌云密布了,天空很黑很黑,下起很大的雨。我转进 Relau 那条多车又狭窄的小路,突然有一股不祥的预感,今晚会有事情发生。电台播起 My Chemical Romance - Join The Black Parade 这首不吉利的歌曲,我睁大眼睛,注意前方的车子。

我看见一辆车子出现在前头,因为路很狭窄,旁边又有很多摩哆,所以我只好退车。我把头转向右边望着后面转进来的车子,一面转动方向盘,一面退车。忽然听见后左方有车笛声,然后就是我的车和他的车碰一声的声音了。天啊,只好撑伞下车和被撞的 Kancil 车主赔不是。好彩只是刮了一条 60cm 长的痕,没有真的扁进去! 就这样,RM100++ 又不见了... 也许我应该严重考虑重操故业做 part-time translation :((

就这样,mood 随着大雨被冲进水沟了。但是振辉请我吃 Baskin Robbins 的 World Class Chocolate 之后,我重新感到世界很美好 :) 谢谢你!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

我不愉快! :-(


听着漂亮的 Doris Day 唱着 “A Christmas Song”,我想起,啊,圣诞节要到了。

I know I shouldn't feel this way, that I should be thankful and grateful for the things that God has given me. But I can't help it... I can't help feeling this way.

最近公司人事变动,同事也可能必须离开公司... 太多事情不明白,长大了,到外面的世界看看,原来事实竟然可以这样残酷。不用说做久了没功都有劳,一句 "You're not competent enough" 就已成足够的理由一脚把你踢走。我对 Berry 慨叹,当你发生事情的时候,不用旨意身边的人能够帮得了你。朋友,又做得了什么?只有自己才可以帮到自己,东家不打,便打西家,这至深的道理,不是我们从小到大看港剧老公被炒,老婆所说的话吗?


家家有本难念的经,也许今天面临事业不顺利的不是我,但我也有自己的烦恼,请你明白。但是,很开心身边有一群支持我的好朋友,在我不快乐的时候与我感同身受,听我诉苦,对我劝解,和我说笑,请我吃饭... 真的,有你们,我相信任何一切我都可以安然渡过。:)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


今天在公司食堂里获赠一张免费书签,为配合大将书行在 Queensbay Mall 内的 Borders 书店开张大吉。

纯白色的书签上印着一座由书籍叠成的灰色双峰塔,左边写着“吉隆坡有一个角落 与中文世界无时差”两行字。

我感觉上顿时回到那下着滂沦大雨的星期六下午,我在 PJ The Curve 的 Borders 里等待你的出现。白净亮丽的书店里人们凝注着手中的书,仿佛时间在这里停止,外面的雷声雨滴全被隔在那落地玻璃窗外,透不进来。

我走过去最靠近的英文分类壁橱,从书架上取下 George Orwell 的 《1984》,在等你的空挡,轻轻地翻阅着。纸片间偶尔夹着隔壁 Starbucks 浓郁的咖啡香,我想,好希望你陪我在那火红色的沙发上好好地看完一本书。我们之间隔着一壶热咖啡,你谈论着你喜欢的文学,我静静地听,看你眉飞色舞地在比手画脚。好喜欢望着你鼻梁上的那副黑框眼镜,你架上它十足像个可爱的大学生,认真的模样却让你成熟不减。我不禁掉入你深邃的眼神。

门铃响起,有人进来了,可是还不是你。我把书放回书架上,转身下电动扶梯,到 Jazz Selection 区取了一片 Diana Krall 的 CD, 戴上重重的 Sony 耳机,细心地感受。Diana Krall 性感的喉音在耳边旋绕,“The look of love is in your eyes The look your smile can't disguise...” 我又陶醉在想你的幻想里面。

听完一片又一片的 CD ,我抬起头,看落地窗外的天空。外边的大雨已经停止,取而代之的是低垂的夜幕,还有对面 Ikea 亮丽的圣诞灯装饰。我从卡其色的背包拿出电话,搜寻你打给我的踪迹。看起来电话并没有响过。在这个角落里,我与你竟然有了时差。你忘了我们的约定吗?没关系,我今天一个人在 Borders 里,在我的幻想里快乐的度过。

我把电话放回背包,甩了甩头发,走出电动门口。不等你了,过了今天,我就离开吉隆坡,到槟城去。我们,会在槟城的 Borders 再见面吗?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Oasis "Let there be Love"

Who kicked a hole in the sky so the heavens would cry over me?
Who stole the soul from the sun in a world come undone at the seams?
Let there be love - Let there be love
I hope the weather is calm as you sail up your heavenly stream
Suspended clear in the sky are the words that we sing in our dreams
Let there be love - Let there be love - Let there be love - Let there be love
Come on baby blue
Shake up your tired eyes
The world is waiting for you
May all your dreaming fill the empty sky
But if it makes you happy
Keep on clapping
Just remember I'll be by your side
And if you don't let go, it's gonna pass you by

Just wanna share a song here by one of my favourite bands. God said in Genesis, "Let there be Light", while Oasis says, "Let there be Love"!

We can't live without Light or Love... so before darkness fills your soul, let there be love :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006






以前的我,在朋友当中看到这样的爱情难题,总会为朋友感到不值,惋惜,甚至是愤怒。都习惯在一起这么久了,为什么要分手?怪离去的那方喜新厌旧,怪他狠心,还是怪他眼睛长在屁股上?长大之后却渐渐发现,爱情原来就是主观题,没有正确的答案,也没有人可以告诉你解决方案。套用一句西洋人的说法:“All is fair in love and war”,爱情要来就来,要去就去,管你感情长达三年三个月什么的,没有一方可以怪,只能怪天不时地不利人不和。

感情就像一包青豆,很可能你在买下来之前就知道自己喜不喜欢吃了。因为是自己买的,所以吃了一颗之后就算不喜欢,也不想这么快丢掉,因为有哪一天自己可能会喜欢上那味道。过了保鲜期限,就变得不舍得,心里想要放在垃圾桶里,就不如放在冰箱上饨着。再过一会儿,人家催了,嘿,你的青豆到底还要不要,不要就丢掉。你就告诉人家,不要,我要等它发芽长成树;心里却明明知道,炒熟了的青豆哪里可能还会发芽成树。直到有一天,自己买了一包Mr. Potato薯片,转过头,就很顺手地把青豆丢进垃圾桶里了。

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Biggest Heist Ever in Malaysia - 12.7mil USD

Adapted from TheStar - A Very Well-Planned Job:

"With the workers under guard, the rest of the robbers set to work on the microchips. In just an hour, they piled 585 cartons and 18 pallets of microchips and motherboards manufactured by a multi-national company in Bayan Lepas into the containers.

The loot estimated to be worth US$12.7mil (RM46.99mil) was said to be the country’s biggest ever heist. And arguably the most audacious, too.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was in Putrajaya, was livid when informed of the robbery. The Prime Minister was very angry over the lack of security. "

The impact:

Adapted from TheStar - Chips could be abroad by now

Pikom chairman, Lee Boon Kok, said the chips, especially the processors, were highly valued and could be transferred across the border fairly quickly.

Lee added that there was a large syndicate that distributed the stolen processors, which the computer industry regarded as a prized commodity. There was also a market for such items as they allowed computer makers to assemble computers at a lower cost.

Lee said although the chips were easily traceable through their serial numbers, the task was difficult as retailers did not report such incidents.

He added that the stolen chips would go through a distribution network where retailers could get them at 10% to 20% less than the market price.

“This actually cripples the IT industry,” he said, adding that manufacturers would find it difficult to compete with the sale of much cheaper machines.

Cases of hijacking of chips could also affect foreign direct investment, he noted.

“Foreign investors will be discouraged by the lack of basic security.”

Lee added that such incidents would also make it difficult for computer manufacturers to insure their goods.

“If this continues, computer manufacturing will be regarded as a high risk business,” he said.

I can't help but ponder, what will become of us? And by us, I mean:
1. My company - my site, will HQ continue to trust in us? Will further actions be taken? How will this affect the employees?
2. My country - our industry, has our credibility dropped to a new low in the eyes of foreign investors? What will become of MAS/ MASkargo? What will become of Malaysia, with our lack of risk-awareness...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Intel Treasure Hunt '06

Many of my friends have been asking me "How's the treasure hunt??" since most of them have never taken part in one before... So, definately I feel obligated to blog about it, especially to the kind souls who were my offline source that day.

My very First Car Hunt :D

Woke up at 6 something to get to Shinca before 7.15am (parking... yesss... I'm still parking!!!) The CarHunt girls all in Intel Involved Blue T-shirts... From left, Jinwen, Lansin, Soekjunn, Piklay, Kerli, Sheauyiing and me... There were altogether 90 cars and 20 prizes (hampers) to be won.
And this, Team KR4 - "Kulim Raiders 4"! Consisting of Soekjunn, me, Chunwai (navigator & Sudoku expert) and Sujea (driver) with his ride!

We flagged off at 8am, and had to reach Intel Kulim site before 1pm max. Could have been earlier if we hadn't got lost at Kulim Hi-tech Park, we reached the final destination at 12.45pm. Along the sunny sweaty way, we had to solve numerous questions by looking hard at the shops' signboards to guess the answer. My friend claims he gets these "Treasure Hunt symptoms" afterwards... always thinking of something fishy when he sees any signboards @_@

One of the things I realised was that in a treasure hunt, the questions are never as direct as you think. It's the words you have to play with in order to get the answer. Shall list down some sample Q&A later, just to give y'all a glimpse... :)

And no, despite our effortless teamwork and brilliance and us being one of the earliest returners, we didn't win a prize... :P Nevermind ppl, now we've got experience, we'll bag it next time! :D

Ending with a group pic... the 4 cars who joined the Intel Malaysia Charity Treasure Hunt '06

My Inadequacies~

God... I'm feeling so inadequate now... feel like an bloody idiot after the interview. No chance there... but felt better after talking to Sujea... Darn, I guess I'll have to cheer up like everybody tells me to... treat this interview as an E.X.P.E.R.I.E.N.C.E! At least I know now where my knowledge sits and what tricky questions are to be asked in the interviews... *solemn face*

I know my basics are not good.
I know I'm slow in picking up.
I know what I know is insufficient...

And if I wanna cont' staying here, there's still so much to learn, to discover! Especially TIMING, the story behind the stories... what I'm doing and how it can benefit the project... O.K. I get the picture... and I shall pick up from here.

Just like what my manager tells me... you can't choose your employability. The only way to guarantee your value is to keep learning and learning!

*Whispers "GAMBATEH" to myself! And thanks for your support, friends :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All American Rejects - It Ends Tonight

Cool song after Move Along!!!

Your subtleties They strangle me
I can't explain myself at all
And all the wants And all the needs
All I don't want to need at all

The walls start breathing My mind's unweaving
Maybe it's best you leave me alone
A weight is lifted On this evening
I give the final blow

When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight
It ends tonight

A falling star Least I fall alone
I can't explain what you can't explain
You're finding things that you didn't know
I look at you with such disdain

The walls start breathing My mind's unweaving
Maybe it's best you leave me alone
A weight is lifted On this evening
I give the final blow

When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight
It ends tonight
Just a little insight won't make this right
It's too late to fight
It ends tonight
It ends tonight

Now I'm on my own side
It's better than being on your side
It's my fault when you're blind
It's better that I see it through your eyes
All these thoughts locked inside
Now you're the first to know

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


摸着我刚买的 EYKI 钢表上会跑动的小心型,我突然感触,我这一生中拥有的手表不多吧...

我想起我曾经也拥有类似的钢表,表面是个蓝色的心,是爸爸妈妈在我念大学预科班买给我的。当时是妈妈托大姨拿给我的... 在车上,大姨转过头来对我说:“你看你爸妈多爱你,选了个心型手表送给你。那你就别怪他们啦...”

还记得,那时候刚分了手,心情沮丧到极点,却怪爸妈不关心我,还常常逼我半工半读呢... 没想到其实是自己不曾告诉他们女儿已经长大了,拍拖了,下场还是分手... 没有告诉他们,他们又哪里懂我伤心呢? 逼我打工也是好事,不然在大学时就不会有那么多钱花啦~ 哈哈 ^_^


也顺便一记我第一支(手表的量词是什么呢?)手表也是爸妈送给我的,那是我在小学三年级时考到全级(是全级哦,不是全班!^_^)第一名的礼物。那时候爸爸妈妈很穷,小小的我却已经很懂事... 他们带我到 The Store 旁边的钟表店选手表时,我还选了全店最便宜的黑色胶表 (三十令吉)。我小个的 taste 就比较成熟了,选的表面不是 Kiropee 青蛙或 Mickey 之类的,而是白色表面上面刻有罗马数字的那一种。是罗马数字哦,不是阿拉伯数字!真是给我小的时候的自己昏倒~

结果那一支手表给我一戴就戴到 Form 5,证明了Q&Q 手表的确很有料,也证明了,其实我是很长情的唷~~ ^_^

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Many types of pain...

It's been so long since I've blogged or written anything real. Tried to read an article in Times that TVC posted me but my eyes were so tired and painful that I just couldn't focus on the words.

I wonder, is it worth it to get myself blind before I reach the age of 25? Everyday, just staring at those tiny fonts on bright colourful backgrounds. Now I know why all the Dilbert geeks wear thick glasses all the time. It's to protect their eyes. Duh. Furthermore, geeks shouldn't feel the need to wear contact lenses since no one really bothers to look at them anyway. So it's time for me put on my ugly glasses again. @_@

I even sprained my right wrist while doing some "camel stance" in yoga class yesterday. So it's really a miracle I'm even typing this down. Not mentioning my ass hurts like hell I wince just sitting down or everytime my car crosses over a bumppp (OW!!!) And suddenly it seems clear to me how come the doctor gave me a sinister look when I told her I have a pain in the ass. Oh God. Don't even go there.

And did I mention the countless times somebody stared at my face this week and gasped "Oh, how perfectly symmetrical your pimples are!" ... Better get better soon before Suet Sun's wedding... -_-'''

Lastly, I hope the spots on my body will go away so that I can become a real tanned bikini girl :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bikini from Phuket!

Sujea bought me a bikini from Phuket today. It's so sweet of him to have thought of it while he was on his vacation... hahaha ^_^

Will I wear it?

Truthfully, I can barely fit into it! (I wonder how those Europeans wear it/ not... ?) There, he must feel his bahts going down the drain... :P

Hahaha... but I guess I could wear it under a top or something while basking under the sun at Cherating (while NOT moving!!!) Hopefully I'll get some pictures uploaded then... worth the wait? ;)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Beyonce "Irreplaceable"

To the left
To the left
Everything you own in the box to the left
In the closet that's my stuff - Yes
If I bought it nigga please don't touch

You must not know about me
You must not know about me
I could have another you in a minute
Matter fact he'll be here in a minute - baby

You must not know about me
You must not know about me
I can have another you by tomorrow
So don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable


I *heart* this song! Go, Beyonce! ^_^

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Re: Bad news

I suddenly felt down after reading the email that Kwong Hong sent me. Now, whether Intel converts me or not is just a secondary question compared to this matter. The mounting tension in me beat like a second heart as it dawned on me that I could do nothing but to face the predicament that I had laid myself upon five years ago.

I know that it would do me no good to reflect on the past and thinking would it be better if I had done such and such…

Now, I can’t help but to wonder, what would wise men do in such a situation like this. Since nothing is confirmed yet… and will still be so, at least months from now… should I lay aside the matter and just focus on things at present, or should I start pre-planning my way ahead for what might happen and what might not? Or should I just mail it in and hope for the best?

Oh… I am at a crossroads, but the good thing is, I have my friends with me, and I know I am not alone.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


酸酸的空气 守住我们的距离
一幕醉心的结局 像呼吸般无法停息

抽屉泛黄的日记 找到了回忆

你我的过去 被深深真的忘记
缺氧过后的爱情 存心的眼泪是多余

我知道你我都没有错 只是忘了怎么退后
信誓旦旦给的承诺 全被时间扑了空
我知道我们都没有错 只是放手比较好过



喜欢一切与天空有关的歌,从 The Beatles 《Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds》,王菲《天空》,蔡依林《天空》,陈冠希与Stephy 《Blue Skies》,周杰伦《晴天》,直到这首周杰伦的《退后》。

天空让我想起你,变化多端的你,飘浮不定的你,脸一阵晴一阵黑的你。想想下,我也真像你... 像天气一样抓摸不清的你。我一直不懂得你心里到底想什么,心里在思念谁,但看见你眼中泛过一丝不定,我想,应该不是我吧...?


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reading "Norwegian Wood"

On my sick day, I finished reading Norwegian Wood. I finished it with such gusto... I couldn't believe myself when I had done with it. My friends told me you can't find time to read after you come back exhausted from work. I really thought so... it'd been such a long while since I swallowed a book full, I thought I'd lost interest in reading ever since I started working.

Mom asked me, what's so great about that Japanese author? Well, do you know Murakami took the world by storm? I bet there's not a single teenager who doesn't know Murakami in Japan.

I love his prose, his clean refreshing simplistic style, not mundanely over-describing faces, scenery and expressions like what John Banville did in his book "The Sea". Hauntingly beautiful my foot. No, in Norwegian Wood, Murakami catches the beautiful expressions of solemn nature, the vivid distraughtness of young, insecure love and lays it down in heartfelt, easy tones.
Here's one of the paragraphs I like the most. Let me show to you Murakami's world.

"Eighteen years have gone by, and still I can bring back every detail of that day in the meadow. Washed clean of summer's dust by days of gentle rain, the mountains wore a deep, brilliant green. The October breeze set white fronds of head-high grasses swaying. One long streak of cloud hung pasted across a dome of frozen blue. It almost hurt to look at that far-off sky. A puff of wind swept across the meadow and through her hair before it slipped into the woods to rustle branches and send back snatches of distant barking - a hazy sound that seemed to reach us from the doorway to another world."

See his precise choice of words? A "deep, brilliant green" are the mountains afar... I'd never thought of describing the colour of mountains I so usually see that way. And that horizontal cloud, "pasted across a dome of frozen blue", it's as though you are able to picture the character's memory frozen in the past, with white balls of cotton glued onto blue cardboards like a child's school art project. And his memory, it hurts Watanabe to even think of those days... "it almost hurt to look at that far-off sky".

I'd read many novels about psychotic young girls, like in Prozac Nation and The Bell Jar... but this is the first time I'm seeing it from a non-Western, Japanese perspective. Somehow the settings and their actions (Naoko, Watanabe and Midori) are still Western (Watanabe listens to The Beatles and reads The Great Gatsby), but it's that deep thought, those silent emotions, and their passive actions, that are so clearly Japanese by nature.

I'd never heard the song Norwegian Wood by the Beatles before, cos Dad never mentioned this song to me... I guess it wasn't main-stream then? I thought the lyrics would be something like the book, or the paragraph I'd put down above... lyrics about the clear, azure sky or simple tall woods with rabbits leaping around in the grass... so I went online and checked it to see if I was correct from where Murakami got his inspiration. But to my surprise, it was actually something like this.

"I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me...
She showed me her room, isn't it good, norwegian wood?
She asked me to stay and she told me to sit anywhere,
So I looked around and I noticed there wasn't a chair.

I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking her wine.
We talked until two and then she said, "It's time for bed"
She told me she worked in the morning and started to laugh.
I told her I didn't and crawled off to sleep in the bath

And when I awoke, I was alone, this bird had flown
So I lit a fire, isn't it good, norwegian wood."

I guess Murakami got his inspiration from the first line. The notions of the girl, dangerously inviting yet coyly distancing herself while waiting for the guy to take action. And as he took his time, unsure of what to do, she had already left him for good.
Isn't it good, Norwegian Wood.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

一个人的大病天 My Lonely Sick Day

虽然昨晚早睡,但今天早上起来便觉得不对劲了。平时闪烁的眼睛黯淡无色,周围还盖上了一层灰的。脸部泛红,但不是因为想起了某人... 红是整脸的,其他人从我咖啡色的肌肤瞧不出,但我自己看见了...

毅然提起深绿色背包踏出家门,心想家里没有网络,呆一整天在家也没啥意思的,不如来公司贡献点绵力... 也许到了中午病情会好转些吧...

可现在坐在我小小的格子里,因为寒冷而套上我的黑色毛衣之后,却感到内部的热(不是热情)向外慢慢地散发。我望上看,仿佛看见一缕缕轻烟从头顶冒出... 天啊,我正在发热... 热在自己的小格里,但全世界都不知道,因为热的只是在我的心里... 透出来后便蒸发掉,谁也看不见...

决然说再见,早上那一丁点毅力现在已经销然无存。我戴上我的超大墨镜对着车镜内的自己酷酷地笑了一下,甩掉那头晕目眩的感觉,在烈日当空的中午开车回家... 因为我相信在没有人照顾的大病天我依然会很好...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival!

It all started when our SD teambuilding event was cancelled. So... some of the girls decided to come up with a BBQ party to celebrate the Midautumn Festival.

We had much to eat... sandwiches, deliciously marinated chicken wings, corn, sausages, meatballs, prawns, fish, stingray, otak-otak, chilli ladies fingers... until our stomachs were stuffed!

Here I am with some of my colleagues... hey, if you look at the original photo album you'll see I have some sort of food in my hand in EVERY single pic!

Red red lanterns hung up in the sky 大红灯笼高高挂... somehow this pic reminds me of the days in MMU where we wrote wishes and flew 孔明灯 at dusk in the football field... too bad we didn't take any photos then... now all left are memories in my head...

Last but not least, my department team! *Yes I know, big, isn't it? :)

Ever since...

Ever since I knew you
My Mondays are no longer blue...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

Since my housemates and I never had a Girls' Night Out before, we decided to strut into the cinema to watch The Devil Wears Prada together.

Ever since I read the book by Lauren Weisberger a few years back, I was full of anticipation for the movie and when I got to know that Meryl Streep was playing the role of Miranda Priestly, I couldn't be more eager to throw off my black high pumps and rush off to the movie. And truthfully, it was G.R.E.A.T!

Hollywood should do more adaptations like this... I like a fast-paced movieline that cuts to the chase, is not without emotion, retains all the juicy, hilarious lines and casts fabulous actors such as Meryl Streep. And did you know why this movie is truly great? Coz it was directed by David Frankel of Sex & The City fame. Like I read from somewhere, this is a man who knows his Jimmy Choos from his Manolo Blahniks (Carrie, anyone?) He certainly knows how to balance fashion and emotion... not your ordinary chick flick, satisfyingly!

I declare Anne Hathaway (Princess Diaries/ Brokeback Mountain) to be the next Julia Roberts. She always portrays this ugly duckling who grows into a swan. And this movie, I dunno, aims to be Pretty Woman on Fifth Avenue? Or Breakfast at Gucci's?

And Meryl Streep, oh Meryl! Elegant, haughty and with that commanding look despite her abundant tuff of white hair, I could not divert my eyes off her each time she appeared on-screen, "Get me Demarchelier!" Her role, reprising that of Miranda Priestly, is widely said to mirror the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour.

One thing that might be unclear to viewers who did not read the book (nor carefully), is to why the book/movie is named The Devil Wears Prada, since the only hint of a Prada is the white fluffy bag imprinted with the brand name carried by Miranda as she storms into the building. And one more thing they didn't explicitly mention in the movie was the particular affection of Miranda towards Hermes scarves, hence the upward scatter of colourful scarves into the air while First Assistant Emily was hit by a car.

One role I thought was miscast was the role of Nigel. I had expected someone who gave more attention to the "sad little girl", her mentor, beacon of light in fashion noir. Someone as supportive as err... I dunno... Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost?

My favourite scene in the whole movie was Paris... with the city lights and the restaurant playing "French Kiss" and Andy twirling on a pole in the garden only to be caught by the charming Christian Thompson (Simon Baker) who kisses her again and again and again... so Sex & The City! Love it! I don't blame Andy for falling for Christian... it's that deadly intelligence + looks that's so tempting... And did you know Simon Baker was voted among People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" (2002)?

I especially like this dress! And oh, can I wear leather jackets and carry Marc Jacob satchels and fashionable pumps or calf-level black boots to work starting from tomorrow? But I'm scared my colleagues would call me crazy...

You people who declare yourselves to be fashionistas, always buy CLEO or visit Loreal counters should drop all your stuff, and go to the cinemas, now!

That's all >:)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My First Karate Lesson

Yesterday was my first karate lesson. Thanks to Yee Yong who dragged me there knowing that my badminton session was cancelled... I had a delightful karate lesson...... because of the handsome sensei! Hahaha... ^_^

If I thought my taekwondo instructor was cute last time, well, this one must be 10 times cuter! He's like this grown-up version of the Karate Kid himself, perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect posture, perfect stance, and looks totally hot in his karate uniform!

And best of all, he works at Level 2 too! So I can see him everyday~~~ *dreamy look on my face*

Haha... felt a bit embarassed cos I kinda forgot all my Taekwondo moves, which is kinda similar to Karate, how to aim straight for front side kick, lost my balance plus lost my ability to shout "HEI!" instead of a meek little squeek!


And he was expecting that I'd retain my martial arts skills... Sigh... why had my karate instructor had to be so 100% perfect? I just can't concentrate on my enemy~~~

Monday, October 02, 2006

"Janice - Chocolate Ice"

最近喜欢上一首歌 “Chocolate Ice”,歌手是 Janice 卫兰,黎明的师妹。第一次听见这首歌,是在一个下着浑然大雨的夜晚。那一晚,我们从香港抵达机场,爸爸驱车从吉隆坡回怡保。那时候已经夜半三点钟了,我们停在大道休息站小睡了一阵子。扭开收音机,电台悠悠传来了这首歌,DJ说,Janice 擅长唱英文歌。一听之下,立刻喜欢了这首甜滋滋的 “Chocolate Ice”。

Bring me to the sea of sugar and spice
Reminiscing through some chocolate ice
Tick tock take time to be gentle and kind
You sweat cos you’re running run all day in my mind

Fly to the moon and the sun
And let’s go have some fun
Come on take my hand
And free your soul again

Fly to the moon and the sun
And let’s go have some fun
It’s one, two, three
My love is plain to see
What I’d do for you baby
You’d do for me

Let me serenade your soul
When you’re feeling down and low
Let the music come alive
Let tenderness arrive

Let me serenade your soul
When you’re feeling down and low
Boy you make me feel so high
Together we can fly

今天,我的 YM status 放着 “Bring me to the sea of sugar and spice, reminiscing through some chocolate ice”。 Zul 回应我说,做不到,在这缺乏白糖的时候,你的 status 太奢侈了。Haha... 马来同胞们在 Hari Raya 时要吃糕点,恐怕缺乏白糖,是他们这时候最担心的一件事了~

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Hong Kong Trip '06 - Part I

From one island to another... finally I'm back in Penang after 4D3N in Hong Kong. In a nutshell, it was a great trip but not quite the best fun I've had in all of my other trips... things too private to tell here.

Well anyhow, I took off by AirAsia (Free Seats!!) at 1510 Thu 14 Sep 2006 from LCCT. Remind me never to sit by the emergency exits again. Those leather seats there are unbendable! Like my dad said, really an "Air Bus" @_@

A seat with a view - after an uncle sat in my place after I returned from the toilet. Blue skies all the way, man! Despite the expectedly horrid weather forecast... :D

Touched down at Macau International Airport (Tampa Island) at 1855 Thu 14 Sep 2006 and took the AP1 bus across Friendship Bridge over to Macau Island.

We were sauntering over to the First Ferry counter at 8.30pm when the ticket seller told me: "小姐,最后一班船了,唔该快点" -_- and my family and I had the run of our lives to get to the ferry in time. *Phew!! And something unbelievable happened - a 3.5 Richter scale EARTHQUAKE while we were at sea. And no of course I wasn't shaken or anything, just felt that the waves were abnormally huge.

Did you know that ICAC stands for Independent Commission Against Corruption? Too bad they don't deal with corrupt merchants next door... we were almost cheated of RM10,000/ HKD20,000 (Yes, your eyes are fine) that night. Still, we bought the RM2,600 worth of Japanese abalone there. Yum yum CNY dinner next year...

The next day was a half-day City Tour given free by the hotel package. After some fabulous Dim Sum, we toured HK Island until 4pm. First we went to Golden Bauhinia Square outside HKCEC outside Wan Chai waterfront. The Golden Bauhinia was given by PRC as a gift to HK to mark the homecoming of HK to Mainland China. Golden Bauhinia 紫荆花 is HK Special Administrative Region's "Region Flower". HK 紫荆花 vs Ipoh 纸巾花? I'm starting to feel that Ipoh has many similarities to HK...

At Wan Chai 湾仔 waterfront. Behind, across Victoria Harbor is Kowloon.

That's the HKCEC. The whole building is in the shape of a bird. The bird's head points towards Mainland China, signifying the return of HK back to China. Look familiar? Nicholas Tse and Jackie Chan slided across the rooftop in New Police Story :D

Here we are, mom and I at The Peak. Oh, halfway at The Peak. I was expecting a cable car ride to the top where we could have some tea under umbrellas like in the movies... and 'ternampak' some HK actors 偷情 there... hehe. Many tall skyscrapers behind there... but I forgot all the names :P Just remember that the tourguide told us one of the buildings had many fires, due to its red glowing night ring design at the top. Then after a fengshui master added a swimming pool at the top, there was not a single fire afterwards. The magic of fengshui... but would you dare to swim at such height?!

Still halfway at The Peak. Why no red taxi or bus pass by behind? TAXI!!! Tourguide pointed out Leon Lai, 李嘉欣 and 关芝琳's apartment. 据说黎明为了追李嘉欣搬去那里住。Who da hell cares about Leon Lai... give me Andy Lau anytime! ;)

Jumbo Restaurant on Water! This is where they shot 食神! 天外飞仙降落的地方。They say it costs a fortune to dine inside (eg Chow Yuen Fatt belanja Tom Cruise dinner). And also I'm wearing the kind of hat that Angelina Jolie wore during her Tomb Raider 2 shoot in the junks. And no, I didn't purposely wear like Tomb Raider... #!$@$%$*%

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blue sky with rainbow

This morning, Berry rushed into my room and exclaimed "There's a rainbow outside!!"

True enough, as I walked out on the balcony, I could see the rainbow, shooting up in all its glory from the green schoolfield behind my apartment.

What better way (other than Nescafe..) to start my day? ^_^

The Irish say that if you follow a rainbow to the end, you will see a pot of gold left behind by the leprechauns (small people dressed in green from hat to toe). But beware, it might be fool's gold... so you have to catch the leprechaun and trick it into bringing you the real pot of gold.

But how can you follow the rainbow till its very end? If it lands in the sea, then what? Or at Pulau Jerejak, do you take a boat all the way there to find that pot of gold?

Same in life, you'll never know where you're going, and where you'll find yourself at the very end. You might be VSS-ed the next minute, or be blown up to bits while on your holiday at Thailand. Or, you might really get to find your pot of gold before you reach the very end. And of course, the pot of gold might differ to each and everyone. It might be one billion USD, might be realizing your dream to be a pilot, might mean finding your one true love and raising a family.

Still, some people brave themselves on their neverending quest to find that pot of gold... while others just go where the wind blows them. For me, I'm still standing at that balcony, with my gaze following the arch of the rainbow into the wilderness beyond... unsure of which path to take. Maybe, if I just concentrate on following the red, green and violets... it might just lead me to my very own pot of gold someday.

So, what is your pot of gold? :)

"Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue And the dreams that you dare to dream Really do come true Some day I'll wish upon a star And wake up where the clouds are far behind me Where troubles melt like lemondrops Away above the chimney tops That's where you'll find me..."

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Feeling happy today, coz Bin is coming back and I managed to find a download copy of Cat Steven's Wild World. I love listening to this song on the radio when I'm driving alone at night... sounds so soothing and relaxing, yet realistic at the same time.

And happy coz I've got BIG EYES today! Thanks to the lash-perm from Clara, with regards to my buddy introducing me to the splendid offer (only RM8!!!) hehe :P Even dad said my eyes look bigger. And mom's friend told mom last night that I look prettier kekeke!!!

Also, mom and dad went to Haatyai and bought me a t-shirt, 2 white lacey night-gowns with fairies on them, and a pretty necklace! *Happy!*

Monday, August 28, 2006

Daisies on the desktop

Daisies on my desktop
remind me of you

Those pink happy days
like seeds blown faraway
into misty water-coloured haze

We'd been so happy together
caresses on your face as we looked at the sun
the sound of laughter and dimples when you smile

But you left me
desolate in the rain
with my stalk alone in a metre of pain

How i long to hold you
as drops of dew trickle like tears from your eyes
while you tell me goodbye

Bye, pink Daisy

Happy Birthday Girls!

Because Somebody said that I hadn't been blogging recently, I decided to push as many blogs as I could today in my free hour after 5.30pm while waiting for Berry to finish up.

And because that Somebody also said I should put up more photos, I'm also trying to upload as many photos as I can while my network still allows me to... (slipping through the hole in the fishnet... keke)

So voila! Some pictures of the two bubbly Birthday Girls whom I got to know @Intel. Here's wishin' a very Happy Birthday to them! (I know this is kinda late... but hey! It's just for the sake of the photos! Haha!) And yes, worklife here is kinda happening... I've already celebrated birthdays for 6 ppl now! \:D/

First up, this is Sze Hui from UM whose birthday falls on 26th July. Happy Birthday Sze Hui! We... (or Ahem! BH...) got her a nice silver bracelet!

Birthday celebration at Secret Recipe, E-Gate (yeah yeah I know, KL or Ipoh or Penang, it's Secret Recipe that beats the rest!)

Lan Sin from MMU, also in the same team as I in Intel. Supposed to be under the same manager last time, but now changed to CPU.

And here is Siao Tian, the 2nd birthday girl whose birthday falls on 21st August. A very happy birthday to you! Her gift was also a silver bracelet, but a Disney one, with Mickey's head on it! Well, Boon Keat paid for most of it... hehe...

We celebrated her birthday at one of the Top 10 Japanese Restaurants in Penang... Sobayoshi/Hanayoshi. And yeah! Definately better than Sushi King. And price-competitive too. Yum yum! C'mon who wants to have a second go? :)

My First Blood Donation!

Yay! Finally I can post photos on my blog again... Dunno what's wrong with the network here... perhaps the company has found out about my evil operations! Oh, no!

But evil or not... ahem... I'm proud to announce that I finally did it! After 23 years of being a human, I have finally donated my first bag of blood on Thursday, 24th August 2006 ! (excluding my monthly blood bags... hehe) A proud 450 ml! Kekeke... and didn't know my hemoglobins could sink so well too :P

Anywayz, hope some lucky human out there will receive my first-grade 0+ blood... and I'm happy to say, I'll not stop here! :D

How Un-Malaysian Are You??

Congratulations , you are 10% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Abdullah Badawi !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First Love

I always thought I was gonna marry him.

When I was 16, he was my first love. Like any typical romance influenced by American TV, I loved the X-Files, and he was my Fox Mulder. He was tall, dark, handsome, intelligent and charming, the apple of my eye, the man of my desire. I looked up to him as my big brother, and hoped that I would be similar to him in every way.

He was ambitious and self-disciplined, and search as I might, the word "quit" was never in his dictionary. I was drawn to his ambitions, his leadership qualities, his mastery of his own life, and the mysterious ways in which he always managed to accomplish what he wanted.

Being a good student then, it was easy for me to keep up with my peers. Be president of a prominent society, be role model to my juniors, be a straight-A student. But I could never be quite like him. No matter how hard I tried, I found it harder and harder to keep up with his pace, his accomplishments that drove him further and further away from me.

While I got good grades in my PMR, he got full A's in his STPM. While I got top of the class, he would be top in his school. While I was president of a club, he would be the head prefect of his school. When I got to Form Five, he was already pursuing his professional degree at university.

And even now.

After five whole years of losing contact, it was by quaint chance that we found ourselves in a small diner in Penang. He was still himself, while I was no longer the timid shy schoolgirl that he had always thought of as "little sister". I thought I had done it, being an engineer, a professional in one of the top corporations in the world, and achieved my own goals. I thought, at last, I had balanced out our achievements. With good faith, we'd see eye-to-eye and be counterparts, both him and I. After five years of university, I had achieved something distinctly similar to him, a professional degree. At last, I thought, I would be his equal.

But no.

I felt helplessly fixed at the same distance where I always was, far down the road from where he was. While I'm contributing to the growth of technology, he would actually be saving lives. While I'm fixing bugs, he would be sending off legions of antibodies to attack viruses. While I'm repairing violations, he would be repairing someone else's fractured bone. And while I'm lazing in bed thinking of those flexi-hours, he would be ever-punctual when his duty calls.

I suddenly felt daunted. All these years, I had tried to keep up with his pace, only finding out that I was running on the same forest lane as ever, with him already in a distance. He's Superman! How could I ever compare up to him?

This led me to ponder upon the pillow-talk I had with my roommate last night. She believed that guys would always prefer being the stronger sex, and girls who likened themselves to be a damsel in distress would more often than not, heed the hero's reply. Chase not, she said, and try to be a step behind. Men do not like strong girls, but prefer those who seek for protection.

I beg to differ.

This may not seem to be your typical love story, but this is the story of how I fell in love with the most amazing man ever, who I hope, in the end, will turn around and glance upon this forlorn girl who has been tagging along all this while.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bio-essence vs. a night's good sleep

Due to my sleepless nights and endless rivers of tears, coupled with my laziness to remove mascara with proper eye makeup remover (stains!!!), I have developed, or rather, worsened my trademark DARK CIRCLES on my very delicate eye area.

And it's not until I have a date!!!! only that I forced myself to quit applying mascara (at least before the date...) and to search for emergency rescue techniques to eliminate my dark circles.

Enter Ginvera's Bio-Essence Sparkling Lift Eye Essence, which 'visibly reduces fine lines and brightens eye contours'.

I used the eye mask, which was comfortably damp, for 15-20 minutes. Then I massaged the remaining lotion in, and lay down to sleep, thinking that I would look as bright as day the following morning.

But no, thanks to the devil winds, a good night's sleep I was blessed not. Instead, I found myself getting out of bed at intervals to pull in the shutters, take in the laundry and making sure the bedroom doors and toilet doors were fastened tight.

And the next morning, which is Today, I look like shit. I guess everyone should use my eye circles to benchmark their eye products. If a product is able to magically make my eye circles disappear, then it must be TRULY GOOD.

The verdict:
Neither. Concealer is the most efficient way of getting immediate riddance of dark eye circles! *Flashes that bright smile and hopes that my date will not notice as well! :D

Monday, August 07, 2006

Garth Brooks "To Make You Feel My Love"

When the rain is blowing on your face
and the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
to make you feel my love
When the evening shatters and the stars appear
and there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
to make you feel my love
I know you haven't made your mind up yet,
but I would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met,
no doubt in my mind where you belong
I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue
No there's nothing that I wouldn't do
to make you feel my love
The storms are raging on the the rolling sea
and on the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
you ain't seen nothing like me yet
I could make you happy,
make your dreams come true
There is nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
to make you feel my love

Anyone has this mp3? Please please send to me...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Popcorn at work

Here I am, eating my popcorn here at my workdesk. And yesterday I ate a whole bar of Cadbury chocolate hazelnuts too. And my eyebags are pitch black. Help! It's because I am feeling so depressed.

Yeah, and it's because of my car. No, don't tell me to get over it... it's just the second day! I need time to let it sink. To think I screwed it up and ended by paying RM455 in all for car repairs... and not counting the compound of RM300, I can tell you, I am feeling helluva GREAT DEPRESSION right now.
Lucky for me in my hour of depression, I received happiness in the form of bags of free popcorn, aromatherapeutic tea, joyful news that Kelly is going to Japan for further studies, and offer by Nicholas to "play with my feelings". Great :)

Now it's just hoping that my mom will be as understanding as my friends over the weekend. Sigh...

Monday, July 31, 2006

Reckless Consequence

Today I walked into the office, full of guilt. Yesterday was the first time in 23 years of my life that I physically did quite a lot of damage to a living person.

Although they say that there's a first in everything, I sincerely hope for everyone that this "first experience" will never happen to you.

All of this happened in such a brief moment, in a sudden thought that flashed before my eyes. If only I had... if only I had paused to think before my subsequent action! I heard Kelly shout "Motor!" and all of a sudden I could only hear a thud and see the motorist tumble on top of the windscreen and down on the floor.

I am only thankful to God that things could have been worse, he could have ended up with a much more serious injury... but thank God, only his arm bone was fractured. Many many more unimaginable scenarios could have happened... what if, what if I was a second late, what if I was a second too early... what would have happened next.

And I am only thankful for the host of angels that surrounded me, to minimize the impact of the dreadful situation, for the helpful words of advice from the passersby, to the poor man for not yelling at me, to his boss for his grace and mercy, to Kelly for being my pillar of strength, for my brake to not fail while I was driving up and down from Balik Pulau. And to my friends for their sympathy and tender words of care.

I guess that nothing could ever redeem me from this unbearable guilt, the fact that I had hurt a person who was, just a minute ago, riding happily on his motorbike. A compound of RM300 and a broken front bumper is a price too little to pay for what I had done. And my drops of tears which rained from my eyes outside the clinic, at the police station, in front of Kelly and my pastor in these times of guilt.

From this episode, I learnt that driving recklessly is not at all a choice, much less an obligation to protect myself, friends and those other road-users. Looking down at those hurt hands and silent eyes, I felt myself determined more than ever to never go down this road again.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Devil winds

Hahaha... feeling a bit "dak chek" today, cos today I came late to the office. 9.10 a.m.! HAHAHA. Not because I slept late, I had a very good reason! It was raining cats and dogs and I just couldn't brave myself to drive (visibility-low) through all that rain. But damn, it feels good to "break a rule" by not arriving punctual to the office for once.

Speaking of the devil winds, at 5a.m. this morning, I woke from my sound sleep to a very weird noise. The windows were left open and it really really sounded like a thousand devils were out to get me, with the strong gusts of wind howling furiously through the windows and threatening to pull down the sliding door to the toilet. And for a moment there I thought I heard the drumming of waves on the shore and I thought it was the tsunami coming but suddenly I remembered that I was at Sungai Ara! Not Batu Feringghi! Luckily, Berry was sleeping by my side so I had a little bit of courage left. I ran to the windows and forcefully tried to pull the windows shut against the devil winds. Man, I had never struggled with these winds before!

Living in Penang does really give me the creeps sometimes... and when I finally got some shut-eye after my housemates had left, I woke at 8a.m. to a slight drizzle and happily went off to work.

P/S: Crossing my fingers and hope that my company doesn't find out about my blog. Hehe.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Goo Goo Dolls "Stay With You"

Writing the songs for Let Love In, Rzeznik found similar inspiration in his hometown. "When you drive down the street and you see the park and the bleachers where you first a kissed a girl, you drive past the house you grew up in and you remember them taking your mother out in an ambulance, you see the post office where your father worked, you drive through a neighborhood that used to be all factories and now it's just leveled, or you drive by a street and see a beautiful little shop that just opened and how people are really thriving there," he says. "It gives you a lot of hope and perspective."

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sweating the Small Stuff

--Adapted from eDiets (6th July, 2006)

Every day may bring a test of nerves: rude sales clerks, stubborn co-workers, arguments at home. While these trivial daily pressures might seem insignificant in comparison to major life traumas like surgery or a death in the family, it turns out that the small stuff actually may be the most important source of stress in our lives. Daily frustrations, while minor, can snowball into big problems.

Many of us blame our work lives for the lion’s share of stress. But research shows that job pressure is not the biggest offender. A recent study in which 1,500 people tracked their daily stresses for eight days found that the biggest contributors by far are quarrels and conflicts with intimates.

That makes sense, says study author David M. Almeida of the Pennsylvania State University: “The people in our lives mean more to us than things or work.” As a result, we aren’t as able to brush off arguments with parents, children, spouses, or close friends as readily as we can other minor irritants like traffic jams or the grocery store running out of bread.

Both men and women agree that interpersonal tension is the most frequent source of stress. But they differ on what they rank as their second biggest frustration. For men, school or work creates big headaches -- they find themselves fretting over promotions and deadlines. Women tend to reserve that level of anxiety for the people in their lives they care about -- relatives or close friends.

We really are creatures of habit: The disruption of daily routines was named as the most common daily source of stress. Financial worries, physical danger and health concerns were also frequent worries, but all of these were much less common.

Stress can contribute to cardiovascular disease, weaken the immune system and maybe even fast-forward the aging process. It also affects your daily mood: When stress is low, people have a sunnier outlook overall, a more positive view of work, and feel better physically.

Almeida is also interested in who is most vulnerable to stress and who bounces back the fastest. He’s found that older people are less stressed out than young people or the middle-aged, although it’s not entirely clear why.

It’s possible that with children grown and work coming to an end, retirement-aged people simply may not have as many sources of stress. Young people, on the other hand, not only report more stresses but have greater difficulty dealing with them.

It’s important to remember that stress isn’t always bad, points out Almeida. “If we didn’t get upset about problems, they wouldn’t ever get solved. We just have to figure out how to react to stress so it doesn’t make us unhealthy.” Learning how to cope and problem solve will help that aim.

“People deal with problems in one of two ways,” observes Almeida. “They focus on how they feel about a stressor, or they figure out a way to solve the problem. If a problem can’t be solved, they learn how to cope.”

Simply focusing on your feelings about the problem isn’t very helpful. But recognizing what has the power to stress you out is important: you have to know what raises your blood pressure before you can address it. --

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Eeesh... forgot to put on my Tommy Girl today, and forgot to put on deodorant too. Later I'm going for aerobics. Hope the other students don't faint beside me. Hehe.

Not to say that I'm smelly lar, but I like to smell good during/and after aerobics... wish I'd gotten up earlier today!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Car Breakdown

Yesterday just wasn't one of my lucky days. For the first time in my life, I experienced a car breakdown. I think I saw it coming when the words "we cannot stop the car from breaking down" jumped out at me in my June 29 post.

When KK came to pick me up yesterday, I had the feeling that my brakes and clutch weren't working as smoothly as usual. On my way to the Bayan Baru roundabout, my car engine even died on me 3 times, which was unusual, considering the fact that I'd been driving smoothly for the past 2 weeks. Even so I wasn't quite sure what was the matter, and I thought it was the tyres so I stopped at a nearby gas station to pump air into them.

Not long after, we reached Tj Bungah, a open-door restaurant famous for its cheap, tasty Western food. In case you're wondering, we went all the way there because we wanted to celebrate Berry's birthday (Oh, Happy Birthday to my dear roomie!). After having dinner, we all got back into my Iswara and I started to reverse the car.

But it wouldn't nudge. I pressed harder on the gas pedal and all I got was a sensation/noise like my car was trying to clamber out of a ditch in the ground. So weird! So KK tried, and we all got out of the car to watch. Try any harder, and I swear the left back tyre would be pushed out! It seemed like something got stuck in the tyre.

I was stricken with panic as it was the first time I'd encountered such a situation, but thanks to my three lovely girlfriends, KK, Berry and Kelly, they all pulled out their cellphones and started dialing up families and friends to get someone to help.

Less than an hour later, Kelly managed to get a foreman to come look at my car. It was already 8.30p.m., but he took less than 5 minutes to determine that my clutch was causing the problem. He took another 5 minutes to tune my car and to decide that it was good enough for us 4 to reach Sg. Ara safely. But it still needed further repair so today the foreman came again to bring it for repair.

To celebrate the end of this disastrous episode the 4 of us AND Berry's birthday, on our way back, stopped at Cosmic Cafe to have a drink and birthday cake. Most importantly, the drink was for me to relax my spirits. Hehe.

I'm so glad that the 3 of them were beside me all along, comforting me and helping me in each of their own sweet ways. I know I'm a disaster at handling such situations, easy to cry and get mad and helpless, but with the 3 of them by my side, like Kelly said, it would only be "yesterday's disaster". Sure I'll have plenty of chances to encounter similar occurences like this, but one thing that I've learnt is that there's always a "first time" in everything, and experience can help you to get through a real, bad patch.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Keith Urban "Making Memories of Us"

I've never been a great country music lover. Other than the Dixie Chicks, Johnny Cash, LeAnn Rimes and Carrie Underwood, I can't say I know anyone else.

But when a man gets down on his knees to sing to a girl, I suddenly listen. And my heart melted like chocolate.

Never would have known who Keith Urban is if it weren't for Nicole Kidman.
Never would have guessed country singers were so cute-looking if I hadn't seen him.
Never would have thought that country music would sound so nice if I didn't hear him sing.

My favourite music of the month:
Keith Urban "Making Memories of Us"

At their recent wedding, he serenaded Nicole Kidman with this song.

"Everyone was sitting round at their tables and he just walked up onto the stage unannounced and pulled out his guitar and sang this beautiful song," television personality Jessica Rowe told the Nine network on Monday morning.

"I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. She cried, everyone cried."
--Fox News

Awww. Isn't that lovely... a handsome, talented man serenading his bride with his own beautiful masterpiece, the perfect wedding picture. Ahh... hope I will be as lucky as Nicole Kidman someday. :)

Friday, June 30, 2006

Leg Exercise

Yesterday I went for a "High Energy Aerobic Workout" with my colleagues. After 11/2 hours of energy-draining exercise ("Last set! Last set!! Stay with me!!!"), I was ready to drive back home and plomp dead on the bed.

But imagine my SURPRISE when I got home and found that both lifts were out-of-order.

And you'll never guess the BEST thing is... I stay on the 17th floor!!! So how? WALK UP LAH! I mean, I'd climbed higher hills before...

Walk walk walk... up to 4th floor, called Xuan to share the joke.
Walk walk walk... up to 6th floor, saw ppl stuck in the lifts. Had a great laugh. HAHAHAHA. Happy to know there's some ppl lagi unluckier than me. HAHAHA *Can't stop laughing...
Walk walk walk... up to 8th floor, saw a cute guy looking out of his balcony. He was looking at people climbing the stairs FOR HIS OWN FUN. Cute, but what a jerk. *Faster wipe my sweat...
Walk walk walk... up to 10th floor, and from there up to 17th floor. Piece of cake.

Just, still don't understand, why these things always happen to me -_-'''

And that's the story of how I got my leg exercise for one week.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Corrine Bailey Rae

I heard a beautiful voice sing on that bright morning while I was driving. Eager to find out who she was, I remembered the lyrics of the song and Googled it. The singer was Corrine Bailey Rae, an English singer who released her epynomous album in February 2006.

Her voice makes me think of small, black kids playing hopscotch in the backalleys, and little girls staring out the window pane at a rainbow arch in the sky. Beautiful, innocent and sweet, like the voice of an angel.

I couldn't find any mp3 downloads to this song, so I searched for Youtube, so I could replay it again and again and again...

Here are two songs, the first one being "Put Your Records On" and "Like A Star". Tell me what you think!

Corrine Bailey Rae "Put Your Records On"

Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.

You're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow.

Corrine Bailey Rae "Like A Star"

Fits of anger

Since I was little, many people have told me that the first impression I give them is this serious, closed-up persona. One might think I'm unfriendly, or too "cool" to the extent of being stuck-up. But time over time that same someone would come to realize I'm actually a pleasant, friendly, down-to-earth person, who is able to joke about the most UNFATHOMABLE things (Our little secret, people!). I kinda like this about myself. JY once mentioned that this personality of mine would do good as a "screening process", to screen off some of the people that I would probably not be able to get along with, leaving only those true gems of a friend.

Another thing I've prided myself of is the fact that I'd managed to mellow down my temper over the past few years, evolving into a somewhat milder version of me. Friends who have known me since my secondary school years couldn't agree more. Even my mom, who has known me for 23 years, said that I've not a little bit of "temper" in me left. However, it was not until lately, that she commented about my change in behaviour. Why the grouses and grumpiness and quick lashes of my tongue? Alas, I think this streak of hot-headedness in me has begun to rear its ugly head again.

I guess there's lots to blame for this change in me (for worse); I can start to blame the major people influences around me, the traffic in Penang, PMS... but I don't think that's the wisest approach to solve this problem. As if a message from God (or rather from Intel), I saw this passage in a bulletin today. And it really talked some sense into my head.

The 90/10 Principle by Stephen Covey

10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react. What does this mean?

We really have no control over 10% of what happens to us. We cannot stop the car from breaking down. The plane will be arriving late, which throws our whole schedule off. A driver may cut us off in traffic. We have no control over this 10%. The other 90% is different. You determine the other 90%. How?

By your reaction. You cannot control a red light, but you can control your reaction. Don't let people fool you; YOU can control how you react.

I guess its true that my reaction to a situation is what that counts. By not:
- freaking out/ playing rough in a traffic situation,
- controlling myself not to burst out in profanities whenever a driver/ motorist cuts my queue,
- maintaining my cool composure when someone speaks out at me,
- holding my tongue when I feel I need to lash out.

As it turns out, I'll only make myself feel like an ass after I scold someone. Afterwards. So I think by constantly reminding myself of these principles, I'll regain my happy, pleasant self in no time at all. :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mou liu tests

Today feeling a bit mou liu, and relaxed after knowing there's no quiz... (No, I'm not studying in uni anymore) and my leg feels a bit pain (Ergo?!), so I did some quick tests since it's already past 5pm. Hehe.

You are a City Girl!

Whether you live in the city or not, you've got the heart of a city girl.
You're up on the latest trends - what's hot in music, food, and fashion.
And you love to be on the go. Your perfect day is filled with tons of fun.
Your perfect guy is a city guy, so head to LA, NYC, Sydney, or London to find him!

You Are Midtown

You love so many things, you don't fit into any one label.
Your city girl persona goes to a fancy restaurant one night and a dive bar the next.

Your Flirt Quotient

You are 33% Flirt

Your Vibe Is Somewhat Sexy

On a good day, you're the sexiest woman in the world
But on a bad day, you can't help but feel a little average
Try to remember the times you've felt the sexiest...
And keep that attitude even on the worst of days

You Are 51% Independent

Overall, you're a pretty independent woman. You don't follow trends just to fit in.
You've got your own cool thing going on, though you sometimes still care too much about what other's think.

You Are a Classic Beauty!

You have a timeless beauty that looks great in every decade
Instead following trends, you stick to what works
And this means you never skimp on your beauty routine
Upside? Your classic looks tends to attract gentlemen - not boys.

You're Confident...Sometimes

You can seem confident when the occasion calls for it
But inside you may be experiencing a bit of self doubt
A little more inner confidence could take you far...
And convince others that you're as confident as you try to seem

Your Celebrity Style Twin is Gwen Stefani

Trendsetting, unique, and stylish.